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A few choice words on Trustpilot about Shell Energy: Horrific, Liars and Thieves, Scumbags, Absolutely appalling service…

A few choice words on Trustpilot about Shell Energy: Horrific, Liars and Thieves, Scumbags, Absolutely appalling service…

01 Feb 2022

The content above and below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.


Horrific!!! Simply put, rude staff who do not speak or understand English well enough to deal with any matters, complaints or queries!!! Illegally change your direct debit amount and then try to say that it was authorised by me!?  Try to force you to pay an amount which is a figure fetched out of thin air which bares no resemblance to your actual bill!! When you challenge Shell they deny any illegal activities and back down offering compensation!!! Says a lot. Terrible company, terrible service, absolute rip off


Forced into this company through closure of pure planet. They cannot set up a new account and asking us for one off payments. THEY ARE LIARS AND THIEFS.
My latest message to them. …

You are asking us for a one off payment of £60 through your negligence and incapability of setting up a new ac from pure planets closing. Unfortunately we were given a useless company yourselves (Shell) who owe us over a hundred pounds as we are that amount in credit. We will get rid of you asap.
You dare take any money off of us and you will be in court. Pay us back and we will go else where you are a useless company.


Scumbags. Forced to join and forced to double my monthly payment – for the same amount of electricity use? Exploiting hard working people whilst they line their pockets with blood money.

Finally got my first bill from Shell…

Finally got my first bill from Shell having been moved to them by the administrators of Green in receivership on the 27thSept. It’s taken Shell 4 months to do this and I’ve now been presented with a bill for almost £450.
I’ve rang. Emailed and spoken to them via online chat countless times. Their App does not work and they are almost impossible with out a very long wait to speak to them on the phone.
Take my advice and DO Not use this company at all costs or you will regret it.
In the papers today Shell are making massive profits on the back of soaring bills and making their customers suffer. It’s !ucking disgusting!

Absolutely appalling service

Absolutely appalling service, transferred from Green by Ofgem in September, had just changed from Green to another suppler, the final bill generated 01/12/2021 which I am owed £76.62 but am still chasing/waiting.
Have emailed & telephoned & advised once an account is set up I can have my refund, that was nearly 2 months ago, I think I have been pretty patient, absolutely disgusting, next step the Ombudsman.

Shell Energy – avoid at all costs

Same complaint as others regarding direct debits but in addition I have now been informed by Shell that the smart meter I requested is now up and running despite no one coming to this house to fit one !!
Leaving this company at my first opportunity !! Absolute rubbish !! Whoever transferred me to this company has a lot to answer for !
Ex – Pure Planet customer

worst supplier EVER.

worst supplier EVER.
was moved over to this sorry excuse of multinational that cant use a calculator or an once of grey matter…
received a bill nearly three times my usual rate, the night rate cost is nearly twice the days rate and the meter numbers are based on pixie dust figure and not my actual meter, the numbers this greedy incompetent company use are NOT for my meter. both day & night rates start at the same figure as if i use the same energy day & night but what do they care, if i paid it more profit for them if i complain they drop it a bit
to add insult you can do nothing for yourself until you create an account, well i tried and never got the reset email so couldn’t do anything but stew.
will not be paying it and will see what OfGem & the news papers have to say in the morning

Shell energy delaying billing to make more money?

Shell energy took over the utility supply from my previous supplier more than a month ago. I was expecting to be billed on 15-01-22.
I’ve submitted 3 readings of the meters on 3 different occasions when asked for. I now realise that Shell seems to be waiting for 7 Feb when the cap is removed to the higher level.
I cannot contact them as I work in the NHS during working hours and reach home quite late.
I find this delay in billing me before the rise in fuel prices an exercise in money making. This is absolutely unacceptable.
Shell, please wake up and bill customers on the day you were expected to & refrain from making extra money by depriving me of a fair bargain.

Is it spam or Shell ?

Despite a promising polite phone call, the very worrying emails continue.

In one email you say a direct has been set up.

No sign of that on my banking details.

Then you say oh you need to make an additional payment,

**Unfortunately, this delay means we haven’t been able to collect your Direct Debit payment if it was due before Thursday 3 February. We recommend making a one-off payment**

Is this…

A joke

I can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t from Shell any more.

Shell is it

why did you email at 2am ? On a Sunday !!!

More BS

We recently got in touch to tell you that we’ll be moving your Direct Debit over to us from 5 January 2022. We just wanted to let you know that, due to some technical delays, this happened on 24 January 2022. Our team is working to set up your Direct Debit, so you don’t have to do a thing.
What happens now?
Unfortunately, this delay means we haven’t been able to collect your Direct Debit payment if it was due before Thursday 3 February. We recommend making a one-off payment for the amount of £, you normally pay. This will save you having to increase future payments.
We’re sorry for this inconvenience. From February onwards, we’ll collect the amount you normally pay, on the usual date.
You can make a one-off payment using one of these methods. Payments may take up to 48 hours to appear on your account:

Never go with them

Didn’t have a Choice as my supplier went bust. When you try to phone you are in a massive queue. I found out the offices are in South Africa. I was told not to cancel my DD with my old supplier until they had set me up. This was fine until December when not only did shell double my monthly payment s, but also took out the money from my previous supplier too.
I was told this would be refunded but it didn’t happen. I then spent ages trying to explain to someone in South Africa that this was unacceptable and Ive been waiting for this money to be given back to me. only to be told that it would be credited to my energy account. I asked to speak to someone in Authority but apparently there isn’t anyone. Also you can’t contact anyone in this country either.
I then launched an official complaint and they have emailed to say I will be receiving a refund in 10 days time.
All totally unacceptable. How dare they think it’s ok just to take two lots of money out of my account.
I will be looking for a new supplier asap

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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