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Shell Shocked: Climate Protestors Scrub the Greenwash Off Aberdeen Office

Posted by John Donovan: 10 June 2024

In a twist of poetic justice, climate activists took to Shell’s Aberdeen office with a literal washing machine and bath to “clean up” the company’s act. Early Monday morning, Extinction Rebellion Scotland showed up outside Union Street with a banner demanding that Shell stop its “greenwashing and destructive climate policies.”

Because nothing says “we care about the environment” quite like spewing out misleading ads and backpedalling on climate commitments, right Shell?

Shell’s grandstanding on its so-called green initiatives has been exposed by advertising standards bodies in both the UK and the Netherlands for—you guessed it—misleading green campaigns. Shocker!

According to Extinction Rebellion (XR), Shell’s notorious past is riddled with climate misinformation, denial, human rights abuses, and pollution. In true Shell fashion, they’re now backtracking on previously announced carbon reduction targets.

In March 2024, Shell lowered its carbon reduction ambitions to a 15-20% cut by 2030, down from the previous 20%, and completely scrapped its 2035 target. Because who needs a habitable planet when there are profits to be made?

Gary Jack from XR Highlands and Islands didn’t hold back, stating, “As someone who lives on a croft and is close to the land and the weather, I see first-hand the results of the decades of destruction companies like Shell have caused to our climate. Shell could do so much good by focusing their power and finances on solving the climate crisis. Instead, they choose to make it worse. They will take us into a hell on earth to make more profit.”

Anne Campbell from XR Dundee, a former midwife, added, “Shell is helping to destroy their future and then gaslighting us with their greenwash. They spend millions on advertising campaigns trying to convince us that they are doing the right thing. They are not. It’s all lies confirmed by UK and Netherlands advertising authorities. Shell’s greenwash can’t hide the truth that they are increasing emissions and making things worse. It breaks my heart for the babies I help bring into this world who are facing such a bleak future thanks to Shell.”

Meanwhile, Shell’s response was a classic nonchalant shrug: “A small number of people are protesting outside our Aberdeen office. We respect the right to protest as long as it’s done safely.” Translation: As long as you don’t make us change anything, protest away!

With props like a washing machine and bath, XR’s message was clear: Shell’s attempts to greenwash its image are as transparent as ever, and no amount of spin can clean up the mess they’ve made.

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