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Fake 5 STAR Shell Energy reviews posted on Trustpilot

1st March 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Absolutely awful

Absolutely awful! Rude staff, was constantly fobbed off, was hung up on twice very unprofessional


EVERY SINGLE 5 STAR REVIEW HERE IS FAKE! Why is this practice allowed on trustpilot?

After reading through the reviews here I noticed a pattern that all the positive ones use a Shell Operative name in the same way. Most are written by non English writers and its obvious they are fake. Talk about lazy. At least make it look a little bit real!

I’ve just been moved to this sham through my other supplier going bust..

The first thing they did was send me a bill for £900!
When i rang them I was given such an ignorant cow on the phone I had to speak to the manager who put the bill in lumps so I could pay it,

Then he told me it will go up twice more this year. They are crippling me!
I am of poor health after 2 heart attacks. I live alone by benefit money and these are charging me nearly the same as my rent per month!

They are also pushing for a smart meter install. That’s why I came here to see others experiences. I’m dreading it now.

Saw on the news that Shell profits are 1700% we can all see why can’t we.

These electric companies are allowed to ruin your life these days through what they charge and with such high profits, its not because they need to charge so much or profits would not be so ridiculously high. DISGUSTING!

Waiting for over 40 mins on customer…

Waiting for over 40 mins on customer help line trying to reconnect my elderly mothers phone line which appears to have been disconnected having been moved from the post office, money been taken from her account and yet working telephone line!!

Quite possibly the worst company I have…

Quite possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with. I’ve spent over 3 hours on hold, alot of time speaking to customer service reps with poor command of the English language and I have got nowhere. To be sent a debt collection letter. One terrible company, stay away!

Will Shell ever treat customers with compassion?

Why when I have told you I am disabled & suffer badly with Anxiety & depression
Despite previous correspondence & phone calls, You asked for my metre reading again, I was visited by a person who read the metre! is this yet another computer glitch?
I’m left in a pool of anxiety. Will Shell ever treat customers with compassion?


The worst energy company ever. Even worse than when they were known as First Utility!

No-one can be bothered to pickup the phone when you really need to speak to someone. But owe them some money and they will call you every 5 mins from 10 different numbers!

Moved over to Shell Energy over a year ago and provided an opening read. I wasn’t able to provide readings for 4-5 months due to Covid and other personal issues.

I then received an email advising that my Direct Debit would increase to almost double the amount. So I ensured I provided a reading every month up until the end of my contract term.

I got told by Martha that I owed them circa £400.00. I advised that some of the months must have been estimated as I wasn’t able to provide a reading. I was told by Martha that if Shell used a min number of estimated readings to work out the amount owed then this would reduce the bill by 50% which was later confirmed to be the case.

Shell have now confirmed by way of email ‘However we understand that there were shortfalls on the side of Shell Energy and would like to offer a goodwill gesture of £30. Do you wish to accept?’.

A measly £30 is not going to touch the sides of a balance of £400. I have today made a payment of £220 less the £30 offered (£250) as full and final.

In hindsight I shouldn’t have paid anything but out of principle I believe this amount is fair.

My experience and service so far with this sham of a company has been far from satisfactory.

There has been discrepancies on my account in relation to the gas and electric reads. As these were estimated, this resulted in the projection for future months was inaccurately inflated way above the actual usage.

Please stop calling me 10 times a day as I work as well and this is not only making me depressed but is also a form of harassment and so if this continues, I will contact OFGEM and contact my solicitors to take legal action.

Did not resolve my issue

I feel frustrated because the customer service team said they would close my account, a simple request since it’s at zero balance and I have never been a Shell customer due a house move last year, but did not do so — I am still receiving messages asking for meter readings.

Very poor customer service

Very poor customer service, they don’t answer questions and they “update” you via email and you won’t even see the actual “update” reflecting on your bill and no one explains what’s going on? They schedule callbacks and do not call only to email “we have updated your request” as if I have discussed anything with them. They used incorrect meter readings on my bill and by luck, I had taken pictures of the readings. Check your bills they might be reaping where they have not sown. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for a substantive email for my records.

Zero stars if possible!

Smart meter display stopped working on the day my fixed rate deal ended and I was moved to the very expensive variable rate. It had worked faultlessly for the previous 2-3 years. I contacted Shell Energy who said you must have moved it (I hadn’t) then they said they can’t either send out a new one or send out an engineer to investigate when there’s a national tv ad saying it’s never been more important to manage your rising energy costs. I was also told I had to send in regular meter readings but when I explained I’m a vunerable pensioner with poor health and can’t get to the Meter under the sink they said there was nothing they could do so basically just fobbed me off! Massive profits is their only concern!

having contacted shell energy about my…

having contacted shell energy about my gas smart meter screen not showing any readings an appointment was arranged for an engineer to come and have a look at it. this was then cancelled with no explanation given. i contacted them again and still no response ,no new date for an engineer to call and fix the problem. terrible customer service

Since promising me 6 days ago that they…

Since promising me 6 days ago that they would sort this matter out, they haven’t. I’ve supplied the infomation that they wanted and I’ve heard nothing since.

Meter supply failure

We were customers of GOTO transferred to Shellenergy when we were part way through a project to install a new boiler. We were told we would need a bigger meter, U16 and a larger supply. The new supply was put in by Codent and the boiler by our gas engineer leaving the. Installation of the new meter to Shell and their subcontractor. The engineer arrived at the agreed time but unfortunately with the wrong meter!
I expected Shell to contact me immediately, apologise and supply and fix the correct meter. They did not. Nor have they yet. Every contact has been at my initiative. I expected them to respond quickly. After all this was entirely their problem!
When I contacted the Customer Service Department I was offered 28/29 March for the work to be done TWO MONTHS,. I am away on those two days so could not accept them. I was.told to send an email and I would be given a date. Since then I have spoken to countless people (Innocent and Coco are other latest) and registered a formal complaint but I have received no meter and no date when I can expect one. Your customer service is a disgrace. You do not show any sense of urgency, you do not do what you say you will do, you do not keep your customer informed

Energy cap is not uniformly applied and the standing charge is random

I have two properties supplied by Shell energy (one is my deceased mother’s which I’m selling). Therefore I have access to two sets of charges and can see the lack of any consistency or fairness.

Why is it that both rates are different and both standing charges are different?
Both were the same Flexible 6 DD – this is a rip off for customers. I know the price cap has gone up but standing charges should not double – this is Shell’s way of ripping off customers still further – disgraceful behaviour – you should be ashamed of yourselves. I assume standing charges aren’t capped?!

Of course I cannot speak to shell as their phone operative is Eastern European (AMRA) and apparently I cannot pass the security despite not having any other details (as of 1/3/22) – other than my own – I guess it’s easy to not speak to customers and pretend their details have changed! This is ridiculous.

Zero stars – one is too many

Potentially the worst company I’ve been with

I called to close my account 3 times which they failed to do. Went to their complaints team who assured me and seemed like they were actually helping over the phone and assured me that they had corrected my bill and were refunding me for their error.

Assured me 2 times that they had sent the return label, which they never did.

Only received a potion of the refund amount which they confirmed in an email. Emailed in multiple times an no action was taken. Eventually sent me a refund 4 months later for something which should have all been dealt with on one call. Over 10 contacts made to this company which have all been frustrating. No offer of compensation which utility companies have the facility to do… often after much less contacts than this


I had the Shell Broadband fibre…

I had the Shell Broadband fibre service. The signal varied from 50ish to 2 for no apparent reason. Teams meetings were impossible for work, the TV kept freezing and the kids were constantly frustrated. Phoning Shell was a complete waste of time – I was asked to crawl around the house with a screwdriver removing phone sockets to diagnose the problem myself. I was asked a load of technical questions about ring mains that I couldn’t answer and nothing got better. Finally in desperation I got BT in and they now have me on a solid reliable signal. Shell’s response was to bill me £165 for early cancellation of their appalling service and lack of support. All in all I would recommend that you stay very well clear of this awful provider.

Avoid this company!

Avoid this company!! I joined on advice from switch after my last company kept mucking me around.I installed the router and the only thing that wasn’t working is my cameras. So I rang them up to get a password wifi on 4G from shell . The lady said to do it myself & sent me a link . Well, as if anyone can understand morse code unless they are trained! So it’s been over 24 hours nothing working still. Sky is down too. I needed my cameras on for a reason!

I contacted shell via twitter & they said to DM them then they will help. Well, they have still not helped and are ignoring me! This is disgusting leaving me with nothing working!! Vile company! I have now had to change provider after NOT even being with shell for more than a day! Well done shell, well done

When I took out Internet with this…

When I took out Internet with this company I was promised a range of upto 64mp when fitted it was between 4mp-14mp and I’m ment to be happy with that as it was there superfast broadband?!! I rang within the 10 days complaining that it weren’t fast enough got told I have to wait the 10 days to work out my speed when really that was a pack of lies. When I rang back a week later got told nothing I can do but pay for my whole year subscription as I’ve gone past the 10 day’s now. Now waiting weeks for my final bill instead getting texts saying I owe my month bill, I have spend in total 7hrs and 30 mins on the phone. The worst Internet provider I have ever used. Broken promises but love having your money!! AVOID


The worst company I have had the misfortune of dealing with. After 2 great years of faultless service from Post office broadband Shell energy bought them out. That’s when it all went down hill 3 days Internet out of 7 I tried to contact them on 4 occasions all on hold for longer then and hour and only once did u get through. Do not waste your money on this company!

I would give this company zero stars

I would give this company zero stars. I’m on day 10 with no internet following storm Eunice. I’ve spent hours on the phone trying to get things resolved. All my neighbours were back on within 3 days. She’ll Energy wouldn’t send me a replacement router, I had to try a new power box first because this was the process. When I threatened to cancel my contract then they sent me the router and things still didn’t work. Now I’m waiting for an engineer! Needless to say I will be cancelling my contract with Shell Energy as soon as they compensate me for the worst service of the year award!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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