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Ben van Beurden dragged into Irish Cops Bribery Scandal

By John Donovan Printed below are self-explanatory extracts from an email I sent on 16 April to Johan Groenewald, the senior officer at the Garda Ombudsman Commission investigating allegations made by OSSL about Shell corrupting the Irish police force. I am arranging  for OSSL directors to attend the Royal Dutch Shell Plc Annual General Meeting […]

A piss up at Christmas time courtesy of Shell

Guardian/Observer Ed Vulliamy on Irish TV3: “And what worries me with this is okay this is the cops you know having a piss up at Christmas time courtesy of Shell and them unable to deny it.” Unofficial Transcript of a Vincent Brown interview of Ed Vulliamy broadcast 3 April 2014 during Tonight with Vincent Browne […]

Extractive industries: will they ever publish what they pay?

Extracts from an article by Oliver Balch published by The Guardian Tuesday 15 April 2014 Though corrupt regimes may be reluctant to disclose payments, progressive voices from the oil industry are making change happen. Oil giants such as Shell and Chevron have signed up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative’s pro-disclosure guidelines, requiring them to […]

Kuwait suspects corruption in $800 million Royal Dutch Shell contract

Seems to me that the Kuwait government is being very diplomatic and the word “corruption” should be substituted for “irregularities.” In my experience, despite pledges to the contrary in its sham ethical code, Shell senior management is content to turn a blind eye to corruption. Lets face it, the entire Royal Dutch Shell Group was […]

Alan Shatter rejects Corrib policing probe

Extracts from an article by Gordon Deegan published Friday 4 April 2014 by The Irish Examiner Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has rejected fresh calls for an independent inquiry into the Garda policing operation of the €3.4bn Shell Corrib gas project in north Co Mayo. Last week, South African archbishop Desmond Tutu and former UN […]

Concern as Brunei brings in Islamic law with punishments including dismemberment of limbs and stoning to death

Extracts from an article by Andrew Buncombe published 29 March 2014 by The Independent under the headline: Concern as Brunei brings in system of Islamic law with punishments that include the dismemberment of limbs and stoning to death The Sultan of Brunei, one of the world’s wealthiest rulers and a close ally of Britain, will […]


I have today been in email correspondence with Johan Groenewald, Senior Investigating Officer of the Garda Ombudsman Commission. Mr. Groenewald is currently investigating police corruption allegations made by whisleblower OSSL against Shell EP Ireland. I have supplied Mr. Groenewald with emails sent to a third party major company alleged to have held a €2 million […]

Shattering weekend for Alan Shatter, Irish Jusice Minister

In the past few days, there have calls for the resignation of the Irish Justice Minister, Mr. Alan Shatter, who dealt with the OSSL corruption allegations against Shell EP Ireland raised in the Irish Parliament on my behalf and engaged in correspondence with me on the subject. I reached the conclusion that he was incompetent […]

Mark Moody-Stuart: Shell Xmas Gifts/bribes to the Police

By John Donovan On page 187 of his *just published book dealing with difficult corporate ethical dilemmas, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, retired Group Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group, comments on the issue of Shell giving seasonal gifts to policemen. He poses the question of whether Shell giving a seasonal gift of chocolates and fruit […]

Ukraine, Shell Shale Gas Deal

Extracts from article by Maxime Zech published on Friday 7 March 2014 by NL The Ukrainian parliament asked the new government on Wednesday for an investigation into the gas contract with Shell. There is suspicion that money is being funneled to ousted president Yanukovych and his cronies via the contract. The deal with Shell must […]

Royal Dutch Shell Uncertainty in Ukraine

*Three days after Russian diplomats assured the West that Russia will not invade Ukraine, Russia … invaded Ukraine. Photo Credit By John Donovan In 2012 Shell won a license to start commercial production at the Yuzivska gas field in eastern Ukraine. A year ago then Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser signed a contract to […]

Garda Corruption Allegations

Extracts from articles published by The Irish Times 24 February 2014 Claims on Garda corruption first made in 2008 Allegations investigated at the time by GSOC and the Gard. The Irish Times understands that some of the allegations first raised by Sgt McCabe in May 2008 are contained in a dossier compiled by Fianna Fáil […]

Irish Police Ombudsman Office Bugged by Irish Police?

By John Donovan Printed below are extracts from a BBC News article published today about allegations that an unknown party has been bugging the Irish Police Ombudsman offices. One intriguing  suggestion is that it was done by the Irish Police Force. There is also a suggestion of a French connection. Or it could be a […]

Nigerian lawmakers recommend revoking Shell, Eni OPL 245 oil block licence

Extract from an article published by Platts 20 Feb 2014 A global anti-corruption crusader Global Witness in late 2012 said that Shell and Eni may run foul of UK legislation over the acquisition of the oil block, on grounds that the the transaction ran counter to the anti-bribery legislation in the UK as well as […]