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Shell Energy Customer Service? Don’t make me laugh

“Shell Energy Customer Service? Don’t make me laugh”

17 MAY 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.


Am a new broadband customer, but broadband keeps cutting out and slow, tried many times to ring them to cancel, but no answer to their call center. Very bad experience from start, their customer service doesn’t work either online or via phone calls.

Very stiff customer service from a rude…

Very stiff customer service from a rude foreign call centres advisor, who was constantly chatting to someone in (I think) Portuguese and who appeared unable to understand English as I had to repeat everything numerous times. She also warned me I will likely now be double billed for this month due to a massive energy reading overestimate by Shell while I was on holiday, requiring me to request a refund that apparently will take a fortnight to recover. Really poor show.

Shockingly bad customer service

Shockingly bad customer service, in fact there isn’t any! you cannot get a response by e-mail or telephone. They did call me back after about three weeks only because I threatened go go to the Regulator. Avoid at all costs

Customer Service? Don’t make me laugh

Customer Service? Don’t make me laugh. I have been trying to resolve a billing issue since December. They write back telling me they don’t supply an address – it’s a house I have never owned in a town I have never been to, certainly not the one I was asking about. They ignore me for months then re-send the incorrect bill. Then out of the blue they write to tell me they are waiting for information they have asked for. But they haven’t asked and they don’t tell me what this information is. Have given up and gone to the energy ombudsman.

They Steal Money From Old People

Around March last year, Shell Engery took over from the post Office as my mum’s broadband supplier. Naturally, there prices went through the roof early this year, and so I changed supplier for her after ‘4’ years unbroken service. And that’s when the problems started…

We had no phone line or connection for a week and a half because Shell fully disconnected the line (during the change over) so that the new supplier (John Lewis) couldn’t connect.

And then the letters came in saying that my mum owed them £150 for breaking her contract. Almost three years with The Post office, and a year with Shell and she had broken her contract?

Further small direct debits have been demanded (for outstanding stuff?) for over two months now after there ‘service’ was terminated.
They did not respond to a questioning emails, and forget trying to call!
In fact the only thing they seem to do quickly is in sending out letters demanding money for ‘outstanding charges’.

I’ve told my mum to not pay anything, cancel her direct debts etc, but, and as with many of her generation, they are scared – a bit like receiving a letter from BBC licencing when they have already paid?
So she has paid up, and like a lot of the elderly, will continue to so, as long as they are asked to within some gobbledygook laden letter.
If they to see this, they’ll probably blame somebody else (Talk Talk, The PO?) or ask us to get in touch…

Avoid this shower of s***ts at all costs. It’s pretty obvious why their market share is going up.

Takes 45 to 50 mins yo answer and not…

Takes 45 to 50 mins yo answer and not helpful. Pls do not touch them. Want yo cancel or downgrade. They will only upgrade but not downgrade. They are only interested in making money

Despite numerous emails to Shell energy…

Despite numerous emails to Shell energy broadband my mum who is 83 hasn’t received her credit of £333. This is causing her a great deal of financial stress especially during the current climate. Shell my mum has always paid her bill on time so do the decent thing and pay her credit back to her. I feel helpless watching her falling into depression whilst you treat her this way. Absolute disgusting way to treat an oap.

Only been with them for 3 months having…

Only been with them for 3 months having moved in to the property. Just the same as all major companies in the UK in that customer service does not feature in their business model. Will not be staying with them after the 23rd May when new tarrifs announced. They are only interested in profits and shareholders, customers are only a necessary nuisance.

SHELL the Worst company ever

Worst ever, joined October 2020 paid for gas and electricity every month until October 2021, £260 in credit until they decided to charge me £248 for gas again from 2020 even though I paid for it every month, Still paid £85 a month until now may 2022, December bill £83, January bill £196, February bill £87??? March £179 now everything has gone through the roof I’m in the black now for £324, there bills are a joke they can’t even explain how they come up with it either, i have gone from £85 a month to £179 a month, as I’m in the minus now I asked about the hardship fund what they say there supporting with £5 million, even though they made 21 billion last quarter, They stated that I do not qualify for there hardship fund but I can agree without putting in a dispute and paying £29 a month on top of my £179 a month bill what they increased it to even though its averaging £120, what a bargain, being unemployed and getting £343 a month I can pay SHELL £208 NO HARDSHIP HERE – Internet, council tax, TV licence, phone, water and food, pay all that from what I got left, I got laid off during 2020, thanks SHELL FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING they rip everyone off, oh also got conned in getting a smart meter fitted, 4 months now and it still doesn’t work on the screen I got, had to send pics of a blank screen, pathetic

Not Issuing Payments

Shell are not forwarding government grants. Despite numerous email and forwarded letters from Richmond council proving that I have been issued a government grant. Shell energy are continually refusing to forward theses payment made from the local council to the energy companies.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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