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Shell News Archive Sunday 12 December, 2004

Shell News Archive Sunday 12 December, 2004

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Fuel Cells in the Deep Freeze: “G.M. is also teaming up with Shell Hydrogen to place four refueling “service hubs” around the country, plus a fifth that would be mounted on a mobile platform. A $2 million Shell station is already open and dispensing hydrogen in Washington.” ( 12 Dec 04

THE NEW YORK TIMES: China’s Splurge on Resources May Not Be a Sign of Strength: “The reason for Chinese anxiety, particularly in energy markets, is that big Western companies are already well established in the richest oil regions and can outdo China’s producers financially. China also sees the American military presence in places like Iraq, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan as part of a drive to control Central Asia’s rich oil reserves. “ ( 12 Dec 04

THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK): Shut out of the male and pale boardroom: Why are only 1 per cent of senior managers in blue-chip companies from ethnic minorities? Maggie Lee says discrimination in the City is an issue that dare not speak its name: “Ms Bottomley nonetheless believes that it is incumbent upon headhunters to develop networks to find talent. She cites management consultant McKinsey, investment bank Goldman Sachs and oil company Shell as examples of companies that are addressing the issue.” ( 12 Dec 04

THE INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (UK): Business Essentials: ‘Only the very best young trainee is good enough to go into our jam’: “”The Shell Technology Enterprise Programme (, supported by the Government’s Small Business Service, helps students gain project-based work experience within the small business sector.” ( 12 Dec 04 Shell announces sale of its LPG business in Portugal: Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (Shell) and Repsol YPF announced today the signing of a Sale and Purchase Agreement relating to the divestment of Shell Gas (LPG) business in Portugal.” ( 12 Dec 04

THE SUNDAY TIMES (UK): The Knowledge: Octane: All you wanted to know about cars but were afraid to ask: “Petrol is classified by its research octane number (RON). In Britain standard unleaded petrol is 95RON. However, some fuels, such as Shell Optimax which is 98RON, have a higher rating and boast increased performance for the car.” ( 12 Dec 04

Daily Telegraph (UK): City briefs: Aramco leads: “Petroleum Intelligence Weekly has produced a ranking of the world’s top 50 oil companies…” ( 13 Dec 04

THE TIMES (UK): FSA red faces in splits settlement: “Separately, Sir Philip Watts, former head of Shell, and the FSA have agreed to postpone the hearing of an independent tribunal. Watts and the regulator had asked it to rule on whether Watts was incorrectly identified and prejudiced by the FSA when it published a formal notice fining Shell £17m for misleading the market over the size of its oil reserves.” ( Posted 13 Dec 04

THE TIMES (UK): Special Report: Who is business champ of 2004? Paul Durman introduces the runners and riders for our prestigious annual award: “Gammell was in the right place again in January when Cairn struck an enormous oil reservoir under the Rajasthan desert in India. As further finds suggested Cairn had stumbled on almost a billion barrels of oil, the company’s shares spurted from about £3 to £15. Shell could only look on in embarrassment: it had sold Gammell the rights to the field for a few million pounds.” ( Posted 13 Dec 04

THE TIMES (UK): And those who need not apply: “Sir Philip Watts, former chief executive of Shell: For losing 25% of his oil reserves, and his job as well. And for making our business editor tramp round Shell Centre in search of the loo: Judy Boynton, Shell’s former chief financial officer: Couldn’t make the oil giant’s numbers add up. Another casualty of the reserves crisis” ( Posted 13 Dec 04 and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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