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For decades Shell has tried to suppress online criticism


Shell first took issue with my Shell-focused Internet activity in March 1995. Shell’s rabid false allegations about my late father and me resulted in a libel action and other litigation (IP theft) all subsequently settled in our favour by Shell.


In November 2000, DJ Freeman, solicitors acting for Shell, sent a threatening letter to a server hosting company for AKA Shell’s Nuclear Crimes. DJ Freeman boasted in their letter that the website in question had already been removed from the Internet by a previous hosting company, Easyspace after DJ Freeman sent a threatening letter on behalf of Shell.

Please read these comments made by the owner of the website, John Dyer, about Shell’s online censorship. When we approached David Pearce, the philosopher mentioned in the comments, Mr Pearce kindly agreed to host the if needed to avoid Shell’s intimidation. Shell never followed through with its threats and two decades later, the Shell Nuclear Crimes website remains on the Internet. Shell did manage to frighten a TV company Carlton Television into not broadcasting a TV programme on the subject that was ready to be aired. 


In June 2007, Shell used bullyboy tactics against two of my website hosting companies and Keith Ruddock, the then General Counsel for Shell Exploration & Production, confirmed in email correspondence that Shell was behind the cloak and dagger tactics used on that occasion.

Looking back over the correspondence at that time, I now realise that what happened was part of the aggressive plans implemented by a team set up by Shell weeks earlier involving Shell Corporate Affairs Security (CAS) populated in part by former military intelligence officers.

As can be discerned from the redacted circulation list, a large number of people were involved. Reuters published an article on the subject when the existence of the Shell anti-Donovan war room was exposed: Shell critic says oil major targeting his website.

Basically, a global spying operation instigated by Shell against my late father and me.  One of the senior former intelligence officers involved (a leader of Shell Global Security) was so disgusted that he contacted us and became a trusted insider source. Shell insiders value our activities.

Shell’s attempt to close us down permanently in 2007 did not succeed. We still use and have done so continually since 2004. T

This Shell internal correspondence reveals the true reason for Shell’s hostility to our online activities – billions of dollars in lost revenue. Not a single word about alleged IP infringement.


In July 2009, Shell was still plotting and failing in its efforts to get our website shut down. By then, Shell had long decided that it would never take legal action directly against our website, “although Donovan would probably welcome this…” Putting the financial frighteners on a relatively small hosting company is apparently seen as the more attractive option.

The following extracts about trying to close down the website come from a redacted Shell internal email obtained dated 15 July 2009 obtained in response to a SAR application.

Have you tried to engage with the Donovans, to try to bring them on side of get them to tone down their anti Shell stance?

He claims to have supplied information directly to xxxxxxx sending info after he was given xxxxxxxx personal fax number, that led directly to Shell having to sell down its stake. That ooviously has cost the company many billions in lost revenue. One, do you contest those facts? and Two, are you doing anything to get the website shut down?


In March 2011, I received an email from a senior Shell official, Michiel Brandjes, then Company Security of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. The email contained a threat of legal action. For more information read: Will Shell block Internet publication of its Nazi past? Thus far, no legal action by Shell on that toxic subject. Just threats.


In July 2021 a 5-day ultimatum letter from a cybersecurity firm acting for Shell was sent to the company currently hosting my The letter alleged that the website infringes Shell IP and causes damage to Shell’s business and reputation. It is actually Shell which is responsible for the damage. Thus far, no legal action by Shell. Just threats.

For many years, Shell executives and lawyers have been memorised by our online activities. Search this page for more information. Use the terms “website” (131), “Internet” (15) and “online” (10). The page contains extracts from Shell’s responses to our SAR applications until the time Shell took action to prevent such information from being generated.



Shell also tried to kill new coverage relating to the website

Shell’s failed blundering attempt to kill my

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