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Shell broadband is the biggest fraud I have experienced

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past few days on Trustpilot: “Shell broadband is the biggest fraud I have experienced.”: Ceo Colin crooks he certainly has the right sir name!”: Ben van Beurden, CEO Shell, should order a complete review and overhaul of this part of the business as it is a disgrace.”

Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 6 June 2021.


Shell broadband is the biggest fraud I have experienced. They promised to deliver broadband 3 months ago and has made 4 different appointments to come and install. No one ever shows up except an intoxicated person once. They have now started charging me for broadband I dont have. I have spent 3 months calling them daily and I just get told someone will call back but it never happens. Once I had a technician in my flat trying to do something but failed and he was clearly very high on drugs acted irrational kept wandering around in the wrong room. It was a scary experience to say the least. I have never experienced a more inappropriate behaviour from a company. Every day I am told someone will call back but no one ever does. If you consider using this company for your broadband dont. Its the biggest mistake I have done this year.

Shame on shell

So , here we are 4 months into my contract with them and reference my last review I said ” time will tell ” if the introductory prices rise , and sure enough they’ve just emailed me to say their increasing my bill by nearly double – even though my usage has slowly decreased over the months , and taking into account I started in the coldest months of the year and now using less electricity and gas than when started , I’m suddenly hit with a massive hike in monthly premium from £54 to £99 per month , so a phone call to them on Monday is on the cards , will update soon after , oddly my work colleague is in credit with them they never reduced her premiums and held on to her money until she literally had to beg for it back , shame on shell.


There customer service and and company ethos are just lies. I have called them every day for 3 months to ask where my ordered broadband is. Everyday I am being told that the person in charge of my case will call me back but he never does. They are 3 months late with installing my broadband and they are charging me. Its the biggest fraud out there. If you consider them as a broadband provider I strongly encourage you to choose another operator. The disrespect I have experienced from customer service is appalling. This is what you get when people work from home and petered to do their job.

Ceo Colin crooks he certainly has the…

Ceo Colin crooks he certainly has the right sir name! These are pure rob dogs my previous bills with previous well known supplier was around £96 a month I’m now paying £150 and as much as £250 on winter and they blame me saying I’m not giving readings on time yet I’m still £500 in debt with them, there a absolute joke!! Seriously don’t use these.

Avoid Shell Energy at all costs

Avoid Shell Energy at all costs – totally miss selling their service. No one advisor tells you the same message, in fact they all give you contradicting advice. Certainly do not allow them to install a smart meter they get the readings but you do not. As a FTSE 100 company they should be ashamed of customer service. You cannot speak to a manager, they avoid you. I am now raising my concerns with the Ombudsman as they cannot even get the tariff I am signed up for right.

Ben van Beurden, CEO Shell, should order a complete review and overhaul of this part of the business as it is a disgrace.

Took 6mths to sort out my account

Took 6mths to sort out my account. I’ll be leaving in November. What a company.

If you like an energy company that…

If you like an energy company that don’t supply you with regular bills (6 months and counting for that one to be resolved), doesn’t allow you to switch between their different tariffs without charging extortionate exit fees and whose online complaints form results in a bounce back email then Shell Energy are the supplier for you

Tried to sign up for another 12 months but – Oh dear.

Been with Shell for 12 months and was going to sign up for a further 12 months using their email to me back in April offering me June 2022 V7..clicked on their ‘reserve today’ box.
Had no acknowledgement but several subsequent emails offering different (more expensive) tariffs.
Called the helpline – was told they could find no record of offering me the June 2022 v7 tariff..’could I send them the email?’
Raised a complaint …had a response which was complete gobbledygook so called again …transferred four times and then cut off after 33 minutes! A complete shambles. Life is too short.

AVOID! Dishonest Company

I was stopped and sold Shell gas & electric at its pop up stall in December 2020!! I was promised all sorts of great, bargain, price guarantee, even the best deal for 2 years!!

Stupid me believed the salesman & signed up, even recommended my neighbour to use them.

Things were good for 3 months, then I received an email to say my monthly DD would be increased an extra £18, it’s a MASSIVE jump.

Contacted shell, all they said was “yes this is the new price you will pay for from now” oh where has the price guarantee & the best price gone?” What happened to contract? What fixed price means to shell???  who knows & who cares?! Not shell!

Very upset about the whole thing. I will have to pay £60 to leave them (early exit fee) I will have no choice to pay them and I look at as it’s the punishment for myself being STUPID to believe a big company that won’t lie to customers, obviously I’m wrong, so I need to pay for the price!!!!!!! AND FINE, PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY FOR THE VERY LAST TIME!!!!!!

Update ~ 16 May 2021

Since I got an email about increasing monthly direct debit (up £19) I rang shell on 20 April 2021, asked about the same questions about why shell changed my unit rates & standard charge? Why is it allowed? Why I’m not informed? How many times shell is going to increase prices until my contract end???? The phone agent (Mithat) couldn’t answer any and requested a call back in 14 days to investigate & answer my questions! After 12 days, I got an email to say all these were an unfortunate, nothing they could do!!!!!!

15 May 2021, I rang again, to ask the same things!!!! The phone agent couldn’t answer anything, and manager / supervisor refused to speak on the phone with me!!!! This time I was told my tariff was a fixed rate tariff but prices still could go up???!!!!!! What???? Even the phone agent said I was MIS-SOLD!!!! Now I’m waiting again for another 5 days for the complaint team to investigate my case & ring me back!!!!

I’m waiting for 5 more days and I’m moving to another company!!!

I find it already frustrating…

I find it already frustrating at there being no-one to contact. I was asked for meter readings for Electricity only, I tried your site to ask how I could sent the gas reading but had no response.

Sjell Energy incompetence

Shell Energy sent old supplier an estimated reading so old supplier can’t refund the £300 credit they hold. I’ve phoned them to be told they can’t send an actual reading until my first bill has been generated – why? Shell Energy have had my actual reading from the takover date nearly 2 months ago? I was then told it would be chased up but still waiting!

Have smart meters but still have to…

Have smart meters but still have to give readings!
Three percent discount rarely applied!
No call centre to contact whe there are issues!
Not at all good.
Have since had a rather patronising reply from shell energy and still waiting for them to answer their telephone!
Twenty minutes and still waiting!

The worse customer service experience…

The worse customer service experience ever!!!

Moving house they got my closing reading wrong!! Took 45mins just to get the call picked up to give the readings.

Then had to call to get them changed – again waited 45mins to then get cut off by the call handler and then had to wait another 45mins to speak to someone to get the readings changed

Cheap enough but this shows in the…

Cheap enough but this shows in the Hideous customer service – only one person allowed named on account and that person must hold the bank account for direct debit, definitely would not recommend unless u never have issues and then unfortunately have to contact the rubbish, fob off customer service. I work for a energy company so cannot fob me off but they tried so desperately hard.

I switched from bulb who had good…

I switched from bulb who had good communication especially with bills and meter readings every month , but they kept putting the price up. Every aspect of Shell is amateurish in comparison and i will be looking for a new supplier when my fixed deal runs out or possibly before if it gets any worse.

If you want to contact them, it would be quicker to hand deliver a letter on foot

Absolutely terrible. I have gone a full fixed term energy plan without them getting my opening readings right, despite me contacting them at least once per week. They claim “We just need a few details from you to get the ball rolling and then we’ll do the legwork” – this is so far from the truth. I have been chasing both energy suppliers and doing every step of the legwork.

It usually takes around a month to get a response from any query, by which time, they answer a different question to what you have asked and it then takes another month for the next reply, even if you get back to them instantly. They also have seemingly no ability to look at what information you have given them previously, as they will ask you for the same thing multiple times.

I have subsequently changed supplier from them, however I am still chasing them weekly (a year later) to correct my opening readings, always having to chase multiple times before I get a response.

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