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Shell’s woes over NIgerian Oil

By John Donovan

The BBC recently published an article under the headline: Shell’s legal woes over Nigeria’s oil.

The article listed some of the growing numbers of lawsuits being brought against Shell in multiple legal jurisdictions, all arising from Shell’s deplorable conduct in Nigeria.

The damaging global news coverage reporting on the various court actions seems to have stung Shell’s CEO Ben van Beurden into threatening that Shell may pack its corporate bags and pull out of Nigeria.

Such a move would probably be applauded in many Nigerian communities subjected to Shell’s plunder and pollution over many decades.

According to Reuters, what BvB actually said in relation to the flood of litigation is that “developments like we are still seeing at the moment mean that we have to take another hard look at our position in onshore oil in Nigeria.”

His mood will not be improved by a letter which we understand was recently emailed to him by Mr Charles Mubula Mopho-Odaga representing an organisation apparently linked to Amnesty International: Namely, The Collaborating Centre for Civil Society Actors. A United Nations Human Rights Programme.

Basically, Mr Mubula Mopho-Odaga is seeking the intervention of Mr Ben van Beurden on behalf of the indigenous people of Solomon Zion Community in the Niger Delta. More alleged victims of Shell’s activities. 

Some extracts

On this note, we write to you about the Economic Rights of the above mentioned community in the oil rich region of Niger Delta of Nigeria. This marginalization and denial has caused so many deaths and is still causing the deaths of many people in the Niger Delta.

…contracts issuing is based on bribery and corruption practiced by Shell staff or Shell contract staff…

Remember that the universal declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations is created to protect the citizens of every nation, humanly, and of the Human Rights and Business.

The entire letter is shown below so that all of the extracts can be seen in context.



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