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The Advertiser Newspaper (Adelaide), Saturday 23 January 1937 page 23

No Change In Policy Expected


Rearmament Nears Completion

From “The Advertiser” Special Representative LONDON, January 22.

While Hitler, in replying to Mr. Eden’s appeal, is expected to make a new “peace offer,” including a guarantee of Belgian neutrality, with the object of embarrassing France and still further detaching Flemish sentiment from her, he is not expected to give any real indications of a change of policy.

The Berlin correspondent of the “Daily Telegraph’ says it would be surprising if Hitler takes a single step towards collective security. To the contrary, he will probably take the opportunity of disagreeing with much of Mr. Eden’s speech. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan

GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy? Monday, Jan 11, 1937

GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy?

Sir Henri, who was knighted by King George V in 1920, has for many years had his chief residence in London’s swank Mayfair, but last week he was sitting in his new house near the German capital and showed signs of developing into a good Berliner.

His big Germanic gesture as 1937 opened was to place 10,000,000 Dutch guilders ($5.475,000) at the disposal of Dutch farmers so that they might export their superfluous green stuffs, fruit and cattle to Germany without loss to themselves and with cost to food-starved Nazis much reduced. This “non-political and exclusively humanitarian” gift received the special commendation of The Netherlands Government. read more and its sister websites,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan
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