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Avoid Shell Broadband at all costs. Customer ‘service’ is appalling

‘Whatever you do just avoid these people… I was a post office Internet customer before they handed me over to these guys… absolute waste of space. Go with literally anyone else. Save your brain cells.’: ‘Avoid Shell Broadband at all costs. Customer “service” is appalling, internet drops out multiple times per day & staff lie.’: ‘Shell bought out Post Office broadband and our Wifi has been terrible ever since. Our internet randomly stops working day or night, and often for an hour. I’ve never experienced such poor quality service with any other broadband provider.’

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Reviewer Carol: Location Dudley: Date 2022-07-07


Just when i thought i had finally sorted out all my problems with Shell Energy had yet another demanding letter to return the router which i already had returned it after waiting for a return bag. Ongoing nightmare! Lots of problems with this company when you come to leave them.

Reviewer Rehbein: Location Hereford: Date 2022-07-07


I have been a very satisfied Post Office Home Phone customer. Since Shell Energy is my Broadband supplier my Internet disconnect from my devices which are latest editions, frequently. Not happy.

Reviewer Alex: Location Iko: Date 2022-07-06


Broadband connection dropping out every 15 minutes. Cheap modem.

Reviewer M C: Location Manchester: Date 2022-07-06


Wifi is fast, but drops out at least every hour. Router stays green but no internet to any devices. Customer service has been abysmal. Advised that wifi was not guaranteed and because it was still providing a service via ethernet, it was not a problem. Over 2months on, they are now sending a booster which may solve the problem, but was not required with my previous provided. Definite issues with Shell router software.

Reviewer Iolanthey: Location Dewsbury: Date 2022-07-05


Awful broadband, intermittent connection via ethernet, no WiFi, staff are useless with an algorithm to follow that provides excuse after excuse with delay after delay to keep you long enough to mean Yr contracted in. Avoid avoid avoid

Reviewer Jack: Location Colchester: Date 2022-07-04


Absolutely awful, the product that the sell in my particular area is unfit for purpose, their customer service team is atrocious and I sometimes have to pay for a service I don’t receive for a week at once. Avoid like the plague

Reviewer Kyle Ashton: Location Gosport: Date 2022-07-04


Literally taken over a month to leave these guys… they are impossible to shake… only just been able to pay the final bill but its been such a nightmare it wouldn’t surprise me if someone hasn’t done their job right and they try billing me again for some other random charge.

I first tried calling customer support around 6 weeks ago to let them know I want to terminate all services. Sat on hold for 2 hours and then when someone picked up I could hear a dog barking in the background. They proceeded to instantly mute their phone and the line was silent for 2 minutes with me sounding like an idiot repeatedly saying “hello?”. They then just hung up and the call ended. Rather than sit on call for another 2 hours I thought I would give an email just to cover myself and show I tried calling to indicate the date I wanted to cancel from.

The email communication was a little faster than the call – took around 7 days… lol.

When I received email communication it then took around 3 – 4 back and fourth messages just repeatedly telling them “I want to terminate absolutely everything and pay any final bills”. This was said so many times until they finally got the picture.

Whatever you do just avoid these people… I was a post office Internet customer before they handed me over to these guys… absolute waste of space. Go with literally anyone else. Save your brain cells.

Reviewer Melanie: Location East Devon: Date 2022-07-02


I was a happy customer of Post Office broadband in an area with terrible broadband. Shell took over. I resisted going onto one of their plans as FTTP was being installed in my village (another nightmare). Fibre installed successfully so I gave notice to Shell. Since then I haven’t received my £60 refund for rental paid upfront but they have hassled me for my router. They told me to use “the returns label in the box”. I have had the router since 2014. I rang & was told to ignore the letters. Today I learned I was being fined for not returning something I never got from them. I’ll happily sue them. Avoid Shell Broadband at all costs. Customer “service” is appalling, internet drops out multiple times per day & staff lie. Takes ages to get someone to answer the phone. Delighted I switched to a dedicated FTTP provider and ditched these charlatans.

Reviewer D: Location Southampton: Date 2022-06-30


Shell bought out Post Office broadband and our Wifi has been terrible ever since. Our internet randomly stops working day or night, and often for an hour. I’ve never experienced such poor quality service with any other broadband provider.

(Oh, and Shell now also provide our landline service, which had worked perfectly for 20 years. Recently our landline was down for TWO WEEKS with no explanation or apology from Shell.)

Reviewer A Renshaw: Location Vicarscross: Date 2022-06-30


This company is a joke my farther in law regasted blind and deaf and 93. Migrated by the post office to Shell. get letter saying you have not paid you bill.not had bill yet happen every time bill arrived 3 day’s later.closed account with them now say will charge him £35.00 for the modem he has never had.he only had a phone no broadband. Trying to get the thick customer service to understand this is impossible. They only have to look back on the old bill’s to see this. the CEO for Shell energy as a international companie is a joke. Will now have to take this up with Offcom. Need to get staff that understand customers problems.

ReviewerMrs N Holland-Bailey: Location Shropshire: Date 2022-06-29


Unfortunately I was transferred to Shell from Post Office Phones. The service received from post office phones was excellent, sad to have been moved. I have had no phone or broadband for 4 weeks now,it took me two weeks just to report the fault as no one answering phones, when eventually got through I was forced to make an appointment before they would pass the fault to open reach, had to wait a further week for the appointment, the fault was not in my house but along the outside line. Engineer did not fix fault on my appointment day, next appointment was another week along but due to my work commitments I cannot be at home all day, open reach sent a text with the new date that I cannot make, I cannot reply to this text other than with the word change, I have done this only to be informed I now have to contact Shell again to re-book, the fault is already confirmed as not in the house, this is ridiculous. I have no mobile phone signal at the house so have been completely cut off from all means of communication for 4 weeks and cannot remain in friends houses for hours waiting for shell to answer the phone! I have never before encountered such a dreadful service from any provider that I have used. I so far have been unable to contact shell – again! to rebook, and open reach have sent me a confirmation text for my cancelled apppointment, if I am not home shell have already informed me at time of first and only conversation that I will be charged £65.00 on my phone bill if not in attendance. I cannot change provider until the line is fixed, this is absolutely appalling. I will not be paying any £65.00 fee for their own dreadful inefficiency, they will need to take it to court. I cannot recommend this company, all may be ok while your phone works but the service provided when not is non-existent.

Reviewer Nicholas Bench: Location Durham: Date 2022-06-29


I’ve been with shell energy broadband since the 27th of this month their broadband does not work they are trying to charge me £359 to cancel for something that doesn’t work for anyone this concerns do not use shell energy broadband they are w***

Reviewer Patrick: Location Aberdeen: Date 2022-06-28


The worst customer experience ever. Passed to 3 different people none of whom knew what they were doing apart from making false promises to get rid of you regarding help. Just kept passing me on and behaving in a totally robotic way. Most of them should never have been allowed near a customer. This is the worst customer service I have ever known. Was with the PO for many happy years but forced to migrate to this awful Shell Broadband. Keep clear of them.

Reviewer Derek: Location Poole: Date 2022-06-28


The absolute worst company I’ve ever dealt with. To use the word useless would be a compliment after what I’ve been put through over these last few months. From beginning to end , they’ve messed up everything. They took money they shouldn’t have , and then told a pack of lies about issuing a refund. They actually lied !!!  Basically I would call them criminals, hiding behind the name of a legitimate company. I’m now with Plusnet, and so far they’ve been great. Once bitten twice shy. Shell ain’t gonna get their teeth into my hard earned cash ever again !!!

Reviewer M B: Location BIshops Castle: Date 2022-06-27


Since moving onto Shell from post office broadband.
Had terrible service and charged 7 pounds more èven though I was told it would not increase. Just lost my husband to cancer and this week end Shell broadband rang me and said my contract ended March so it will cut my service 25th July ho find yourself another provider . Two days earlier I spoke to them and it was agreed a new contract 1 months free and 19.99 a month. I agreed to wait 2 weeks so this call set me back a bit at the week end . Heartless they were. Hope they fail soon

Reviewer Pete Williams: Location West London: Date 2022-06-27


Became a unfortunate customer when my post office broadband was taken over by shell energy. Since then, my broadband speed has halved. Shell energy has proved to be impossible to contact by phone and they do not respond to emails

Reviewer Steve: Location Sussex” Date 2022-06-26


Terrible company. no respect for customers. I cancelled the account due to moving home. They took the final payment at the end of the month after I cancelled then came back for more without any help how to pay as direct had been closed. They failed to supply the returns label for the useless router despite several requests and following their assurance it had been sent or was on its way. I now have a further demand to pay for the router. Why would they ever want that back when they can charge you for it? The returns policy for the router is in their financial favour. They continually fail to read and then understand what has been sent them. Several times no reply was received. This company has been more difficult to deal than all the others involved in moving. I cannot ever recommend them. Even one star is too many.

Reviewer Michelle N: Location East Sussex: Date 2022-06-25


Broadband was all right but returning the router was a nightmare as they kept asking for it to be returned, or for me to call them about the return, when they had already had it back for over a week. Admin is dreadful generally, wasted a lot of time contacting them because of their appalling processes.

Reviewer Kahlan: Location Hampshire: Date 2022-06-23


Had a generally good experience with Shell Broadband for our 12 month contract – internet was reliable, and faster than we were paying for. Relatively good value. Never had any issues with dropouts or poor coverage. We were very happy with this provider after being with Virgin Media (unreliable and slow) for several years.

The issues have been with customer service since the contract ended. I have been chasing a final bill for almost a month now, despite being told the bill would be issued within 10 days of the contract ending. An extra Direct Debit payment was taken almost a week after the contract ended. I was never sent a return label for the router, despite me asking for one three times, and I am now being threatened with a £35 fine for not returning the router in time. The Live Chat feature on the website is never available so I have had to phone customer services several times to chase the bill and the label, and every time I get “they’re on the way”, and nothing ever shows up. Very disappointed as the internet itself was fab, but the stress of having to chase them like this has put me off ever using them again.

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