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Selection of article links 8 October 2012

Selection of article links supplied by a former Shell employee

For your readers.
I don’t necessarily agree with the ‘evil conspiracy’ theory of this editorial, but it does give you an indication of impression that Shell, et al, have left in  this particular part of the world.  Shell has a very well earned bad reputation in Africa and it is quite apparent in this article. Of course,  Shell management, arrogant as ever, could give a flying flip what people in this part of the world think about them.
Eurasia Review: West Using Terror To Plunder Nigeria’s Oil Resources – OpEd

And here is another editorial:
Huffington Post: Big Oil Pleads Immunity From Prosecution for Human Rights Crimes

Attached is a link to an LA Times editorial. I think your readers will find it interesting and thought provoking. I am certain Royal Dutch Shell won’t like what they read. And the LA Times is a very conservative newspaper.
LA Times: Alien torts in America’s courts

Links to articles about Royal Dutch Shell Supreme Court case:

Argument recap: In search of an ATS compromise

Alien Tort Law Arguments Echo in Turkcell Lawsuit – Corruption Currents – WSJ

Another useful link…

The site, seems to have a complete database of listings for all United States emergency, legal and law enforcement government offices and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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