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Collusion between Shell and HSE in Brent Bravo cover-up

One of the examples of collusion between Shell and HSE was that HSE were aware that the Press Releases by Shell were false.  From the feedback from the CPS investigation they confirmed that the CEO of the HSE was aware that the statements made by Shell in the Press Releases in 2006 were totally false and misleading.

Bill Campbell, retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International.


From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 4 March 2011 16:23:35 GMT
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
Subject: Fwd: Criminal Investigation uncovers lies and deceit and potential corruption

Dear Mr Brandjes

I have forwarded to you an email received from Mr. Bill Campbell. I have deleted part of the first sentence, which commences: “This is a shortened version…”

I have already published the short version of his statement. read more

Shell Brent Bravo Deaths: Criminal Investigation uncovers lies, deceit and potential corruption

Introduction by John Donovan

I have published below a self-explanatory statement by Bill Campbell (right), the retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International. I will email this statement and a more detailed version to Michiel Brandjes, the Company Secretary of Royal Dutch Shell Plc and forward the same information to the senior Shell executives and the non Executive Chairman, Jorma Ollila, named in the statement.

The more detailed version will be published on this website after Shell has had an opportunity to comment and/or take legal action. Shell issued threats of legal action against us yesterday and may wish to add this matter if briefing Counsel. read more

Reversal of fortune for Shell/Nokia Chairman, Jorma Ollila

By John Donovan

In August 2005, Royal Dutch Shell Plc announced the appointment of an “outsider”, Jorma Ollila, as its non-executive Chairman.

In announcing Mr. Olilla’s appointment, Shell’s board highlighted the infusion of fresh blood. “We were looking world-wide for a chairman with international standing, a global outlook, and proven success in managing a complex organization,” said Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, Shell’s deputy chairman, who led the job-search committee. “In Jorma Ollila we found all these qualities, and more.” read more

The Jorma Ollila legacy at Nokia

Non-Executive Chairman and former CEO of Nokia, Jorma Ollila is currently also the non-executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. Lucky Shell.

Nokia Chairman Jorma Ollila to Step Down in 2012

Jorma Ollila, chairman of Nokia, speaks during a news conference at the company's headquarters in Espoo, Finland, on Sept. 10. Ollila is also non executive Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Shell CEO urges Senate action on climate change

WASHINGTON — Royal Dutch Shell Chairman Jorma Ollila on Thursday urged the U.S. Senate to make clear progress on legislation capping greenhouse gas emissions before international climate change negotiations in December.

Retired Shell Group Auditor questions integrity of Jorma Ollila

By Bill Campbell (above), retired HSE Group Auditor, Shell International

On the subject of the integrity of Royal Dutch Shell Chairman, Jorma Ollila, raised by former Shell executive, Paddy Briggs, the information below was copied to Nokia yesterday, it should be self explanatory, if Nokia do not act they could find themselves guilty by association:

The attached information explains why Royal Dutch Shell along with the UK Oil Industry Health and Safety Regulator the HSE are currently being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Scotland. read more

Time to reflect on the integrity of Shell Chairman, Jorma Ollila

By Paddy Briggs

Time to reflect on the integrity of Jorma Ollila (above), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Royal Dutch Shell Plc. In his time as Chairman it seems, if we judge from the actions of Shell’s new CEO Peter Voser, he has allowed Shell to become an over-staffed, unfocused, top heavy bureaucracy. A company that requires urgent and invasive surgery. A Company that no longer has confidence in its staff at the top to the extent that it makes them re-apply for jobs…and so on. read more

BP Taps Ericsson’s Svanberg as Chairman


JUNE 25, 2009, 4:03 A.M. ET

BP PLC said Thursday that it appointed Carl-Henric Svanberg, chief executive of Swedish telecommunications-equipment maker Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson, as its chairman, finally bringing to an end the protracted search for a replacement for current Chairman Peter Sutherland.

[Carl-Henric Svanberg]AFP/Getty Images 

Carl-Henric Svanberg

The move mirrors the appointment of Jorma Ollila, then CEO of Finnish mobile-handset maker Nokia, as chairman of Royal Dutch Shell PLC, BP’s rival, in August 2005. read more

Only faith can solve the energy crisis

Scandinavia is one of the most secularised corners of the world and by reputation one of the most rational. So I was astonished last week to hear the Finnish chairman of Royal Dutch Shell (and of Nokia) Jorma Ollila, say that the world's energy crisis would not be solved unless everyone turned off the lights when they left an empty room.

Shell goes on the road to charm City investors after shareholder revolt

Job will also go on the road to meet critics who are demanding his resignation in the wake of the vote.

Shell can be sure of pumping up volume of investor anger

May 23, 2009

Patrick Hosking

Institutional investors have a new bonus quandary to wrestle with: Sir Martin Sorrell’s proposed package of up to $95million is eye-catching for all the wrong reasons.

But first they need to draw a line under the separate pay row at Shell. To recap, the board overrode the formula previously agreed to decide top executive bonuses and exercised their discretion to make an award anyway, even though the management target was missed. Shareholders this week voted 59 per cent against the remuneration report, a resounding vote of no confidence in the board’s remuneration committee. read more

Directors of pay policy ‘should face an annual ballot’

Shell said that it had already agreed to some changes in its pay arrangements before the defeat on Tuesday but would consider wider reforms.

Shell Starts Talks With Shareholders on Executive Pay Rejection

Shell awarded 78,889 shares to Van der Veer worth about 1.34 million euros ($1.8 million) while Chief Executive Officer- designate Peter Voser got 39,656 shares under the same program. Shell paid out shares worth 4.2 million euros to its five directors, David Williams, a spokesman based in The Hague, said in a phone interview today.

How not to lose the race over pay and bonuses

The decision by Royal Dutch Shell’s remuneration committee to overrule its own pay policy for top executives – for the second year running – looks terrible. Like Xstrata, whose shareholders on Tuesday lodged a significant protest against the mining company’s remuneration package, Shell has put itself in the line of fire. Where did they go wrong? Simple: the committee exercised its discretion twice in two years to grant shares that executives did not, under a strict interpretation of Shell’s own rules, deserve, and it did so without going back to shareholders.

Well-off chiefs turn to charity

Jorma Ollila, chairman of Nokia and Royal Dutch Shell, says it can help win back respect as long as it does not look like an afterthought. "The best thing is if you don't do it after the facts but that it is an ongoing feeling," he says. "Philanthropy is one way [to regain public trust] but it needs to be part and parcel of what you do every day."

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