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Is Police Corruption Legal in Ireland?

By John Donovan

On 1st September I sent an email to Desmond Kane of OSSL containing these opening paragraphs from a proposed article…

OSSL, the former Mr Fixit company for Shell EP Ireland, distributed sweeteners (bribes) on behalf of Shell to various parties to ease the tortuously slow progress of the controversial Corrib Gas Project.

The lucky recipients included a senior Irish Police Officer, Detective Chief Superintendent John Gilligan ([email protected])

I asked Mr Kane whether the article, including the above paragraphs, was okay.

The reply came within minutes describing the content as honest and accurate.” 

This amounted to an outright admission that OSSL has distributed bribes on behalf of Shell. It is not a new admission, but something they have been admitting for the last two years. 

Why has the Irish police not taken action to investigate OSSL on bribery charges, or alternatively applied to have them committed to a mental institution if OSSL directors are making insane allegations? Why no libel action from any of the named parties?

This is not small beer.

See Guardian newspaper article: “Strange tale of Shell’s pipeline battle, the Gardaí and £30,000 of booze

The Garda and Shell have a copy of an invoice raised by OSSL for a consignment of alcohol delivered to the Irish police. It is definite evidence of wrongdoing, either of corruption, fraud, tax evasion, or something even nastier. 

I know many of our visitors, including LondonLad, are fed-up of the OSSL saga.

I remain fascinated by a potty situation. 

Be patient LondonLad.

The truth is worth waiting for.

It is in the pipeline.

OSSL allegations will be confirmed as true.

Whether they will emerge from the scandal unscathed, perhaps protected by whistleblower status, remains to be seen. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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