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NAM apologizes for Groningen earthquakes

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The Dutch Petroleum Company (NAM) has apologized for the earthquakes in Groningen and the problems caused by these earthquakes.

This is evident from the reaction of Gerald Schotman, Managing Director of NAM, on the report of the Safety Board (OvV) about the earthquake risks in Groningen.

“I deeply regret that the earthquakes caused problems for many people and I want to apologize,” said Schotman.

Schotman regretted that NAM had not carried out extensive research into the safety risks. “We could have been more curious about what happens in and above the soil in Groningen.  That did not happen, I am sorry.”

NAM now wants to improve communication with residents: “More focus on discussion and consultation with more attention and clarity about what is certain and what is uncertain..”

Reaction from commissioner

The Groningen Commissioner William Moorlag has a mixed feeling to the apologies from NAM. 

Director Gerald Schotman spoke warm words, “said Moorlag. “His excuses seem sincere. But at the same NAM does not entirely accept the report of the OvV.”

Moorlag: ” The NAM disagreed with the main conclusion and thus they do not win back the trust of Groningen. “

‘A good start’

Groningen Soil Movement (GBB) called the NAM apology for the earthquakes in Groningen ”a good start.” “But we do not want words. We want deeds,” commented Dick Kleijer of the GBB. Kleijer: “It would have been nicer if the NAM had promised a change in attitude.


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