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Diabolical! Utterly useless customer services!

12 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Account Chaos Causing Worry to Disabled 83 Yr Old Person!

Utterly useless customer services!
Shell Energy set up my new account after my supplier went bust recently. They didn’t tell me or ask me, and as such they’ve inadvertently used the wrong email address and have linked my account to another pre-existing one. The 83 yr old disabled gent who’s had 2 strokes is now experiencing stress and anxiety due the apparent lack of ability to resolve this problem they have created.
Trying to resolve it is incredibly difficult – feel like I am dealing with people who do not care!  Furthermore there is no telephone help, the web chat doesn’t work, and they ignore emails. The only option is via Twitter messages, but the staff I’m dealing with appear to be useless. It’s shockingly bad, I’ll have to complain to OFGEN.


I am absolutely SEETHING I have never come across a company so SHOCKINGLY AWFUL!!
We were with Green Energy who were superb.
We – at last were able to go to Turkey (taken off the red list on the 22nd September 2021) and I did not come home till the 12th December finding out I had been moved to Shell and they were wanting my gas and electric meter readings while I was in Turkey – my first bill they sent me was in excess of over £230 + even though my gas had NOT BEEN USED and only my Fridge Freezer left on for three months they are shocking I am DESPERATELY looking for another company!!!

TERRIBLE!! Totally incompetent!

I was transferred from Goto energy to Shell recently. When the transfer took place Shell gave me two separate accounts for some reason and both in the name of the previous owner of my house! I have phoned Shell and been told to “just leave it …. it will sort itself out”. It didn’t, so I have emailed and been told that the account IS in my name, but it isn’t when I log into both accounts they have given me! Emails to come addressed to ME though, not the previous owner?! I have cancelled my direct debit in the hope that it will provoke a response and a resolution, but that’s not worked either! You would think that a HUGE company like Shell would be able to resolve a simple problem like this, but with such poor customer service and a lack of common sense, they are struggling. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!!

I cannot even get on the Shell website…

I cannot even get on the Shell website to find my records despite 4 months of emails and promises that the information will be sent to me. I keep getting treated as a Green Customer, but I had my account via FLIPPER but paid Shell direct. I am constantly told to wait as all will be sorted but it has been 5 months now. Mind you Shell have increased my direct debit by 73% so they can take my money but not give me access to my account…strange that..

What can I do any ideas?

Not the best customer service

Transferred over from green so far the customer service had been mixed everyone always seems nice when you speak to them but you always end up with different information. I have my first bill in December understandable it took a long time but it covered up until the period up until 12th December. I was told I would be billed monthly and my next bill would be 12th January so I assume my next billing period would be 13th dec-12th Jan or there abouts, I was confused as in the app it said my ne t bill was due on January 21st but I recently had an email to submit readings before January 12th so they could bill me. I sent messages on Twitter and was told by Leanne that my bill was due on jan 12th and the app was wrong. Today no bill so messaged again I’ve then been told my bill is not due until February 12th. So to people say 2 different things and the app says something else.

Bad customer service and administration

was transferred from Green Energy to Shell but I've been wanting to cancel my account and get the remaining balance back for months now. Terrible, terrible, terrible customer service and really bad administration. Example: I've had to call 5 times to finally get my account officially canceled. And after I've got a confirmation of refund, I never got the money. Now calling again to finally get the money. Now someone is telling me they sent the money per cheque! Who uses cheque??? I have never in my entire life used a cheque. I haven't seen the cheque and hence couldn't claim it. Why can't I get my money back on direct debit like normal companies?

Update 12 January 5.11 pm:
Hi Sara. I have already emailed the mentioned email, but no reply. I had a direct debit set up with Green! Seeing Shell took over (without my approval) why were my bank details not transferred? And even if they weren't, I would not have minded setting one up with Shell to avoid this mess. I have a household with multiple people so the postbox gets unorganised and messy! I have searched but cannot find the cheque. I do not understand why this has to be so complex. I can give you my bank details and Shell can send me the money.

Update 12 January 5.31 pm
Thank you Sara I really appreciate that.

Customer Advisor cut me off!

Using the online web chat function to discuss issues with my annual projection. Customer advisor was not very helpful or clear in the advice and responses to queries and after over 2 hours abruptly cut me off from the chat without any resolution or reference number. After rejoining the queue, I was finally allocated an advisor…The same who had cut me off! After another hour, no further forward and have been told to contact back in another weeks time with a weeks worth of readings! They also several times stated they would cut me off if there was no response when I was actively responding!

Left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing

Shell energy wrote to me on January 5th to tell me that they were reducing my direct debit payment as my estimated bill for the next 11 months was just over £1k.
They wrote to me today saying that as my fixed tariff was about to end that my cost for the year would be 64.% higher than the figure they gave a week before.
To meet this, my direct debit would be 60% higher than the figure they proposed just a week before. Hi can they be so inefficient?

Destroyed my life 2 years later…

I was a customer of shell energy until april 2020 as I was moving out of a shared property. I had always had great communication via email in regards to bills payments etc. My account wad closed and everything paid, never for me to hear from them again… until December 2021.
I received an email stating I was on a payment plan and they hadn't received a payment in 31 days, I haven't been a customer in over 18 months, was never on a payment plan and had never heard anything from them since my final bill may 2020. I was told my account was closed and the email sent in error. When I kept pushing as I was concerned, I was told I owed them money, I checked my credit file and this has just been added to my credit file in December as ALMOST 2 YEARS OF MISSED PAYMENTS!! Shell stated that they had text me up until July 2020 (I had changed my phone number in may and would have never considered letting a close utilities account know I had changed my number). They never once emailed me with regards to this even though this is how they had always contacted me in the past.

This has devastated me…I had no idea, I moved out of this property April 2020. I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and my bank (along with others) will no longer accept me due to 2 years of missed payments that I've only been made aware of now, despite having the highest credit score possible previous to this.
Shell claim the only contact they made about this was via SMS which is poor…why not email? Zero effort has been made to rectify this and now this has destroyed my future.

I was told on Friday am I would be called back within 48 hours to discuss having this removed off my credit file and nothing. More lies and false promises. The agents I spoke to said this was shocking and they cannot believe I was not properly contacted and that it has been left this long,also that as a company they have acted poorly.

No Customer Service – Just a Blog

I am a former GoTo Energy customer who should have been moved to Shell Energy and provided with an account number and website login – according to the blog on the Shell Energy website – but I haven't. Shell Energy customer services are unable to answer my emails asking about my missing account details because they don't have my account details. If I choose the "Chat with us" option on their website I'm just returned to the Contact Us homepage. The "Ask Us" AI chatbot answers every query with "see the blog" – but the blog tells me I should have an account number, but don't. I wouldn't care – I'm not having to pay for my electricity as a result of their incompetence – but doubtless they'll try to levy a late payment charge when they finally do sort themselves out.
GoTo Energy had better customer service than Shell Energy, even after they went bust (back on 18th Oct). The first thing I'll do if I ever get and account with Shell Energy is move to another supplier.

Awful conpany

Awful! Cancelling appointments without even messaging. Took a day off work for it and no notice at all! Just been moved over but haven’t witnessed such poor customer service before. 1*

Edit: the lady that I spoke with from sms on the phone was very helpful.

Rubbish customer service

Rubbish customer service. Absolutely no help from the Pure Planet team. I sent an email to them numerous times letting them know that I will be moving home and asking for guidance on how to stay with them in the new place. They asked for an "account number" from Pure Planet which they never had. Also, after confirming that I will be able to have them as a supplier, they changed their response and recommended me to stay with the supplier that a previous owner had. When I asked for further clarification, they completely ignored my question and sent me a generic response to initiate the switch, which I tried and didn't even work.

Today I found out that the details of my moving date and the house I moved to are not inputted in their system at all when I tried to give them to them twice before the move. This is absolutely ridiculous. If I hadn't set up the Royal Mail mail redirection service, I would have no clue when a bill arrives and I am sure that Shell will make me responsible for not paying the bill.

And yes, I am happy to stay with British Gas even though they charge more, because I found them absolutely pleasant to deal with compared to the crappy customer service Shell provides. I hope you are happy with your outcome.

I call this company a thief

I call this company a thief. They moved me out of contract with British Gas without my knowledge to themselves. I had a nice & cheap tariff with BG. By the time, I noticed it, they send me a large bill that I found it hard to pay. I filed a complaint with the complaint department with shell energy. They were absolutely useless and did not listen to anything I was telling them. I clearly explained to them that I had a cheap deal with BG, now they moved me without my knowledge and now charging me with their expensive tariff. I talked to them so many times and got no proper answer. At the end, I paid the bill as I didn’t want that to affect my credit score. This company is not customer friendly and all they care about is their pocket. I said goodbye to this company forever. Just stay away from this disaster.


12 Jan 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy Broadband published on Trustpilot.

WiFi is terrible

WiFi is terrible.
1. It always drops out
2. Have reported previously, only just got an engineer out
3. They ask you to do engineer type work before sending one out
4. If anything is not as they think it should be, you will get fined
5. The engineer was supposed to come on Friday, Monday or Tuesday as we agreed and they showed up today, on a Sunday saying they were supposed to show up on the Saturday but it got too dark? Not what we agreed
6. The engineer complained they had to find out from two poles which caused the problem
7. If you are not in on the appointment day you get fined.
8. Go elsewhere it took over an hour on the phone and my partner having to do basic engineering which he isn't trained or paid for!
9. Make sure to ask for a transcript of the copy of conversation in the form of a subject access request and a written transcript of the conversations which only managers can do

Sweet baby Jesus…avoid like the plague

Shell took over from the post office and they are actually worse. Don't sign up to this broadband no matter how cheap. I was on hold for 30mims in total to clueless staff.. avoid. There also seems to be a lot of fake 5 star reviews on here. No thanks Sara thankfully my contract is up and I won't have to ever use your rubbish service again.b

Intermittent broadband

Intermittent broadband. Internet is dropping out for significant (approximately 30mins) periods every day at least. Issue has dragged on for 3 months without any resolution or improvement in service.

Terrible Customer Service. At the end of the contract customer…

At the end of the contract customer service was terrible. I sent off the router as requested, then got sent emails saying they would charge me loads for not sending it back. On top of this tried to charge me for an extra month after contract ended. Caused a lot of stress. Avoid Shell broadband with a barge pole!

Shouldn't bother…

I have just sat for 35 minutes trying to cancel my broadband order, if you want to cancel I suggest you get a cuppa and a good book to read while on the phone, think they enjoy leaving you hanging…

Liars and chancers

Was with Shell Broadband for about two years, all fine for our purposes. But then we asked about switching our service to another flat which was in the same house. Customer service man tells us we'd only be able to have much lower speeds in that room despite it being next door, when we said we might just ask another provider what they could do he got nasty, mocking us for our lack of knowledge on how wi fi works.

Despite him trying to pressure us I told him he was being rude and I was going to hang up. We called Virgin Media and they said they could give us great speeds no problem at all. Naturally we cancelled our account with Shell right away. Now I've just had an email saying we didn't send the router back and we'll be fined £35 despite the fact that we did return it right away following their instructions. Avoid this dreadful company who treat you with contempt. I'd rather pay a bit more than deal with these cretins.

Dreadful communications

My request for a reminder of for my e-mail password is being ignored.

Do not use this company

Do not use this company. I had an account with First Utility and cleared my account using a debt management company as I had ran up quite a lot of debt. Last year I cleared every bit of debt I had, but Shell keep hounding me even though I have supplied proof the account is clear. I am waiting for their proof of where the debt came from. Texts and emails every day chasing me, but they can’t or won’t supply me with the proof of the debt. Terrible customer service. I am now in the process of taking legal action and getting the regulator involved.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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