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Deterding orders-Hitler acts

News reports from long ago are emerging on the Internet as newspapers create digital searchable online archives. This is a disastrous development for  companies such as Royal Dutch Shell that have been around for a long time and have a toxic history to hide.

By John Donovan

News reports from long ago are emerging on the Internet as newspapers create digital searchable online archives. This is a disastrous development for  companies such as Royal Dutch Shell that have been around for a long time and have a toxic history to hide.

An article published on 3 April 1933 by the Border Cities Star, a Canadian daily newspaper, reported allegations made in Pravda, the official political publication of the Soviet Communist Party in Russia. They accused Sir Henri Deterding, the tyrannical head of Royal Dutch Shell, of funding Hitler and described the Nazis as “obedient agents of their benefactors,” claiming: Deterding orders-Hitler acts.” read more

Shell and the Dutch fascists: A study in black

We have to keep in mind that it was not only Sir Henri Deterding who was a keen supporter of the Nazi’s. In the 1930’s there were other Shell directors such as J.E.F. de Kok and *Wim Rost van Tonningen who were also keen supporters of Hitler and his henchmen.

Guest Author: Ton Biesemaat (Dutch freelance investigative journalist and writer) Article published 7 December 2012

Among individuals interested in the history of Shell, it is common knowledge that in spite of Shell sponsored academic studies, it is clear that Deterding was the man who made Royal Dutch Shell a global powerhouse in the first half of the twentieth century, but was also financially supporting the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler. This is very well illustrated by the photo of Deterdings death in 1938 on his German Mecklenburg-estate which was previously owned by the husband of Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands. read more

Allegations made against Allseas Group

“Any implication that Allseas is any way involved in, or supported by, a political agenda – including any reference to conspiracy, criminality and non-transparent business relationships – is completely unfounded and refuted in the strongest possible terms.”

By John Donovan

I was recently approached by a party who made serious allegations against the Swiss-based Allseas Group, “a global leader in offshore pipeline installation and subsea construction.”

Someone appears to have put a considerable effort into putting forward a detailed set of allegations supported by extensive documentary evidence. That does not mean the allegations are true.

The source of the allegations drew my attention to Allseas links with Royal Dutch Shell.

In this connection, we have previously published leaked emails sent to Allseas by Shell EP Ireland in respect of the Corrib Gas Project. On 9 September 2008, Maura Harrington, a leading figure in the Shell to Sea campaign went on hunger strike in protest at the arrival of the Solitaire, an Allseas pipe-laying ship assisting in the Corrib project. read more

Royal Dutch Shell treachery over Iranian oil

Despite giving the impression to the contrary, Royal Dutch Shell has continued funding a fanatical regime intent on the extermination of the Jewish people. Iran is bent on developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, finishing the job that Shell’s former Nazi partners embarked upon, killing millions of Jews in the Holocaust.

By John Donovan

Reuters is reporting that an Iranian supertanker anchored near Singapore for the past week has just moored at Royal Dutch Shell’s refinery and is about to discharge 1.5 million barrels of Iranian crude. The latest news comes despite the impression from Shell that it had ended its treacherous relationship with Iran.

It appears to be directly at odds with an assurance given by Royal Dutch Shell CEO Peter Voser just a month ago. See Reuters article below.

Even though well versed in the duplicity, deceit and trickery of Shell, I had thought, based on such  signals from Shell, that the company had finally ended its trading with Iran. I should have known better. read more


By John Donovan

The oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has a long history as a participant in what the Guardian has aptly described as “the murky world of corporate tax avoidance.”

In February 2009, the Guardian newspaper published an article under the headline: “Offshore – and out of reach to the Revenue


The Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell, although it is still a British plc operating under UK company law, has shifted its trademarks to Switzerland and its main tax residence to the Netherlands.

Shell, meanwhile, has shifted ownership rights of its iconic scallop-shell roadside sign out of London to a third low-tax regime in Switzerland. It was part of a carefully planned merger of its UK and Dutch arms, which enabled the oil giant to keep many operations from the grip of the British tax authorities. For tax purposes, Royal Dutch Shell plc is now resident in the Netherlands. The company told us that the brand shift to the tax haven canton of Zug was not for tax avoidance, but for “entirely commercial” reasons. “There has been no impact on the Shell brand in the UK,” the company said. It added that there would now be “more effective and consistent management of the Shell trademarks”. read more

Royal Dutch Shell fueled Nazi Germany for war

By John Donovan

In the years in the run up to WW2, Royal Dutch Shell was a business partner both Internationally and in Germany with IG Farben, the notorious German chemical firm. Farben supplied Zyklon-B gas to the Nazi concentration camps, in which millions of innocent people including children, were murdered in the Holocaust.

IG Farben shared patent rights to synthetic oil and other products with Shell.

Royal Dutch Shell group was also a major partner with Farben in jointly owned companies, including Deutsche Gasolin A.G., which operated a refinery and gasoline service station network in Nazi Germany. read more

Evidence that Royal Dutch Shell financed fascist death squads

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 14.24.21

By John Donovan

The article below was published by an American newspaper a year after the death of Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding and weeks after the sudden death of his immediate successor as de facto CEO, Johan Egbert Frederik (Frits) de Kok, known as J.E.F. de Kok.

It confirms that Royal Dutch Shell financed fascist death squads collectively known as the Romanian Iron Guard “and helped to link it with Nazi interests in Berlin.” The Iron Guard carried out high-level political assassinations.
read more

Sir Henri Deterding of Shell donated millions of dollars in food to Nazi Germany

Photograph shows Swastika flag flying at the head office of Royal Dutch Petroleum, 30 Carel van Bylandtlaan , The Hague, (From Image Database Hague Municipal)

By John Donovan

Printed below is a rough translation of an article in a Dutch newspaper published on 28 December 1936 reporting a donation to Germany by Sir Henri Deterding (founder of the Royal Dutch Shell Group). The donation was in the form of Dutch food products worth millions of dollars. This was in a period when the Nazis were building up their military might. read more

Adolf Hitler thanks Sir Henri Deterding for donation of a million reichs-marks

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 18.57.14By John Donovan

On 28 April 1945, Lieutenant-Colonel Werner Baumbach (right), “General of the Bombers” – the top post in German bomber command, arrived at a country house located at Krakow, near Güstrow in Mecklenburg, for a meeting with Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS.

As overseer of the concentration camps and extermination camps, Himmler coordinated the murder of around 10 million people. (See Wikipedia).

It soon became apparent to Baumbach, after two portraits in silver frames were drawn to his attention, that the country house in which the SS was located, was formally the home of the oil baron, Sir Henri Deterding, the world renowned director of Royal Dutch Shell. Sir Henri, the man most responsible for the growth of Shell into a global oil giant, was an ardent Nazi and friend and financial supporter of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. read more

Royal Dutch Shell financed Hitler

By John Donovan

Today we publish further confirmation of Shell’s financing of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Extract from a review of “Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order” by F. WILLIAM ENGDAHL

“Later, the consequences from Baron Kurt von Schroeder’s January 4, 1932 meeting would have to be faced after he, Heinrich von Papen and Hitler secretly arranged a Nazi takeover. A year later, another meeting followed preparatory to acting. The Weimar government was weak, the scheme was to topple it, and it made Hitler Reichschancellor on January 30, 1933. On August 2, 1934 he seized absolute power as Fuhrer. British interests backed him, Royal Dutch Shell financed him, and the Bank of England “moved with indecent haste to reward” him with a vital line of credit. The rest, as they say, is history, and from it would emerge a new world order.” read more

Pirates of the Intranet

Working in internal communications is hard enough – but it just got tougher with the arrival of pirate sites that can sink your company intranet. Marc Wright offers some useful tips to ward off the invasions.

by Marc Wright

Internal communications is facing its greatest threat ever. The rise of low-cost websites created by employees for employees means that your own intranet, forums and newsletters run the risk of being bypassed and rendered obsolete. In this article I explore the history of pirate sites; look at some examples of ‘gripe’ sites that have cost companies dearly; and suggest some steps you can take to protect yourself and your channels from these marauding invaders.

A short history of Pirates read more

Collusion between Shell and HSE in Brent Bravo cover-up

One of the examples of collusion between Shell and HSE was that HSE were aware that the Press Releases by Shell were false.  From the feedback from the CPS investigation they confirmed that the CEO of the HSE was aware that the statements made by Shell in the Press Releases in 2006 were totally false and misleading.

Bill Campbell, retired HSE Group Auditor of Shell International.


From: John Donovan <[email protected]>
Date: 4 March 2011 16:23:35 GMT
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
Subject: Fwd: Criminal Investigation uncovers lies and deceit and potential corruption

Dear Mr Brandjes

I have forwarded to you an email received from Mr. Bill Campbell. I have deleted part of the first sentence, which commences: “This is a shortened version…”

I have already published the short version of his statement. read more

Hacked off


You have obviously been hacked, there are pics of Hitler and the swastika as your page heading…

Extract ends

Surprising origins of the swastika read more

Evidence of Shell’s Nazi past from Shell’s paid historians

Photograph shows Swastika flag flying at the head office of Royal Dutch Petroleum, 30 Carel van Bylandtlaan , The Hague, during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in World War II (From Image Database Hague Municipal)

By John Donovan

In a matter of days we will publish on the Internet all of the pages from “A History of Royal Dutch Shell” relating to Shell’s close relationship with Hitler and the Nazi Party. This is the official account by eminent historians associated with Utrecht University who were given unrestricted access to Royal Dutch Shell archives. The project was supervised by the Research Institute for History and Culture. read more

Shell, Cosan and Slavery



I recently read about Royal Dutch Shell and Cosan forming a jointly owned corporation to produce ethanol in Brazil. We all know how Shell treats the Nigerians, and how they have treated the Brazilians from previous revelations about their ‘drins’ production facilities.

Now RD Shell appears to be sleeping with the devil again. Cosan is a corporation that allegedly has a nasty reputation for engaging in human slavery to cut ethanol and sugar production costs. Apparently, RD Shell management’s lust for profits know no bounds (see attached links). read more

Royal Dutch Shell homepage with Nazi symbols?


Subject: Your homepage with Nazi symbols.

Dear Sir

I opened this link today and noticed some very strange parts. It looks like, that somebody “hacked” your homepage


Thanks for your email.

If you are under the impression that the website is owned and operated by Royal Dutch Shell Plc then that is the first issue I need to deal with. According to Shell we hijacked their rightful top level domain name, Shell issued proceedings in an attempt to seize the domain name, but lost the case. read more

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