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Absolutely appalling service from Shell Energy Broadband

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Reviewer Ryan: Location Doncaster: Date 2023-02-27


They offer you 6 months free broadband as an existing energy customer, but it isnt free, they bill you for the first month at least out of your bank account, how on earth is that free? avoid these scammers

Reviewer ClareH: Location Lynton: Date 2023-02-27


Absolutely appalling service. They took over my Post Office account, without my knowledge, and stopped taking any money – then they land me with a HUGE bill. Sorted that in November and I set up a Direct Debit with them expecting them to take monthly…NOPE I contacted them after 3 months to ask why they had not taken it to find they now expected me to pay another HUGE bill, in my reckoning it should have been less than £60, 3 months at £18.99 but they tell me I owed over £370!!! So I ask for an explanation…nope they took it out of my account the same day...I am still waiting for an explanation and will be looking for an alternative provider….steer clear

Reviewer Lawrence Cody: Location Stockport: Date 2023-02-26


I have been with Shell for just under 18 months, guaranteed price for 18 months, and 12 months in, they increased my bill by £2,. I told them they guaranteed no price rise until the end of my contract, and consequently have broken the terms, which makes it, in effect “void”. They increased it, I cancelled the direct debit, and paid what I had signed up to. The debit mounted up, it affected my credit score as a “missed payment”, but in fact it wasn`t. because I paid the £25.99 I signed up to. It took 3 months, and eventually someone understood my complaint, I were offered a “Goodwiil payment”, I refused, and asked them to double it, to cover the cost of the increase, they kept me billing me for..They finally agreed, my contract expires in just over a month. I then recieve an e mail to say my cost is going up again, I told them again they are breaking the terms of what I signed up to, of no increase when the contract expires.I proved what they said from their e mails, they agreed to leave it at the price from October. I will now try and do a deal with them if they want me to stay, because they have in fact still increased my payment by £2 a month, that they guaranteed would not happen..
The overall impression was complaints are not always understand or handled correctly, and they tried it on with price increases, challenge them and keep them to their word. Regarding the broadband itself, it has been flawless, reliable, and only occasionally dropping out in the middle of the night, I would highly recommend them for standard of broadband service, but when it comes to customer complaints..not good..if you have proof, and they fail, challenge them until they keep their promises. And to rub salt in the wounds, they were offering new customers, the SAME deal I have for £7 a month less…so much for loyalty, but that seems to be most providers are today..draw in new customers, with a good deal, and try to break contracts, and increase the cost to loyal customers..I am still looking to move, but not seen any positive comments from other providers, so may stay with Shell, as its better to know the devil you know, than the devil you don`t.

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