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Grossly Contaminated Fuel: What Shell said before ABC News intervened

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 16.29.29Extracts from an article by by STEPHANIE ZIMMERMANN published 21 March 2014 by ABC News under the headline: Michigan Gas Station Pumps Fuel ‘Grossly Contaminated’ With Water, Kills Car

Dear ABC News Fixer: I filled my gas tank with fuel that was contaminated with water, causing more than $1,300 in damage to my car – and now the Shell station won’t reimburse me.

I presented this information to Shell and they basically told me to take it to court. I think it’s shameful that Shell, which makes billions of dollars a year, refuses to take responsibility for damage to my vehicle that was clearly caused by faulty fuel from one of their stations.

– Joe Yaklic, Chesterfield, Mich.

After ABC News Intervened

After we showed all your proof to Shell, they sprang into action. The next morning, you got a call from the distributor, who apologized several times and promised to pay for all your damages. You also heard from a wholesale sales manager at Shell, who said he wanted to make sure everything was being handled.

A few days later, the refund from the distributor arrived: a total of $1,916.45 — $1,362.50 for the repair, $57.95 for the gas purchase and $496 for your missed day of work dealing with the problem.

A short while after that, the sales manager from Shell sent you a package containing two $25 Shell gift cards, a Shell coat and a Shell hat, along with a note saying they appreciate your business. So now this is really fixed.

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