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Detoxifying Shell’s online image: Possible or Impossible? 

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 15.17.55By John Donovan 

Royal Dutch Shell has appointed Possible as its global digital agency, starting with corporate brand work.

Seems a safe assumption that one important aspect will be an attempt to detoxify the reputation of Shell, which has recently agreed to pay huge settlements of litigation arising from environmental pollution in Nigeria and the USA. Shell is said to be suffering from buyers remorse on the latter settlement deal.

Shell settles Nigerian oil spills claim for $83.5 million

Shell Halts $90-Million Payout for Toxic Neighborhood after Judge Says Deal Can’t Be Secret

Shell’s track record stretching back through the decades is horrendous. It includes financial and moral support for some of the most evil regimes in history, starting with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

The worlds biggest ship, The Pieter Schelte, named after an officer in the murderous Waffen SS jailed for war crimes, is currently having final equipment installed in Rotterdam before starting work for Shell in the North Sea. Shell has not disassociated itself from this obscene affront to the many millions of Jews and other victims, who perished in the holocaust. 

Possible will find that there is a certain amount of confusion on the Internet over the online presence of its client. According to some search engines the website on which this article appears is the official Royal Dutch Shell website. Just search Royal Dutch Shell on Bing. 

There is also some online confusion about who founded and owns Royal Dutch Shell?  

Some would say that the Internet has been poisoned for Shell as a result of it being a relatively low cost medium, which its many detractors, including NGO’s and ordinary people, can use to draw attention to Shell’s activities, including Shell’s plunder, corruption and pollution in Nigeria. 

There has also been extensive online coverage of Shell’s disastrous foray into Alaska/Arctic waters.

Interior secretary: ‘Shell screwed up’ drilling in Alaska Arctic

Lets hope Possible welcomes a challenge. It might prove to be an impossible task. 

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