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Greenpeace World Protesters from Presidents, Hollywood Stars and Activists

Across the world, Greenpeace activists from all backgrounds are coming out including protesters at Shell gas stations, Hollywood elite stars and even presidents. The goal is to gather awareness and call for the release of the Arctic 30: the 28 activists and two journalists imprisoned in Russia. The Arctic 30 are being charged with piracy for their protest held at an oil rig in Russia.

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Las Vegas Guardian Express: By Cayce Manesiotis on November 16, 2013.

Saturday, U.K. protesters were staged at Shell gas stations. This was a response to the news that Shell will embark with the Russian oil company, Gazprom, in Arctic shore drilling. The Shell gas station protesters gathered signatures for their petitioning of Shell to pull out of the Arctic endeavor with Gazprom.

The activists handed letters to Shell gas station managers, which outlined the Arctic 30’s arrest, their charges and how Greenpeace is against Arctic drilling given the disastrous risk to climate change. The Greenpeace coordinator in south London said Gazprom “were key in the locking up of 30 of our volunteers” and noted they asked for their arrest.

In India Saturday, Greenpeace activists arranged 30 protests in 30 cities for 30 hours. Greenpeace is known all over the world and has a presence in over 40 countries. Since 2001, Greenpeace operations in India tackle issues in four areas mainly: climate change, sustainable agricultural practice, ocean preservation and prevention of nuclear disasters.

In Paris, activists set up in front of the Louvre museum inside cages to protest for Greenpeace. French Hollywood star, Marion Cotillard, joined protesters inside the cage and held a sign saying, “I am a climate defender.”

According to reports, Desmond Tutu and other Nobel Peace Prize laureates sent letters to Russia to protest on behalf of Greenpeace.

The Greenpeace protests staged around the world are gathering lots of media. The famous public figures and Hollywood stars converging with activists such as the Shell gas station protesters further increased the media coverage for Greenpeace.

Organizations are also joining in the protests and raising public awareness for the Greenpeace Arctic 30. Amnesty International and Human Rights watch are both lobbying on behalf of the protesters incarcerated in Russia.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, publicly announced that she expressed her concern to Putin about the Arctic 30 protesters and called for the situation to be resolved. Former U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, encouraged an outcry over the Greenpeace activists being held.

Hollywood stars continue to speak out for Greenpeace and the Arctic 30 also.

Madonna tweeted “These 30 people are in prison in Russia for staging a peaceful protest in the Arctic! Let your voice be heard. Let’s bring these people home!”

Annie Lennox tweeted “Here’s an example of risking life and limb for a cause you believe in. Show your support by sharing #iceclimb.”

Thom Yorke, from inside London, tweeted “protesters climbing ‘the Shard’ London to piss off Shell. Nice!”

Ewan McGregor tweeted about the shard too by saying “6 woman climbing the Shard for Greenpeace.”

Russian consulates have received over 1.5 million emails from protesters around the world calling for the release of the Arctic 30 protesters. This is still a small number in regards to the big “outcry” Hillary Clinton suggested but it is still ongoing. Greenpeace world protests from Shell protesters, public figures and presidents plus the support of Hollywood stars are going to be even more frustrated as reports suggest Russian officials are signaling the Greenpeace Arctic 30 may be detained through Christmas.

By Cayce Manesiotis

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