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Matthias Bichsel and the Shell reserves fraud

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.44.36By John Donovan

Within the next few days we will publish authentic Shell internal confidential emails and documents that provide irrefutable proof that like his fellow Royal Dutch Shell Plc executive director, Simon Henry, Matthias Bichsel (right) was aware years before the Shell reserves fraud became public knowledge, that Shell was cooking the books. Many Shell executives, including Matthias Bichsel, knew group guidelines for booking proven reserves were no longer in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, but withheld that vital information from investors. In other words, participated in the long-running cover-up, which after a hundred years of trading, destroyed the Royal Dutch Shell Group in its original Anglo-Dutch partnership form. It is breath-taking arrogance on the part of Shell senior management that Shell did not rid itself in 2004 of all executives tainted by the scandal. The smell lingers on and damages the reputation of the current executive committee, which has to put up with our articles on the subject because what we say is true and they know we have the evidence to prove it in court.
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Corporate Scandals: Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat

Post-Enron, post-Shell, post-WorldCom, post-Parmalat, the collective knickers of the business world are in a twist about ethics, and rightly so. Deals are the building blocks of business. Enormous sums are at stake and the money belongs mostly to strangers, not neighbours. Without ethics to define deals and fair dealing, business will not get done.

Introduction by John Donovan:

Dr John Huong (right), the renowned former Shell Production Geologist who blew the whistle internally at Shell in respect of the oil and gas reserves fraud is the author of this article. It was written at a time when he was being sued for defamation by EIGHT Royal Dutch Shell companies in respect of postings made on this website under his name. Shell eventually withdrew the claim and settled a counterclaim brought by Dr Huong for wrongful dismissal.

Reflections on the Essay By Mr Thomas Stewart on Corporate Governance and the morals at workplace environment

By Dr John Huong read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

The man who shook Shell

By Clémence Grison (paris): 29.03.2012

John Donovan, who worked with Shell, reveals damaging information on the oil giant. This personal revenge has already cost the Anglo-Dutch company billions of dollars.

John Donovan, 64, is a meticulous man and very knowledgeable. For several years he has spent most of his time on what he describes as his “super-hobby”: the website with scoops on the evils of the multinational.

We simply ask the leaders of Shell to respect the principles they claim to honor already. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Whistleblower accuses Shell Executive Director, Malcolm Brinded

“Van de Veer was in a tricky situation. The Shell reputation was already in the gutter after the reserves debacle and Brinded was the white knight in shining armour who was to help in the recovery process.”

Introduction by John Donovan

Former Shell International HSE Group Auditor, Bill Campbell (above right), provides more information about the background to his career with Shell and why he blew the whistle on the Brent Bravo scandal.

By Bill Campbell

I left Shell in 2002 for health reasons and was granted VS on grounds of partial incapacity. During my 24 years with Shell I was promoted regularly and held senior positions. During that career I was never subject to any disciplinary action for wrongdoing or poor performance. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Spaced out at Royal Dutch Shell

”SPACE, VISION AND STRATEGY”: Sir Philip Watts, disgraced Shell Group Chairman who once donned a space suit at a meeting in Maastricht, Netherlands, in 1998 to pump up his troops. Subsequently a defendant in various US class action law suits arising from his role in reserves fraud ,which cost Shell shareholders almost $1 billion in lawsuits and fines. Sir Philip was rewarded with a reported $18 million pension pot/settlement for destroying Shell’s reputation.

Spaced out means to be confused or distracted…


During the Mark Moody-Stuart tenure as Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell, someone had the brainwave of setting up “hydrocarbon value creation teams”.

The foundations for the reserves scandal were laid.

The company had got (with the explicit knowledge of the top brass) into the hands of people who were only motivated by personal rewards, and who smelled their chance. None of that ‘Enterprise First’ stuff. It was ‘Me first’ and all the snouts were in the trough and nobody wanted to take their snout out of the trough. Anyone complaining or making remarks that things were not right was publicly destroyed and removed. And those with their snouts in the trough started to make promises and ever more ridiculous demands. Explicit instructions to cook the books or ‘err on the high side’ were hardly given in written form or were at least well disguised. It was said and whispered in meetings, conferences and workshops and personal discussions during the annual staff evaluation time. There were clear instructions to aim for the impossible with those stretched targets and anyone who said he could go even further or higher was handsomely rewarded with promotions or fat bonuses. Brinded was a real champion of this, he was #2 and later MD in Shell Expro and I believe they missed their business targets for 7 years in a row under his reign! read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Damage still reverberating from Royal Dutch Shell reserves scandal

By John Donovan

The Guardian reports today that several hundred senior scientists employed by Shell at the Thornton Research Centre in Cheshire “will be scattered to other offices” in what is described as a more general retreat by Shell from the UK.

Shell staff, who are said to be “seething,” apparently believe the retreat from the UK is a consequence of the reserves scandal that came to light in 2004.

Shell executive directors including Group Chairman, Sir Phillip Watts (above right), were forced to resign. Basically Shell had repeatably filed false Form 20F returns to the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission each year, inflating claimed proven hydrocarbon reserves. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Can BP’s investors give oil giant the time to learn from Shell’s mistakes?

Results clouded by rivals and identity crisis! Titanic court battle looms for oil company! Executives may face charges!

By Rowena Mason: 9:33PM BST 30 Jul 2011

If those headlines were meant for readers in 2011, the subject could be only one sorry corporate story: BP and its $40bn (£24bn) Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

However, the real answer lies six years earlier in another just as painful oil scandal that hit BP’s nearest rival, Royal Dutch Shell. This was the heated reaction to news that Shell had over-stated its oil reserves by a third in the years leading to 2004.

Downgrade after downgrade kept hitting the company’s share price until matters came to a head over an email from Shell’s head of exploration to the chief executive. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Case Study: Shell Hydrocarbon Reserves Scandal

Class action reformBook Title: The Reform of Class and Representative Actions in European Legal Systems: Book by Christopher Hodges, MA (Oxon), PhD (Lond), FSALS: June 2008: Front Cover, Chapter 3 Court Rules for Multiple Claims – Extracts from Pages 75 & 76, plus Back Cover.

ISBN 978-1-84113-902-9 (Hart Publishing Limited)

The Netherlands

Case Study: Shell Hydrocarbon Reserves

On 9 January 2004, following an internal review, Shell (Royal Dutch and Shell Transport, the two former parent companies of the ‘Shell Group’) announced that it would re-categorise approximately 3.9 billion barrels of oil equivalent (‘boe’) out of its reported proved reserves. The re- categorisations were based on a determination that the reserves did not strictly comply with the definition of ‘proved’ reserves established by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the SEC’). On 24 August 2004, the UK Financial Services Authority and the SEC announced final settlements of their investigations with respect to Shell. As a result of the settlement, Shell, without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings or conclusions, entered into a consent agreement with the SEC and paid a civil penalty of $120 million. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Royal Dutch Shell in $13 billion securities fraud lawsuit

By John Donovan on 2007-06-22

Royal Dutch Shell fights it out in multi-billion dollar worldwide class action lawsuit arising from the reserves fraud which first hit the news headlines in January 2004

A four week mini-trial was due to commence in the U.S. Courts on Monday 18 June 2007 in the consolidated class action against Royal Dutch Shell on behalf of worldwide (qualified) Shell investors. Instead, the parties involved have agreed to the appointment of a Special Master to consider issues and make recommendations to the Court.

The original U.S. class action against Shell, its officers and also against Shell’s auditors, KPMG NV and PwC UK, commenced on 13 February 2004. The litigation arose from a fraudulent overstatement of proven hydrocarbon reserves by Shell in Form F20 returns filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission. The SEC declared that Shell had violated United States law by issuing “false and misleading statements regarding its reserves”. Shell paid a $120 million fine to settle the SEC claims. read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

Videotaped Deposition of former Chief Executive of Shell Exploration & Production Walter van de Vijver and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan



Toronto Star: Royal Dutch Shell eyes Canadian minority buyout: Offer could be worth $7 billion: Saturday 31 December 2005: READ
Business Times Malaysia: Joint venture field delivers first gas: “SHELL Malaysia and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd have achieved a major milestone with the delivery of first gas from their jointly-operated new Shallow Clastics satellite field.: December 31 2005: READ
Rediff (India): Shell suspends Hazira operations: Saturday 31 December 2005: READ
The Times: ‘The year has not panned out as well as it might at several of my little jobs’: “FEBRUARY: My old friend Philip Watts is still being blamed for some trifling errors at Shell. A few oilfields are misplaced and the stock market overreacts in its usual, tiresome way. It is only the fifth such warning, after all.” : “NOVEMBER: My good friend Philip Watts has been cleared of all wrongdoing by the Financial Services Authority, and one must rejoice. The outcome was predictable from the start. When has the FSA ever successfully taken on anyone so senior? Their job is to go after minor fraudsters and insider traders, not to interfere in the boardroom.”: Saturday December 31, 2005: READ
The Times: Knighthood for oilman who took a gamble: “BILL GAMMELL, the Scottish entrepreneur who turned Cairn Energy into a FTSE 100 giant after a gamble on an Indian oilfield, is knighted in the New Year’s Honours List.”: “His decision to stick with an exploration prospect in northwestern India that had been discarded by Shell paid off with a string of oil discoveries.”: Saturday 31 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: PAGE ONE: Jeroen van der Veer, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell PLC, says natural gas now accounts for 40% of Shell’s hydrocarbon output and is rising. “In a decade, we will be close to being 50-50,” he says. “One day, the question will be whether we should be [called] an oil-and-gas company or a gas-and-oil company.”: Saturday 31 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: How Ukraine will fare without Russia’s gas: “Q Why is Russia threatening to turn off gas supplies to Ukraine?”: Saturday 31 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Venezuela Reaches Deal With Spain’s Repsol: Posted Saturday 31 December 2005: READ

AFX Europe (Focus); Shell, CNOOC complete 4.3 bln usd China petrochem project: Posted 31 December 2005: READ

Business Wire: Shell Deer Park Considers $200 Million Expansion to Produce Additional Gasoline, an News Alert: Posted 31 December 2005: READ

Globe and Mail (Canada): Shell gains on buyout speculation: Posted Saturday, 31 December 2005: READ

Daily Mail: Shell mulls a move on Texan giant: “ROYAL Dutch Shell is one of several companies mulling a bid for a Texas gas group that could cost $1bn ($600m) according to US reports.”: Friday 30 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: FSA fines grow in size but decline in numbers: “Royal Dutch Shell suffered the largest fine of 2004 – £17m – in the wake of scandal over its oil and gas reserves misstatement.”: “This year the regulator has faced questions, caused by the Royal Dutch Shell case, about its ability to pin the blame on high-profile individuals. The FSA said in November that it would not take any action against Sir Philip Watts, former chairman of the oil group, or any other executives, but that it stood by the fine imposed on the company itself.”: Friday 30 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Demand for natural gas ignites shares of Woodside Petroleum: “High oil prices mean that Shell has plenty of cash to do a deal. But a new Woodside takeover costing around A$30 billion is considered unlikely.”: Friday 30 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: From Nikkei: Japan Oil Firms Getting Into Gas-to-Liquid Fuels: “Showa Shell has procured 2,000kl of the kerosene alternative from a Malaysian GTL plant of Royal Dutch/Shell Group.”: Friday 30 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: City sandwich: “Royal Dutch Shell: Jorma Ollia, chairman and chief executive of Nokia, takes over from Aad Jacobs as chairman.”: Friday 30 December 2005: READ Shell M’sia Petronas Carigali field delivers first gas: “Shell Malaysia and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd’s jointly operated new Shallow Clastics satellite field off Sarawak, has delivered the first gas ahead of schedule.”: “Shell Malaysia chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick said this milestone was an important contribution to delivering Shell Malaysia’s objective of more integrated gas.”:  Friday 30 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Petrol retailers call for shortages ‘tsar’: Friday 30 December 2005: READ
AFX Asia (Focus): Vandals set fire to oil pipeline in Nigeria: “The news comes barely a week after a pipeline belonging to the Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell exploded near the southern oil city of Port Harcourt.”: Thursday December 29, 2005: READ
The Times: Surge in demand leaves fire-hit fuel stations running on empty: “A spokesman for Shell said: “There are some shortages at stations in south-east England and into the Midlands. It is connected to Buncefield.”: Thursday 29 December 2005: READ
The Times: Rumour of the day: “Northern Petroleum…”: Thursday 29 December 2005: READ
Lloyds List: A whale of a year for offshore energy: “In Nigeria, Shell finally got its Bonga FPSO project under way with first oil in late November from a technically challenging project.”: Dec 29, 2005: READ
The New York Times: Oil Rises Ahead of Supply Data, OPEC: “Crude supply concerns eased this week after Royal Dutch Shell said it had managed to restore most of its production in Nigeria after pipeline attacks a week ago.”: Posted Thursday 29 December 2005: READ
Lloyds List: Optimistic hopes tempered by politics and bureaucracy: “…Venezuela is still looking to unlock its energy reserves after PDVSA ended an agreement with Shell to develop a $2.7bn project in Mariscal Sucre.”: Thursday December 29, 2005: READ
AFX UK (Focus): Northern Petroleum unit to develop 3 more wells in Netherlands: “…NP Netherlands BV, is to exercise its exploration rights over three oil and gas wells in the Netherlands under an agreement it has with Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM). NAM is a company jointly owned by Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil Corp.”: Thursday Dec 29, 2005: READ
Forbes/AFX News Limited: Shell still losing 15,000 barrels/day after Nigeria pipeline explosion: Posted Thursday 29 December 2005: READ
Lloyds List: Petronet prepares to tie up Gorgan deal: “The Australian company would arrange for the supply of LNG through a consortium, in which the stakeholders are Chevron, ExxonMobil and Shell.”: Wednesday December 28, 2005: READ
Kyodo News Service: (Kyodo) – Brazil’s state-run oil monopoly Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras) has taken a major step toward its strategic goal of achieving leadership in the energy sector in Latin America.”: “The oil corporation has signed three share purchase agreements for the acquisition of Shell’s businesses in Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay.”: Wednesday Dec 28, 2005: READ
Financial Times: Giant orange gas flares mean lost opportunities for Nigeria: “The giant orange flares that burn across the delta region, where most of Nigeria’s oil is produced, cause respiratory diseases and premature deaths, and pollute croplands close to village homes in the delta’s vast network of swamps and creeks.”: “Citing funding problems, Shell has pushed back its flaring elimination date to 2009. But last month, a Nigerian judge ruled in favour of a local delta community that challenged the company’s right to flare gas nearby.”: “Meanwhile, Shell has challenged the judgment and continues to flare.”: Wed 28 Dec 2005: READ
Irish Times: Major escalation in opposition to gas pipeline threatened: “Shell to Sea campaigners claim that activists from all over Ireland will flock to their Solidarity Camp at Rossport, Co Mayo in early spring to help local people resist attempts by Shell E&P Ireland contractors to force the controversial pipeline through the area.”: Posted Wednesday 28 December 2005: READ
Irish Times: Shell rejects sections of review of Corrib safety as unlikely: “Shell E&P Ireland has rejected some of the findings of the Government’s safety review of the Corrib gas onshore pipeline…”: “…it takes issue with a number of points made by the consultants, including the possible emergence of the contaminant hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or “sour” gas in the Corrib system.”: “…which can have similar impacts on cellular respiration to carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide.”: “…the Erris Inshore Fishermen’s Association… says the study confirms its suspicion that Shell “cannot or will not implement the project in an open and transparent way”: Posted Wednesday 28 December 2005: READ
The Independent: Warmer US weather leads to fall in oil prices: “Oil prices were also undermined as Royal Dutch Shell said it had restored most of its production in Nigeria after attacks on two pipelines last week triggered a huge blaze and oil slick. Shell said it was losing only 15,000 barrels per day of output on Monday, down from 180,000 bpd earlier.”: READ
Published: Wednesday 28 December 2005
Daily Telegraph: Pumps run dry as blast takes its toll: “Shell was one of the worst hit yesterday, with some garages in the midlands and south-east running out.”:  READ
Wednesday 28 December 2005
News (South Africa): Shell cleans up crude oil spill: READ
Posted 28/12/2005
CNN NEWS: Oil company battles fires on Nigerian pipeline: READ
Posted Wednesday 28 December 2005
Financial Times: Oil falls as mild weather tempers US demand:
“Crude prices fell on Tuesday as mild weather continued to dominate in the US, while Shell announced it had secured much of the 180,000 barrels-a-day production lost following last week’s attack on a Nigerian pipeline.”: READ
Tuesday 27 December 2005:
THE NORWAY POST: Shell to increase activity on Norwegian Shelf: READ
Tuesday 27 December 2005:
Vanguard (Nigeria): NNPC, JV partners plot improved security in Niger Delta: READ
Tuesday 27 December 2005:
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27 December 2005:
Monday 26 December 2005:
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Monday 26 December 2005:
Reuters: Outage from Nigeria pipeline blast now at 35,000 bpd: “The outage had previously amounted to 180,000 bpd after unknown gunmen attacked two pipelines on Dec. 20, killing 11 people and setting off a huge blaze and oil slick.”: “Most of the delta’s estimated 20 million inhabitants live in extreme poverty alongside an industry that has generated billions of petrodollars for foreign oil firms and the faraway Nigerian government, seen as corrupt and oppressive.”: Monday 26 December 2005: READ
AME Info, United Arab Emirates: Shell applies technology to reduce environmental impact of oil industry: Monday 26 December 2005: READ
Borneo Bulletin: Search Op ongoing: “The operation is being carried out by Brunei Shell Company rescue teams, navy, police marine and the public…”: Monday 26 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Shell’s LPG auction fails to generate much heat: “Shell declined to comment that interest for the LPG business had been below the levels the firm was looking for.”: READ
Monday 26 December 2005
Mail & Guardian Online (Nigeria): Shell resumes limited operations in Nigeria: “Shell said on Saturday it has resumed limited operations in southern Nigeria after the explosion of a pipeline but warned it is still not in a position to honour its commitments to clients.”: READ
Christmas Day, 25 December 2005
BBC News: Contempt case for Shell over gas: “The oil multinational Shell is facing contempt of court proceedings in Nigeria over gas flaring.”: READ
Sat 24 Dec 2005
Reuters: Shell Nigeria reopens one of two attacked pipelines: READ Sat Dec 24, 2005 2:56 PM GMT
Irish Times: An Taisce wants review of pipeline location “An Taisce has called on Minister for Marine Noel Dempsey to conduct a review of the proposed location for Shell’s onshore gas terminal in north Mayo in the light of a recent Government consultancy study of the controversial onshore pipeline.”: Saturday Dec 24, 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL/BARRON’S ONLINE: Looking to Angola for Deep Returns: “Given both the technical challenges of West African development (primarily deepwater) and the inherent geopolitical instability (ask any of Shell’s or Chevron’s employees in the Nigeria Delta region), is West Africa worth the risk?”: Posted Saturday 24 December 2005: READ
AP Worldstream: Next Iraqi government must tackle question of who controls Iraqi oil to draw investment: “…security fears could make it tough for the government to draw in companies such as BP PLC, Exxon Mobil Corp. and Royal Dutch Shell PLC…”: “The nation’s proven oil reserves, estimated at about 110 billion barrels, are the world’s third largest after Saudi Arabia and Canada.”: Saturday Dec 24, 2005: READ
Irish Times: The year my life changed: “The five Co Mayo men were jailed in June for contempt of court over their opposition to the construction by Shell of the underground Corrib gas pipeline.”: Saturday December 24, 2005: READ
The Times: BP doubles corporate ad budget in $150m bid for greener image: “While Shell and Chevron have been keen to promote their images in the UK, their advertising and sponsorship spend in the UK has been far less than that of BP, according to the research. This year, Shell spent an estimated £2.7 million…”: Saturday December 24, 2005: READ
Petroleum News: EnCana on full spin cycle: “And, in the thick of all this, rumors persist that it remains in the crosshairs of such global giants as Chevron and Royal Dutch Shell.”: Saturday 24 December 2005: READ
The Tide (Nigeria): Shell loses 540,000 barrels in three days: Posted Saturday 24 December 2005: READ
Petroleum News: California beckons for Enbridge: That deal came on the heels of BP acquiring sole ownership of the Olympic system by taking over the 40 percent holding of Royal Dutch Shell.: READ (Pakistan): Petroleum exploration licence for Offshore to Shell joint venture grants: Saturday December 24, 2005: READ
Petroleum News: Mackenzie hearings ready to hit the road: “The Mackenzie proponents — Imperial Oil, Shell Canada, ConocoPhillips Canada, ExxonMobil Canada and the Aboriginal Pipeline Group — will also come under intense scrutiny over the fiscal terms they are able to negotiate with the Canadian government.”: Sat 24 Dec 2005: Read
Petroleum News: LNG terminal gets FERC go-ahead: “Besides Woodside, the partners are subsidiaries of BHP Billiton, BP, Chevron and Shell, plus Japan Australia LNG (Mitsui and Mitsubishi).”: Saturday 24 December 2005: READ
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Financial Times: Replacing replacement: Posted 23 December 2005: READ
Forbes/AFX News Limited: Shell declares force majeure in Nigeria as pipeline fire continues: “The fire, which followed an explosion early this week, cut the Anglo-Dutch group’s production in Nigeria by 180,000 barrels per day.”: Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Qatar Finds a Currency of Its Own: Natural Gas: “Andrew Brown, Shell’s country manager in Qatar, said that greater natural gas and oil production should result in overall daily energy production equivalent to about 5 million barrels of oil a day by early in the next decade, nearly half the daily oil output of Saudi Arabia.”: Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Qatar awards LNG contract: “The other will be managed by QatarGas IV, which is owned by Qatar and Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The QatarGas project so far has five such LNG trains.”: Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Oil Prices Settle at $58.56 Per Barrel: Oil prices also were lifted by uncertainty about whether Royal Dutch Shell PLC will declare a force majeure on its light, sweet crude exports from Nigeria after attackers set off dynamite at a pipeline Tuesday. Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil exporter. ”We have to look at the extent of the damage and if it’s significant enough to affect the quantity that can be exported, then we will consider the options,” Shell spokesman Donald Boham said Wednesday.: Posted Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
The Guardian: BP sells Russian assets for $1bn: “There is controversy over drilling near Sakhalin, an island off Russia’s east coast, since Shell started developing an offshore field there close to where whales feed.”: Thursday 22 Dec 2005: READ
Daily Independent (Nigeria): Shell shuts Bonny flow station: “Three more bodies were on Wednesday recovered from the site of an exploded oil pipeline in Port Harcourt, bringing the number of casualties to 11 in the fire incident ravaging up to 21 villages. The pipeline belongs to Shell”: Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
Malaysia Star: Chip card payment at Shell stations in force next year: “SHELL Malaysia expects the rollout of credit card payment system using the chip card at its stations to be completed by next year, said chairman Datuk Jon Chadwick.”: “Asked if the company would be doing any exploration in the coming year, he said: “We’ve had a very successful year. Yes, we will be doing exploration next year. We need reserves.”: Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
Lloyds List: Shell gas project will need $3bn fleet of mammoth LNG carriers: “SHELL has unveiled a major liquefied natural gas project in Qatar which could require a $3bn fleet of the largest vessels ever built in this sector.”: Thursday December 22, 2005: READ
The New York Times: Shell Signs Gas Field Development Deal: Posted Thursday 22 December 2005: READ
Reuters: Shell Nigeria pipeline still blazing, output down: “Oil workers in boats and a helicopter circled a huge pipeline blaze in remote southern Nigeria on Wednesday, surveying the damage caused by a suspected dynamite attack that killed at least eight people.”: “The fire is still blazing. It’s as high as a 10-storey building. There is thick black smoke billowing,” a Reuters witness said.”: 21 Dec 2005: READ
AP Worldstream: Crude prices flat ahead of key market data from U.S.: “Overnight, crude prices were slightly buoyed after news that unknown assailants had blown up a Royal Dutch Shell pipeline in Nigeria on Tuesday, killing at least eight people and knocking 170,000 barrels of crude offline.”: Wednesday December 21, 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Wanted: western top guns to tame the Russian oil frontier: “Since Vladimir Putin seems keen to recruit well-connected Westerners such as Gerhard Schroder and Donald Evans to run his oil companies, here are some suggestions: Top of the list is Sir Philip Watts. This former Shell chairman could doubtless boost the size of Russian reserves…”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: CNPC, ONGC link in Syria: “The 38 per cent stake in the Royal Dutch Shell-controlled Al Furat Production Company was sold by Petro-Canada, one of Canada’s largest energy groups, for C$676m (US$576m)…”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: India, China Win On Venture’s Bid For Syria Oil Stake: “…about half of Syria’s total oil output, are operated by Syria’s state-owned Syria Petroleum Co., with Royal Dutch Shell PLC also holding interests.”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
San Jose Mercury News: Shell refinery still dealing with cleanup: “The Shell Martinez Refinery continues to grapple with the fallout from a November oil leak that sprayed hundreds of cars and homes, with cleanup costs likely to run into the millions and investigations by several other agencies under way.”: “More than 2,300 cars and 400 homes have been cleaned, said Steve Lesher, Shell’s public affairs manager.”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
The Scotsman: Oil giants review North Sea investment: “Oil & gas industry workers union Amicus has already written to energy minister Malcolm Wicks to request action against Shell…”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
The Independent: Oil giants accused over Alaskan gas: “The soaring price of oil this summer provoked outrage among consumers and led to hearings on Capitol Hill over whether energy companies including Exxon, BP and Shell were profiteering.”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
The Guardian: Climate of fear: “Shell was taken to the courts for continuing gas-flaring on the Niger delta.”: Wednesday December 21, 2005: READ
Kommersant: Western banks join environmental protection campaigns: “Shell failed to fulfill even its own environmental standards…”: Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Oil Pipeline Blast in Nigeria Kills Eight: Posted Wednesday 21 December 2005: READ Shell closes Nigerian oilfields: “Royal Dutch Shell has closed two oilfields in Nigeria following an attack by gunmen on an oil pipeline it operates, it said today.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Forbes/AFX News Limited: Blast at Royal Dutch Shell oil pipeline in Nigeria kills 8 – report: “The blast occurred after an attack on the pipeline by an unidentified group of armed men in Port Harcourt, in the Niger river delta, the report said. Royal Dutch Shell has shut down production at two oil fields, the news agency said. Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: With oil prices and output fuelling the share price, BG Group is worth exploring: “…given the company’s relatively small size, the shares are often boosted by the possibility of a takeover by the likes of BP or Shell.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Reuters: Shell Canada adds to Alberta, B.C. land position: “Shell Canada Ltd paid more than C$185 million ($158 million) for acreage at recent government land sales to bolster its natural gas drilling and oil sands prospects, the company said on Monday.”: Posted Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Friends of the Earth: Court Orders Companies to Stop Gas Flaring in Nigeria : Posted 20 December 2005: READ
Denver Post: Oil shale may be fool’s gold: “… if it turns out that Shell needs more energy to produce a barrel of oil than a barrel contains, bets are off. That’s the equivalent of burning the furniture to keep the house warm”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Ireland On-Line: Pipeline protesters seek alternative presents: “They are some of items needed by the Rossport Solidarity Camp which last summer saw protesters from around the world gather to support locals in the fight against the oil giant’s construction of the pipeline.”: “Supporters can buy a greetings card that depicts the pipeline on eBay, after campaigners put the illegally installed section of pipe up for internet auction.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
San Antonio Express: Still in recovery: Gulf oil production off 28%, and gas off 20% as huge repair job continues: “Shell expects production from the platform to resume in the second half of next year, according to a release on its Web site.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Only thing changing at Unilever is its shares: Unilever to keep dual structure: “Oh dear. Rather like Royal Dutch Shell 18 months ago, Unilever’s self-satisfied management team just do not get it.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
The Times: Compare like with like and BG offers investors good value: “Takeover speculation, much discussed but scantly evidenced, partly explains the BG share-price premium.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
The Times: Unilever to keep dual listings: “Unilever, the consumer goods giant, will not follow the example set by Royal Dutch Shell, its Anglo-Dutch cousin, after it said that it would keep its dual listings.”: “Mr Burgmans chaired the review team, which included Jeroen van der Veer, the Shell chief executive, who is on Unilever’s board.”: Tuesday 20 December 2005: READ
Reuters: Shell strikes oil again in Brunei’s Seria field: “Search for deepwater oil has been halted since 2003 after a territorial dispute with Malaysia.”: Posted 20 December 2005: READ
This Day Online (Nigeria): Shell Faces Contempt Charge on Gas Flaring: “So soon after its fraud over Nigerian reserves, it’s astonishing that Shell has not complied with this court order preventing it from continuing gross violations of human rights. Its behaviour seriously undermines respect for the rule of law that its operations depend on,”: Posted Monday 19 December 2005: READ
Forbes/AFX News Limited: Shell says will continue to invest heavily in North Sea despite tax hike: Monday 19 December 2005: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL/BARRON’S ONLINE: Conoco Scorned Could Be a Steal: “It’s possible Conoco itself could attract interest from one of the globe’s super-major oil companies, including BP, Royal Dutch Shell or Total. Conoco’s market value is $81 billion, but BP and Royal Dutch are valued at over $200 billion. “The cheapest energy assets in the world are located in Houston [Conoco’s home base],” Marcin says. “Investment bankers around the globe all realize that.”: Monday 19 December 2005: READ
The Scotsman: Shell seeks more gas from deepwater Egypt area: “Royal Dutch Shell said on Sunday it had found up to 1 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas so far in a deepwater concession in Egypt, but a rig shortage had delayed further exploration drilling to mid-2006.”: Posted Monday 19 December 2005: READ
The Sunday Times: Hopes of Western Isles bonanza as Shell starts searching for oil: “IT IS one of Britain’s most depressed and hostile environments, but the Western Isles could be on the brink of an economic boom after one of the world’s biggest energy firms signalled plans to begin test drilling for oil off the coast of Lewis.”: December 18, 2005: READ
The Sunday Times: Skill shortages hit quest for extra energy supplies: “Drilling rigs are in short supply, as are trained oilfield workers. This is why fully one-quarter of the $4 billion increase in Shell’s outlays will go to cover the higher prices of the labour and supplies it needs to punch holes in the deserts and ocean beds that contain the new reserves it so badly needs.”: Sunday December 18, 2005: READ
The Business Online: Shell blames Brown for its new North Sea cuts: “Shell has interests in about 50 oil and gas platforms in the North Sea and owns 21 outright. It has not ruled out more cuts.”: Sunday December 18, 2005: READ
The Scotsman: Shell ‘should be forced to give up drilling rights’: “ENERGY minister Malcolm Wicks is facing demands to force Shell to give up North Sea acreage, following revelations that the oil giant will slash its UK drilling programme on the back of the Chancellor’s latest tax raid on oil company profits. “: Sunday 18 December 2005: READ
Times of Oman: Shell celebrates completion of social investment projects: “During the event, Shell also launched its gift to the nation to mark the Sultanate’s 35th National Day, pledging $10 million for the establishment of a new fund to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Oman.”: Sunday 18 December 2005: READ
Hindu Business Line (India): Coal gasification projects — ONGC may rope in Shell as joint venture partner: “ONGC sources told Business Line on Saturday that the company was trying to get Shell as a joint venture partner to prevent the possibilities of use of the coveted Shell technology by any other company in India.”: Posted Sunday 18 December 2005: READ
BBC NEWS: Shell cuts North Sea exploration: Oil giant Shell has cut its plans for North Sea exploration, blaming Chancellor Gordon Brown’s tax hikes for the move. Posted Sunday 18 December 05: READ
The Scotsman: Shell in North Sea cuts after tax hike: “ENERGY giant Shell has slashed investment in its future North Sea drilling programmes by a third – less than two weeks after Chancellor Gordon Brown levied his controversial tax hike on fuel production.”: Saturday 17 December 2005: READ
Gulf Times: Shell will settle rest of buyout: The proposed buyout price of 52.21 euros a share, which Royal Dutch Petroleum shareholders approved at an extraordinary shareholders meeting in The Hague yesterday, is still subject to arbitration by the Court of Appeals in Amsterdam sometime next year, Shell said in a statement.”: “The court is expected to rule on the case later in 2006.”: Published: Saturday, 17 December, 2005, 09:18 AM Doha Time: READ
THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Week in Review: “Big Oil Goes Hunting”: “Possible bidders include Royal Dutch Shell, Total and industry leader Exxon Mobil.”: Saturday 17 December 2005: READ
Business News Americas: Shell faces US$590,000 fine for pipeline leak – Chile: “The SEC based its decision to enforce the fine on the discovery that the pipeline was not properly maintained or inspected, and also lacked proper protection against external corrosion, the paper reported.”: Posted Saturday 17 2005: READ
NewRatings: BG Early Trinidad Start Contrasts With Shell: “BG’s (BRG) early start in new Trinidad plant contrasts with project delays faced by Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB.LN), says Numis.”: Posted Saturday 17 December 2005: READ
Business News Americas: Shell eyes Orinoco belt crude upgrader, natgas E&P licenses – Venezuela: “Anglo-Dutch oil major Shell is discussing with the Venezuelan government the possibility of developing a project to upgrade extra-heavy crude from the Orinoco oil belt, Shell Venezuela president Sean Rooney told BNamericas.”: Posted Saturday 17 December 2005: READ
Oil & Gas Journal: Sakhalin II Phase 2 clears EDRB hurdle: “EDRB’s fit-for-purpose declaration allows the start of a 120-day period of public disclosure of and consultation on the project’s environmental, social, health, and safety issues and mitigation documentation.”: Posted Saturday 17 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: India Blocks ONGC in Nigeria, Clears Brazil Effort: “Exxon’s partners in BC-10 are Royal Dutch Shell and Brazilian state company Petrobras. Block operator Shell aimed to declare it commercially viable this year.”: Posted Sat 17 Dec 2005: READ
Friends of the Earth: Shell accused of contempt of court over continued illegal gas flaring: “The ruling recognizes that gas flaring is a serious human rights violation”; Friday December 16, 2005: READ
Green Consumer Guide: Rare whales face oil project threat: “It is a scandal that UK taxpayers’ money is being earmarked for a scheme that will lead to a massive increase in climate changing gases and which could push the Western Gray Whale into extinction. The EBRD should completely review its funding policies. Public money should be spent on projects that will protect the environment – not ones that destroy it.”: Friday 16 December 2005: READ
World Wildlife Fund: Too little too late for Shell’s Sakhalin project: Posted Friday 16 December 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Face of the day: “Van der Veer, the chief executive of Royal Dutch Petroleum, faces an egm in Amsterdam today where he hopes to clinch the £130billion merger of Royal Dutch Petroleum with Shell Transport and Trading.”: Friday 16 December 2005: READ
Business News Americas: Shell to maintain Urdaneta production at 50kb/d under new JV – Venezuela: “Shell sees a smooth transition from its status as operator to one of minority partner…”: Friday December 16, 2005: READ
New Zealand Herald: Court dismisses Todd challenge over Pohokura: “Todd and Shell are currently joint operators of the field through a 50:50 venture, Shell Todd Oil Services (STOS) — a partnership dating back to 1955.”: Posted Friday 16 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: Oil majors to accept Venezuela’s new terms: “Rafael Ramirez, Venezuela’s energy minister, said in an interview with the FT that companies, including the Anglo-Dutch Royal Dutch Shell, BP of the UK, France’s Total, and ExxonMobil and Chevron of the US, had agreed to give Pdvsa, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, majority ownership of their concessions and sign new contracts that will subject them to higher taxes.”: Posted Friday 16 December 2005: READ Shell insider view on Sakhalin II loan news from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: “In spite of Shell’s attempts to spin this announcement, this does not mean that the project has been given a clean bill of health.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: 12.15 EST: READ
Accountancy Age: Shell loses UK investor court battle: “Royal Dutch Shell could be landed with as much as a £500m payout to minority shareholders, after a court ruled that it offered to buy back shares at too low a price.”: 15 Dec 2005: READ
Daily Telegraph: Shell’s merger offer ruled unfair: “Shell’s attempt to squeeze out minority holders in Royal Dutch Petroleum (RDP) will cost the oil and gas giant as much as €675m (£458m), after it lost a court case brought by a British hedge fund in the Netherlands.”: “On Tuesday, a judge ruled Shell’s offer was too low, throwing the terms of the deal into turmoil.”: “This is David versus King Kong. It’s a great result for minority share-holders.”: “This decision puts the issues of those who accepted Shell’s offer firmly back on the table. We are going back to the lawyers on behalf of the investors and we have been in contact with Shell.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
The Moscow Times: EBRD to Consult Public on Sakhalin: “The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development will put off its decision on whether to support the $20 billion Russian natural gas venture led by Royal Dutch Shell for another four months, the bank’s chairman said Wednesday. “We are going to launch public consultation … this process will take 120 days,”: “Today the EBRD has risked putting its reputation beyond repair by pronouncing that Sakhalin II is fit for purpose even though key aspects of the project are beyond repair. …120 days of consultations will make little difference to the huge fundamental violations that Shell has committed already.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
The Guardian: Shell gas and hot air: This project appears to have unstoppable momentum, despite the bank’s president, Jean Lemierre, insisting yesterday that the 120-day consultation process is robust and genuine.”: “…Shell is frantic to bump up its reserves, having “lost” 25% last year.:”: “Oil companies might become extinct when the oil and gas runs out mid-century, but Western Pacific whales could be gone a lot sooner.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
AFX Europe (Focus): EBRD to consult public over investment in Sakhalin energy project: “The EBRD, headquartered in London, said that consultations would focus on the environmental, social, health and safety aspects of the Sakhalin II project…”: Thursday December 15, 2005: READ
Financial Times: EBRD clears way for Shell’s Sakhalin-2: “Jean Lemierre, EBRD president, stressed that the bank had not made a decision to finance the project. However, environment lobby groups were incensed about the move, accusing the bank of “caving in to Shell pressure”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: BANK PRESIDENT COUNTS COST OF REMARKS IN CONFERENCE CALL: “Jean Lemierre, president of the EBRD, yesterday stoked controversy over the cost of Sakhalin-2…”: “On a conference call to journalists, Mr Lemierre said: “The total cost of the project is estimated, not by me but by the company, to be more than $20bn [£11.3bn] – $20bn to $22bn, according to the figures given by the consortium.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
Financial Times: Back to basics: “Of course, Shell has particular problems of its own after the scandal over its inflated oil reserves and it is under heavy pressure to replenish and expand its proved reserves.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ Email from former Shell Malaysia employee group: Thursday 15 Dec 2005: 00.05am: READ
The Times: Oil rivals team up to bid for Syria stake: “Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) is teaming up with China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) to buy PetroCanada’s 38 per cent interest in Al Furat, which is controlled by Royal Dutch Shell and the state-owned Syrian Petroleum Company.”: Thursday 15 December 2005: READ
The New York Times: Senate Democrats Again Want Oil Execs: ” Investigated: “The lawmakers accused the heads of Exxon Mobil Corp., BP Plc’s U.S. unit, ConocoPhillips, Chevron Corp and Shell Oil of lying during a Senate hearing in November when they said their companies did not participate in the energy task force headed by Vice President Dick Cheney.”: Posted Thursday 15 December 2005: READ

Business Wire: Black & Veatch and Shell Puget Sound Refinery Win Prestigious 2005 Best Project Award for Sulfur Recovery Unit Expansion: “The project doubled the refinery’s capacity to remove sulfur and supports a process that results in sulfur being used in the creation of fertilizer and sulfuric acid rather than being released in the atmosphere.”: Posted Wednesday 15 December 2005: READ read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan



 Dow Jones Newswires: Global Gas Demand To Grow By 3% Next Decade – Shell Exec: $16 Trillion Energy Invest Needed From 2001-30 – Shell Exec: Wednesday November 30, 2005: READ Delta Community Threatens to Shut Shell’s Facilities: “If after three weeks from the date of this letter (21st November 2005), nothing positive is seen on ground, be informed that we will be left with no option than to take our fate in our hands and this will include mass protest, shut down of all SPDC facilities in Uzere kingdom and any other legal process to seek an end to this injustice.”: Posted Wednesday 30 November 05: READ
YnetNews (Israel): Shell returning to Israel: U.S. energy giant plans to return to do business in Israel following 50-year-long absence: Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ
Daily Independent (Nigeria): Shell, Iwhrekan community disagree on oil spill clean-up contract: Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ
BLOOMBERG: China May Drill Philippine Oil That Shell Rejected (Update2): Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ
AFX Europe (Focus): Australia’s Woodside appoints Chaney to board; in line for chairman job: “Woodside, 34 pct owned by Royal Dutch Shell, said Chaney will become chairman following the retirement of current chairman Charles Goode in mid 2007.”: Wednesday November 30, 2005: READ
Irish Times: Ion makes offer for 180 British Shell stations: Posted Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ
The Independent: Hamish McRae: Forget nuclear power – focus on greener energy sources and promoting conservation: ” Other oil groups are terrified of having a non-green image and are working hard to improve both perceptions and reality. What BP does will be watched very closely by Shell and Exxon. There are ways in which we can both improve our own performance and influence the world for the better”: Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ
The Times: Suburbs sprout oil derricks as city taps into slimy past: “THE rusting oil derricks that once pumped crude from beneath the streets of Los Angeles are being brought back to life almost 50 years after being abandoned.”: “In 1943 Shell Oil introduced the first “noiseless” derrick by wrapping it in insulation.”: Wednesday 30 November 2005: READ Emerson awarded major Sakhalin II contracts (with added commentary by a Shell Insider): 29 November 2005: READ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development defers Sakhalin2 decision for one month?: Tuesday 29 November 2005: 07.00am EST: READ
ThisDayOnline (Nigeria): At Last, Bonga Oil Field Begins Production: Project costs $3.6bn, says Shell: (With added commentary by a Shell Insider): Tuesday 29 November 2005: READ No public financing for Shell’s Sakhalin II project!: Posted 29 November 2005: READ
Ireland On-Line: New call for scrapping of Corrib gas project: Posted 29 November 2005: READ
Financial Times: Shell’s Bonga starts production: “Royal Dutch Shell yesterday announced the start of oil production from its Bonga field in offshore Nigeria, two years behind schedule and about $1bn (£581m) over budget.”: “…the project’s troubled history has harmed the company’s reputation when it comes to executing large and technically-challenging projects.Costs at Shell’s flagship Sakhalin-2 project in Russia have already doubled to $20bn and the company has also faced rising costs at its oil sands project in Canada.”: Tuesday 29 November 2005: READ
The New York Times: Protests Hit Nigerian Oil State Under Army Watch: “Right now, we don’t think we are threatened. Our normal operations and routine continue,” said a spokesman of Royal Dutch Shell, which accounts for almost half of Nigeria’s output.”: Posted Tuesday 29 November 2005: READ POLITICS: Civil Society, where art thou?: “In a case that is still ongoing in Ireland, there has been the clearest example of a corporate and political conspiracy against the people. But it also refreshingly demonstrates the great potential within society to resist forces against its interests. The multinational in question is Royal Dutch – Shell, a company that we are all too familiar with in Africa.”: Tuesday 29 November 2005: READ Dynamite Email from Shell insider: “I am a Shell employee but of late we not allowed anymore to freely ventilate our concerns to management by fear which reigns inside the company. Therefore I take the unusual step to send this email to you from my home address and trust you will keep me anonymous.”: “The last few weeks there has been a great number of articles on Sakhalin and other disasters on your site. The one that made me write this email was the interview with Linda Cook.”: “…the ‘poodle’ of Phil Watts…”: November 2005: READ read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan



AFX Europe (Focus): Royal Dutch Shell proposes to pay minority shareholders 52.21 eur/shr: “Royal Dutch Shell also said eligible UK resident shareholders can receive loan notes exchangeable into Royal Dutch Shell ‘A’ shares.”: Tuesday October 31, 2005: READ

Grampian TV (Scotland): Shell admits failures led to the deaths of two men: “Earlier this year Shell was fined a record nine hundred thousand pounds after admitting health and safety breaches.”: Monday 31 October 2005: READ

Financial Times: No case for a windfall tax on the oil industry: “In Britain, fear of a tax raid has led some analysts to warn against investing in UK oil producers.”: Monday October 31 2005: READ read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan



Stanford Law School: Royal Dutch Petroleum Company (Shell): According to a press release dated September 2, 2005, Shell is to pay out $9.2 million and has agreed to make changes to its corporate governance in order to settle four lawsuits brought against it by disgruntled shareholders. However, the agreement is likely to be just the start of a new round of reserve scandal induced headaches for the company.”: September 2005: READ

Institutional Shareowner: Shell Doubles Cost Projections of Sakhalin II, Project Critics Redouble Opposition: “Shell is doing a very poor job on both internal governance and managing their own affairs, and communicating to their stakeholders and shareholders…”: Posted Friday 30 September 2005: READ

The Wall Street Journal: Storms to Hurt Chevron’s Profit: “Related Video: Shell Oil President John Hofmeister discusses efforts to bring hurricane-affected plants back online.”: Posted Friday 30 September 2005: READ read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan


ROYAL DUTCH SHELL PLC NEWS HEADLINES AUGUST 2005 Royal Dutch Shell settles another US Class Action Lawsuit and undertakes ethics makeover: Wednesday 31 August 2005: 20.00 ET: READ

The Mayo News Online (Ireland: Rossport Five could face jail until October: “The legal teams are talking, and are in continual contact, but there is little point calling for dialogue when one party are being extremist and are not going to give anything. Shell will not vacate the injunction because they wish to have recourse to this court order in the future. I don’t know if their intention is to imprison everyone in Rossport, but this is an appalling situation. Taking out full-page advertisements in newspapers is only PR.”: Wednesday 31 August 2005: READ read more and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan

ROYAL DUTCH SHELL NEWS HEADLINES JUNE 2005 and its sister websites,, and are all owned by John Donovan