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Shell Energy Overpromise, under deliver, and line own pockets

Overpromise, under deliver, and line own pockets: No telephone number on their website, no way to contact them over the phone. All comms go to a chat which dies after waiting 6 hours.

01 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Overpromise, under deliver, and line own pockets

No telephone number on their website, no way to contact them over the phone. All comms go to a chat which dies after waiting 6 hours. Every conversation they are only focussed on creating up to date bills and not correct issues. I was transferred from Green by Ofgem, the first bill was incorrect as was estimated. Having given updated meter readings over 3 times a new bill was updated but the original was still classed as pending on the account. was told this bill would be corrected and overdue amount will be cleared within 48 hours. This was advised twice now and everytime I contact after wasting a further 6 hours to get through on the chat, I am only asked for more meter readings (be this after 2 days) yet the account still shows as incorrect. AVOID unless you want to be chasing your own tail.

Absolutely DISGUSTED with Shell

Absolutely disgusted with Shell. I’ve had a dispute with them since August, over incorrect management of an estimated bill. I then arranged to leave and had an outstanding bill of £410 even though we have been paying over £130 a month! I explained numerous times over and over that we cannot afford this in one payment and would set up a payment plan. After numerous conversations and assurances that it would be fine to pay over 11 months but that would be set up once the final bill is produced. Today on Christmas eve they have taken the full £410 this leaves us in our overdraft!!! I only know this because my bank have contacted me and this will also incur fees!! We were told not to cancel our direct debit but they wouldn’t take more than we had agreed this is SO WRONG!! To top it ALL off they’re now CLOSED until the 28th December. There is not way to contact them. FUMING.

A whole new level of useless

Shell energy took over our supply when Green ceased trading. I thought Green were, frankly, useless but Shell take it to a whole new level. I was concerned that my smart meter display wasn’t working plus the battery was draining after 2 hours. I emailed them and got a big-standard ‘check your guide you moron’ email back. Of course I’d already done that and my queries weren’t listed hence the email. Bounced it back at them a bit cross but trying to be sympathetic as I could only imagine how busy they were. Finally got a vague reply after a week saying it could take up to 3 weeks to start working (no help with the battery though despite the engineer doing the fitting claiming 10 minutes. Anyway, then I realised that green hadn’t been using my old (Octopus) smart meter readings so Shell’s baseline reading was wrong. Well this time I thought I’d phone to avoid the ‘moron’ email. I went through EVERYTHING with them on the phone to be told to put everything in an email. Jeez! So I did. I put all my readings with green in it, all my emails to green with a full explanation of the problem. It’s not a difficult calculation. They’ve got all the info. Yet…..they reply asking me to take pictures of my current readings & one in a week so they can estimate my usage. Nothing WHAT SO EVER to do with the problem. I’ve worked out the mis-calculated usage myself & emailed it to them. Once it’s sorted I’m gone!


Abysmal, after being stuck with these clowns after green energy went bust, we are utterly appalled how bad things have got. Emails sent wanting answers regarding incorrect bills from previous supplier they dont answer, they avoid every question put to them, yet want to charge us £630 for 2 months energy, unless we are running some power station, your getting no more cash from us until i get answers, your a joke.

Very disappointed

Very disappointed since they took over Green Energy.

Both Green and Shell took payments in December. I called to ask for one to be returned. I was advised this would take 4 days.

I called back after two weeks and I was advised by someone else this was not possible and that I needed to contact my bank instead. I asked why the previous person had advised me differently but she said she did not know.

I made it clear that I was not happy. 120 quid in December is not something easy to come by. I asked to make a complaint but was advised that as this was an internal matter there was not a complaint department who could deal with this.

Luckily Nationwide is a great company so refunded the money next day.

This is the issue with larger companies taking over smaller ones. The customer service is shocking and they don’t care about anyone at all.

We have recently been moved over from…

We have recently been moved over from green to shell and we were £76 in credit with green. We were told our bills with shell would be taking out the credit (which it hasn’t), the girl on the phone didn’t have a clue, kept speaking about a smart metre that we don’t have yet as no one has rang us back about getting one installed. She then put us through to the payments team and the girl that answered was no help also. She kept asking about the metre readings, which we gave the guy that set our account up. Obviously all of these notes must have been lost in translation as none of the advisors had a clue on what to do or how to help. Please can someone get back to us about this or at least give us the number of a manager or someone able to help.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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