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Sir Andrew Mackenzie and Shell’s Delusional Climate “Solutions”

Posted by John Donovan: 24 June 2024

Ah, Sir Andrew Mackenzie, the knight in shining oil-stained armour, has graced us with his profound wisdom on tackling climate change. Who would have thought that solving one of the world’s biggest crises could be more challenging than running a mining company? Not Sir Andrew, apparently.

In a revelation that’s about as surprising as finding sand in the desert, Sir Andrew admits that handling climate change at Shell is “quite a lot harder than I expected.” You see, at BHP, he could comfortably discuss all sorts of theoretical climate solutions without actually having to implement them. Now, faced with the greasy reality at Shell, things aren’t so easy.

Sir Andrew’s grand strategy? Focus on a few “winning” solutions and invest heavily in them. Because, clearly, putting all our eggs in a few oily baskets has never gone wrong before. “We shouldn’t be adding and adding and adding, if at the same time, we’re not finding the things that are winning and getting behind that with a lot more investment and more focused investment,” he sagely advises.

One of his brilliant picks is carbon capture and storage (CCS), which Sir Andrew is a “huge advocate” for. It’s perfect for those pesky places where renewable energy just can’t cut it. And let’s not forget liquefied natural gas (LNG), which he claims is “critical” for the energy transition because it’s the “lowest carbon fossil fuel.” Yeah, because what better way to solve climate change than by burning more fossil fuels?

Electric vehicles? Push them “hard,” he says. But don’t worry, petrolheads, the internal combustion engine isn’t going anywhere. It will just be sipping on “biofuels, maybe by hydrogen or indeed e-fuels.” Because why go all-in on clean energy when you can keep one foot firmly planted in the past?

And just when you thought it couldn’t get more absurd, Sir Andrew suggests that tackling climate change “sector by sector” across international borders might be more effective than those pesky international climate agreements. Because, obviously, industries known for their cutthroat competition are going to collaborate harmoniously to save the planet.

In the end, it’s clear that Sir Andrew and Shell have everything under control. Just trust them to pick the “winning” solutions while they continue their centuries-old tradition of extracting and burning every last drop of oil. What could possibly go wrong?

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