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Displayed below is a leaked email about Shell spying activities sent last month by Tor Arnesen (above), the Managing Director of A/S Norske Shell, who knows a trick or two.

It was addressed to Roy Erling Furre, a Vice Chairman of the SAFE Union in Norway. He had requested a meeting to discuss concerns about Shell’s monitoring of trade union activities in Norway. Extract from the SAFE letter dated 2 February that triggered the emailed response:

To what extent is the use of surveillance using email, internet traffic, photography, filming, Facebook surveillance, espionage with agents and other agents.

In his response email, dated 6 February, Arnesen claimed that the surreptitious taking of photographs of a Shell employee, the Main Safety Delegate at the Nyhamna Gas Plant in Norway, was not initiated by Shell.

Numerous photographs had been taken covertly from land and sea without the knowledge or permission of the person being spied on and repeatedly photographed, Runar Kjørsvik. He happened to be the target of a vile long-running campaign by Mr Arnesen and his management colleagues.

Arnesen admits that Shell “used” the photographs in question, which means that Shell ended up with possession of them.

Arnesen stated:

In retrospect we see that our use of the images was unfortunate, and liable to give the impression that we watched an employee.

He does not say who actually took the photographs, which were supplied to Shell and used by Shell. Can I take a wild guess that Shell paid the bill?

Arnesen ducked the other questions about Shell spying operations raised by the senior official of the SAFE union.

As I have said before, none of this surprises me. Shell has covertly spied on its own employees on a global basis and I have irrefutable evidence to confirm that fact. All very underhand and totally at odds with Shell’s claimed core business principles.


From: [email protected]

Sent: 6. February 2017 9:42 p.m.

To: Roy Erling Furre

Cc: Hilde-Marit Rysst; [email protected] 

Subject: Letter to Shell regarding risk assessment and monitoring


Sent by email to Roy Erling Furre

ITEM: Concern about monitoring and assessment of trade union activities

We refer to your letter of 02.02. this year and call the following day between Furre and Arnesen.

A / S Norwegian Shell does not recognize himself in the letter allegations of surveillance and “risk assessment” of unions and union representatives.

Corporate use of sent photographs of the former Main Safety Delegate does not constitute monitoring. Shooting was not initiated by us, pictures were not taken by us. In retrospect we see that our use of the images was unfortunate, and liable to give the impression that we watched an employee.

The other allegations of surveillance are difficult for us to understand and decide, but will assume that through a clarification meeting may bring greater clarity to what lies behind their claims.

Now feels similar not recognize claims about fear culture and are very keen to enter into dialogue about this with the clear purpose of strengthening the general working environment and safety service and trustee work especially.

The company will meet could explain “issues matrix” which is an internal visual tool we use to safeguard what we are preparing for potential media issues. These tools are not intended to monitor staff or ‘risk assessments’ trade union activities, and are also not used this.

Otherwise we need further information from their side to understand what information you have requested. Similarly, we need more information to consider allegations that the company’s activities represent violations of laws and agreements.

A / S Norwegian Shell appreciates the cooperation with both unions as governments, and see this as an area continually improve. To build and maintain the necessary confidence presupposes loyalty and cooperation from all parties. We also have questions we want to discuss with you in relation to safeguarding interests of all employees and strengthen trust and cooperation climate between our organizations at local and national levels.

As mentioned on the phone Friday, I am concerned at the conference this week – but would like to suggest the following times for a possible meeting with you and other members of SAFE at our Headquarters in Risavika next week. Tuesday, 02/14 from 0900-1100 alternatively Wednesday, 02.15. 0900-1100 or 1200-1400. We hope one of those are convenient, but clarifies happy to investigate phone.

With best regards,

Tor Arnesen

Managing Director A / S Norwegian Shell

A / S Norwegian Shell

Registered office: Tank Road 1, 4056 Tananger, Norway

Place of registration and number: Norway 914807077 Correspondence address: PO Box 40, N-4098 Tananger, Norway


Tel: +47 51 69 33 22

Mob: +47 95 00 45 85

Email: [email protected] Internet:




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