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Shell Sued Over Texas Refinery Emissions

Environmental activists filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of citizens against Shell,reports the Houston Chronicle. Environment Texas Citizen Lobby and the Sierra Club claim Shell and many of its subsidiaries have released millions of pounds of excess toxic air pollutants along the Houston Ship Channel over the past five years

Shell Criticized for Manipulating Environmental Audit Report

Dozens of e-mails secured through the Freedom of Information Act show how Shell officials in London attempted to downplay and edit environmental criticism of the $22 billion Sakhalin II energy scheme.

Shell Accused of Greenwashing, Again

Last August, Shell was reprimanded by UK’s Advertising Standards Authority for violating advertising rules when it claimed that the two oil projects in Canada and the U.S. involved sustainable forms of energy. That wasn’t the first time Shell faced criticism over its “green” advertising.

Shell’s Green Ads Take New Tack


FEBRUARY 2, 2009

LONDON — Royal Dutch Shell, censured twice by Britain’s ad police for exaggerating its commitment to green issues, is hoping to avoid controversy in its latest ad campaign. It isn’t clear if it has succeeded.

The Anglo-Dutch oil giant drew fire from activist groups like Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth for past attempts to extol its environmental responsibility. It tended to boast of its investments in alternative energy with ads that spoke of the “power to create a cleaner, safer world.” read more

Stop the CSR Spin

Fortune, along with the CSR consulting firms AccountAbility, Csrnetwork and Asset4, came to the conclusion that BP and Royal Dutch Shell were among the top ten most "accountable" large companies on the planet. Of all the do-gooder companies of recent years, why exactly are these hydro-carbon greenwashing giants worthy of such admiration?

Shell accused of manipulating environmental report

Greenwash Champions

Greenwash Champions

Energy giant accused of leaning on authors of independent environmental report to help secure financial backing for controversial oil and gas extraction project

Tom Young, BusinessGreen01 Sep 2008

Royal Dutch Shell is facing allegations that it was heavy handed in influencing a supposedly independent environmental report on one of the world’s largest oil and gas extraction projects.

A report in The Observer yesterday cited email evidence that allegedly shows Shell looked to downplay some of the environmental criticism included in the review of the $22bn Sakhalin II Project in Russia – which has now received the bulk of the funding it required for work on the project to begin. read more

Time for multi-dimensional communication with oil companies

Friday, 15 August 2008


By Guest Author Dr Arlo Brady

For the second time in the last couple of years the Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell has found itself at the heart of the debate about greenwash in advertising.

In 2007 Shell ads suggested rather bizarrely that it had been using its waste CO2 emissions to grow flowers: the ad was condemned by the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). One year later another Shell ad has been banned. This time for suggesting that the company’s Canadian oil sand extraction operation was sustainable. Shell does not appear to have learnt its lesson.

read more

WWF advert attacks Shell’s claims

WWF's ad campaign will launch on giant digital screens at Waterloo station in London today trumpeting its victory by stating that "Shell can't hide the environmental impact of their oil sand projects".

Shell rebuked for ‘greenwash’ over ad for polluting oil project

n an embarrassing rejection of Shell's "greenwash", the Advertising Standards Authority said the company should not have used the word "sustainable" for its controversial tar sands project and a second scheme to build North America's biggest oil refinery.

Shell adverts ‘misled’ consumers over environmental claims

The oil giant Shell has been rebuked by the advertising watchdog for "misleading" claims that two of its projects were environmentally sustainable.

Shell ad banned over ‘greenwashing’ claims

Campaign Magazine

Shell ad banned over ‘greenwashing’ claims

by Colin Marrs Campaign 13-Aug-08, 00:01

LONDON – The advertising watchdog today slammed an ad by Shell International, saying it made misleading claims over the company’s investment in green technology.

The print ad appeared in the Financial Times in February, with the headline “We invest today’s profits in tomorrow’s solutions”.

The ASA upheld two complaints by WWF that the ad cited two examples of investment which were not environmentally sustainable.

Commenting on the ruling, David Norman, director of campaigns at WWF-UK, said: “The ASA’s decision to uphold WWF’s complaint sends a strong signal to business and industry that greenwash is unacceptable,”  read more

Complaint upheld over Shell advert: more Shell deceit

The ASA will announce on Wednesday that it has upheld a complaint against Shell by WWF, the environmental charity, about the oil company’s claims that oil sands in Canada were a “sustainable” energy source.

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