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Shell’s New “Eco-Friendly” Stunt: Two Carbon Capture Projects in Alberta

Posted by John Donovan: 28 June 2024

Shell Gives the Green Light to Carbon Capture Shenanigans in Alberta – Whoop-de-doo!

So, the bigwigs at Shell have decided to throw us another bone and announced not one, but two shiny new carbon capture projects in Alberta. Because, apparently, the oil giant known for its greed and pollution suddenly wants to save the planet. Cue the applause.

The company proudly declared the launch of the Polaris carbon capture project at its Scotford refinery and chemicals complex near Fort Saskatchewan. And let’s not forget the Atlas Carbon Storage Hub, a grand partnership with Atco EnPower. The first phase will allegedly store the CO2 captured by the Polaris project. Because what’s better than an oil giant patting itself on the back for trying to clean up its own mess?

But wait, there’s more! Shell assures us that these projects will kick off toward the end of 2028, just in time for all the climate deadlines they’ve helped us miss. Meanwhile, other carbon capture projects across Canada are folding faster than a cheap lawn chair, leaving us wondering if this technology is more fantasy than feasible.

Shell Canada president Susannah Pierce gushes, “It is now a place in time where we feel like we have the right fiscal incentives.” Translation: “We’ve wrangled enough tax credits and government handouts to make this look good on paper.” She also claims, “We see it as a critical technology to help us decarbonize our own Scotford facility.” Oh, how noble of you, Shell, using public money to clean up the environmental disaster you created.

Pierce continues, “We certainly believe that it’s a critical technology that’s necessary to meet Paris commitments.” Yes, because who better to trust with our climate commitments than a company that has been fueling the crisis all along?

Let’s not forget the dazzling success of Shell’s previous Quest CCS project – a $1.35 billion venture with a cozy $745 million from Alberta’s government and $120 million from Ottawa. After all that, the project still captured only 77% of CO2, falling short of its grand 90% promise. But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good press release?

The real kicker? A recent report from the International Energy Agency urges oil and gas companies to “let go of the illusion” that carbon capture is the silver bullet for the climate crisis. Maybe it’s time to listen to the experts instead of the spin doctors.

Despite the overwhelming evidence of carbon capture’s dubious success, Pierce optimistically declares, “There will be more.” Well, of course there will be more – more subsidies, more failed promises, and more pollution. All in a day’s work for Shell.

In the grand scheme, Shell’s carbon capture projects are just another act in the never-ending circus of corporate greenwashing. But don’t worry, folks, they’ve got our backs – as long as the fiscal incentives are just right.

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