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Email to John Donovan from the Irish Justice Minister


By John Donovan

Today, apparently by co-incidence, I received an email sent to me on behalf of the Irish Justice Minister, Ms Frances Fitzgerald, T.D. (Photo)

It was only yesterday that I posted an article on the above subject after a long break in coverage.

The email from the justice ministry contains an apology for the delay in responding to a communication I sent to the minister several months ago. It related to the admittance by a Shell supplier OSSL, that it had for a long period distributed bribes to the Irish police, and other Irish parties, including land owners, at the express instruction of their client Shell EP Ireland. I reported the unusual circumstances in which OSSL was demanding payment from Shell to cover bribes paid on its behalf.

The lack of importance given by the Irish government to the blatant bribery carried out by the whistleblower company OSSL at the behest of Shell can be judged by the content and tardy speed of the reply.

I have already supplied over 100 pages of evidence to the Irish authorities, including a copy of an OSSL invoice issued to Shell for £30,000 worth of free alcohol delivered to senior Garda officers, one of whom is apparently about to leave the force? How hard can it be to establish the authenticity of a VAT invoice?

Thus far, no one, the Garda, the Vat authorities, the Iris government, or Shell, has said that the invoice is fake. If it was, that would be a prosecutable criminal act by OSSL. If it is genuine, then the detailed content provides concrete proof of Irish police corruption by Shell.

The most recent investigation of the Garda by the Garda cleared the Garda without even investigating the authenticity of the invoice.

I find it astonishing that none of these parties, nor apparently the Irish pubic, are concerned at such breathtaking corruption, evident from the outset of the Corrib Gas Project in the outrageous terms agreed by bent Irish politicians. The huge treasure trove of gas reserves was almost given away.

I have already publicly named all of the parties involved in the OSSL/Shell corruption, including individual senior police officers and Shell managers. Not one of them has issued libel proceedings against me. That fact alone speaks volumes.


Date: 9 March 2015 10:57:47 GMT
From: INFO <[email protected]>
To: johndonovan
Subject: Response
9 March, 2015

Dear Mr. Donovan,

I am directed by the Minister for Justice and Equality, Ms Frances Fitzgerald, T.D., to refer to your correspondence with the Department concerning allegations against An Garda Síochána. I regret the delay in replying.

The Minister has directed me to point out the recent Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) Report of its investigation into these allegations. That Report, as you are no doubt aware, found no evidence of the purchase or delivery of alcohol to Garda stations, nor any misconduct of Garda members.

The Minister considers, therefore, that the matter is now closed and will not be entering into any further correspondence in relation to this.

However, should you have any evidence supporting your allegations you should contact GSOC in the matter.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Quattrociocchi
Chris Quattrociocchi
Private Secretary to the
Minister for Justice and Equality

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