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Shell smells of Ukraine Blood

07 March 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Stop buying Russian Oil

Great Service
You started buying Russian Oil
No amount of money makes up for the lives lost

Shell smells of Ukraine Blood

Worst experience ever poor service and whole company has Ukraine blood on their hands. You should be ashamed working for Shell RIP

Useless customer service

Useless chat, Useless and lazy customer service, 4 months to get refund of £583 for retired pensioner… DISGRACE

Customer service is an absolute disgrace…

Customer service is an absolute disgrace – cannot contact by either phone, email or chat… say they are extremely busy on the website which is a joke… maybe hire some more staff then seeing as Shell are making record profits – if you want good customer service avoid Shell like the plague it’s truly horrendous.

Dire and disgraceful service.

I am using this platform to illustrate what is now a complaint, about a complaint, about a complaint of dire customer service. I don’t know just how many complaints I can get in, ridiculous. This has been going on since I had smart meters put in on 6th December 2021 and basically they are everything but smart, neither gas or electricity are now sending readings and the in house display continues to read nothing. The only thing Shell are getting right consistently is the direct debit coming out of my bank, which works seamlessly! Well, hope you read this Shell because as of tomorrow morning I am cancelling the direct debit and will not be paying anymore until I get the service I have paid for and whilst we are on the subject, please expedite the removal of your smart meters from my property and replace them with conventional meters or I will start to charge you rental for the space they are occupying!

Shell have ‘lost’ our account and £834 credit.

Our energy account as take over by Shell when Pure Planet went bust in September. We waited patiently, as instructed, for details to passed over and account credit to be moved over whilst continuing to pay our monthly direct debit. December arrived and finally the new account was set up and first direct debit fro Shell taken in January. However, Feb direct debit wasn’t taken (we had an £834 credit by then) and we still hadn’t received a bill but were assured by 8th Feb this would have taken place. We continued to send in gas meter readings (the gas smart meter stopped working) and the electricity smart meter appeared to be sending readings to Shell and these were shown on our online account. Roll onto mid Feb when I was unable to access the account at all, no bill, no direct debit, no idea how much we now owe from October – Feb. and also no idea where our £834 credit is……. When I got in touch with Shell I was informed the Shell account had been closed (by Shell) but they could still see my credit was still there so ‘everything was ok’. !!!!!
I was assured everything would be sorted out very soon, it’s now March 6th and I’m still waiting. Clearly still using energy…. I have no idea how much I’m going to be charged, or if my credit is still with Shell. I’d say this is extraordinarily poor service and feeling quite anxious about the financial implications of the whole situation.


I signed up in december, and have had nothing but trouble since.
line crackly very often, most of the time I have to put down and call again to get a clear line, lots of calls dropped, sometimes dialling and just getting back to dial tone.  Called customer service, the sent round an engineer after a weeks wait, couldn’t work out where the problem was. when I called again all they could offer was another weeks wait for another engineer who never even came. After a number of calls to customer service (usually waiting around half an hour for answer), no progress only empty promises to refund me or allow me to cancel which they deny on the next call, promises to listen to calls, I’m waiting 3 weeks or more for them to do so.
Now they send me a bill charging for engineer visit, as if it was my fault. They should be refunding me for all charges since signup and compensating for stress and no proper line, their service is contemptible to say the least, I have no patience for another distressing phone call. Do not ever try join

Shell Energy No Service

Had no trouble with the Post Office over 14yrs and now taken over by Shell Energy. From last Friday to this morning we were warned there would be no email access while the switch took place. It’s now 2.30pm and still nothing. Phone disconnected after hearing all the options. Pretty poor.

I don’t know how many more times I’m…

I don’t know how many more times I’m going to review this company I have now sent in a complaint!. No-one seems to be able to help me with my billing! I’m still claiming Universal Credit, after all the bills have been paid, I’m left with the grand sum of ….. £1.07 !!! All the other companies I pay have been adjusted to suit my income. I get my groceries and pay my outstanding bills on the 20th of each month. Not ONE agent has contacted me regarding this matter, this is why I put in a complaint how on earth can I afford to pay the amount you say I owe? £4,00000? I’m on Universal Credit of £210 per month! I paid my phone bill last week that is the amount they agreed for me to pay! That’s why I have £1.07 in my bank.
Thank you.
Incidentally, I have been in touch with Step Change regarding matter and they are going to sort something out ok?

If I could give a 0 star I would.

If I could give a 0 star I would.
My parents switched to Shell energy in 2021. They have had nothing but issues. The account is in my Fathers name, but is paid for by my Mother from her account. My Father has a disability and often struggles, Shell will not acknowledge my Mother when she has called to try sort out issues.
Their account comes up as inactive when logging in on the Internet, they cannot access any account info, bills, usage reports etc. They have smart meters and an IHD. The IHD has not worked since the day the engineers installed, Shell refuse to replace it, even though it is a part of the agreement with the smart meter installation, their email response was “you don’t need one, you can see the details on your meters” as in expecting 2 Septagenarians with limited mobility to crawl around in small cupboards just for an idea on how much their energy consumption is!
They have not received a bill since Nov, yet have had payments increased to circa £220 a month as they were told they were in debt, no evidence or communication to explain this. Again 2 Septagenarian Pensioners… £220 a month!
Multiple phone calls and emails have left them exasperated and they have been shut down at every avenue. I myself have been hung up on when I have tried to call to explain, and today I tried a ‘Live Chat 2hrs 15mins online in queue position 6,3,2 and 1, when it miraculously connected the chat was ended, “this chat has been ended” was the notification on the screen.
Despicable service, shocking standards, and the sooner their 12month term ends in August the better. NEVER USE SHELL ENERGY.

Non-existant customer service

I was automatically transferred to Shell when my previous supplier went bankrupt. I was in credit to the tune of £165. At a similar time I was moving house. I ensured both my previous supplier and Shell were aware, and sent all the relevant information at the correct time. My previous supplier confirmed my credit statement and told me Shell would honour it.

After I was transferred, Shell wouldn’t accept any communication from customers of my old supplier. They said this was due to the number of customers they were on boarding, which was fair enough. I left them to set up my account and inform me when I could speak to them.

The next communication I had was a bill from Shell for £75. I emailed them to tell them this was incorrect – they had the wrong date for my house move. I supplied the documentation they requested (again).

Since the they have text me or emailed me every day for a month, threatening me with bailiffs and marks against my credit score. I have sent over 10 emails and called their customer services multiple times to get thus sorted. They don’t answer the phone – they just say they’ll call back and never do. I haven’t had a single response to emails.

I am still owed £165, and have been for 6 months. I have had no contact from Shell other than their threats. I now see my only option as taking the matter to OfGem.

They are utterly useless. Stick to their overpriced petrol and avoid their home services.

Poor service

I rang to see what is happening with regards to supplyimg my energy which was taken over from Green last year. Still didnt respond to my question with regards to what is happening or when I will receive a bill or information to set up an online account so 40 ,inutes of my time wasted trying to get through yet still not answered my question

Moved over from Pure Planet to Shell…

Moved over from Pure Planet to Shell energy. Its the only energy provider that I have ever had where I cannot register meter readings to my account. After months of being with them I still haven’t been billed!!! Emails from Shell Energy stating smart meters are providing meter readings, when they are not. Spoke to them 3 weeks ago about the issue and the person registered my query as another type of query and never dealt with the issue in hand. Another 21 days to wait!!! Absolute shambles!!! Shell are hassle, stay clear.

Shell are living Hell – a zero star energy provider.

As a former Pure Planet customer I was transferred to Shell Energy by Ofgem on October 17 2021. I was transferred onto their std flexible 6 tariff with night and day rates both at 20.68 pence per kWh for electricity and approx 4.2 p per kWh for gas. Despite submitting regular monthly meter readings and setting up a direct debit no payment was taken or invoice raised up until 1 March 2022. Opening balances and £206 credit from Pure Planet did not appear until mid February 2022 (4 months after transfer). I made three manual payments by card totally £600 to ensure I did not run up a debt. I made several phone calls and tried web chats as well as sending email during the period January and February 2022, on every occasion it took at least 15 minutes to connect and on Every occasion I was either disconnected during conversation/chat without getting help or I was told a reply/action would take 10 days. It also took several weeks to get an unsatisfactory answer to my email.

On 1 March Shell energy unilaterally changed the tariff on my account from “flexible 6” to “flexible 6 economy 7”, this tariff has a day rate of approx £0.05 per kWh higher than the std flexible 6 tariff day rate but a lower night rate. We do NOT have a functioning night meter, all our consumption shows on the day meter so their change effectively just increased our electricity tariff by 25%. This change was made without consent or notification and was then used to generate a £1,000+ invoice for the 5 months supply since transfer. Because my meter does not have functioning night meter (the night meter reading has been same for over 5 years and British GAS who supplied the Smart meter told me that it does not support dual tariffs) , all consumption is recorded against the day meter and the bill was approx £130 higher than it should have been because electricity was charged at approx 25.7 pence per kWh instead of 20.68 pence per kWh. Shell Energy also used estimated readings instead of actual/submitted readings.

On 4 March 2022 I discovered the tariff change and overcharge and I attempted 5 webchats with Shell Energy, each required a wait of up to 20 minutes and then after explaining the problem and getting a promise of help, each chat was disconnected. A phone call similarly had a long wait and I was disconnected after 5 minutes conversation. Shell Energy wasted 3 hours of my time, yet again. Despite being upset, I am always polite and courteous, it would appear Shell Energy staff simply disconnect if they cannot solve a problem.

Imo, Shell Energy deliberately overcharged me by unilaterally changing my tariff to flexible 6 economy 7 on 1 March and used this higher rate on a 5 month backdated invoice.

My finding are that over 3 months, you cannot EVER speak or chat with anyone who has the ability of authority to solve simple issues, Every contact takes ages (15 to 20 minutes) to connect, furthermore it is my finding that their staff will provide false information or cut the call. Shell Energy are a nightmare to deal with. Shell Energy clearly cannot cope with all their new customers and place their staff under such pressure that calls are deliberately disconnected. The Shell Energy app has limited functionality.


Just received my new monthly payment from this company, gone up by £105 per month. I am really annoyed about this coming from a company that has just posted £19.5 BILLION profit VERY CYNICAL no doubt I’ll get some spiel about the high cost of raw energy.


Biggest load of rubbish!

Biggest load of rubbish!

They state that they want to be Number 1 they have an awful long way to go. Hours and hours on waiting for someone to speak to, the chat line waited over an hour? The internet is very slow and the catch up TV is stopping every few minutes so unable to watch a programme. What am I paying for? Will be leaving as soon as I can

Biggest load of rubbish and they are taking my money for what?

Never had any problems with Post office Broadband.

Signed upto Shell Energy to provide my…

Signed up to Shell Energy to provide my internet, huge mistake.
Currently 7 days in with no internet, they refuse to have a conversation over the phone, direct you to their social channels. You can send them a
Message they respond in 7 hours if they fancy!
Avoid at all costs, I’d love to be able to cancel my contract!

Loss of service spent all my money on… 5919338

Loss of phone and broadband service spent all my money on using my mobile 3 hours later I got through to a rude man, who spoke the worst English, I’m a vulnerable older lady who lives alone with health conditions ,I was told when I should be connected that didn’t happen, I ran out of funds so I had to ask my friend if I could use her phone.2 days later my service resumed, I got 1.90 compensation!
Shell have not signed up to the £8 a day loss of service,I’ve been transferred from the post office to shell, I will be leaving, anyone not happy leave .

Awful service and and long wait on phone when contacting about phone line problem

My mum who is 88 was with the Post Office but it as been switched to Shell Broadband and yesterday we found that her line was dead resulting in no incoming or outgoing call. No customer service for phone problems on a Sunday as they are closed, trying to contact by phone this morning been on hold for over 1 hour now without success. Going by this awful service provided once we get her reconnected it will be time to move to another company. just adding it too 1 hour 25minutes before l got through.

Absolute disgrace of a company,4…

Absolute disgrace of a company, 4 routers, no connection, wrongly billed, charged for a router,what an absolute farce of a company, worst experience

Elderly in laws without internet since…

Elderly in laws without internet since Thursday. 90 mins on phone no answer on
Hold Permanently. Then 90 mins on chat where told engineer would call and do video call. They don’t have phone to do that! No one In Touch Friday and now Sunday not open for customer service. They distressed as only way to send shopping list via email. Should be ashamed

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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