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Questor delivers a damning verdict of the proposed Shell BG merger

An Opec meeting on December 5 could send oil price even lower and sound the ‘death knell’ for the deal. ‘If oil prices remain at these deeply depressed levels, then it could bring nothing but disaster. The famous Shell dividend could be cut, investors will be diluted and the shares would become a riskier prospect,’ […]

Shell’s boss fights to keep BG deal alive as he attempts to calm jittery investors

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR DAILY MAIL: 3 November 2015 Royal Dutch Shell chief executive Ben van Beurden is the oil industry’s equivalent of a swan – below his calm demeanour he is furiously paddling to keep his planned £40billion mega-deal afloat. Shell is buying rival BG Group and, to get the deal away and for […]

Britain’s oil giants to post worst set of earnings since rout in price of crude began last year

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL: 25 October 2015 Britain’s oil giants will this week post their worst set of earnings since the rout in the price of crude began last year. Investors will also be looking for any update on Royal Dutch Shell’s £55bn takeover of rival BG Group amid fears Shell is overpaying. […]

Shell may post loss after taking £2.7bn Arctic exploration hit

Shell chief executive Ben van Beurden told The Mail on Sunday just two weeks ago that he was committed to the Arctic By Jon Rees For The Mail On Sunday: 4 Oct 2015 Shell is set to reveal that quitting the Arctic cost it up to $4.1billion (£2.7billion) in its third-quarter results when it unveils […]

Shell pulls plug on Arctic drilling campaign

By ETAIN LAVELLE FOR THE DAILY MAIL: PUBLISHED: 22:22, 28 September 2015 To the delight of eco-warriors worldwide, Shell pulled the plug on its Arctic drilling campaign, taking a £2.7billion hit on the controversial venture that was persistently undermined by the prolonged oil price weakness and fierce opposition from ecological activists. Although an exploratory well showed […]

Why we MUST drill for oil in the Arctic: Shell boss’s message to climate change campaigners and governments

By JON REES, FINANCIAL MAIL ON SUNDAY: 20 Sept 2015 Some green campaigners seem to believe Shell boss Ben van Beurden would be happy dunking polar bears in thick, black crude oil if it helped make the planet even hotter. But van Beurden, the 57-year-old engineer who has run Royal Dutch Shell for nearly two […]

Emma Thompson broke a legal injunction at Shell Centre

The actress broke a legal injunction aimed at stopping Greenpeace activists from crossing a line drawn around the South Bank building  She stuck a giant paw print on the offices with the names of opponents of drilling in the Arctic Shell has been given permission by the US government to drill for oil and gas […]

Charlotte Church joins the campaign trail once again as she performs a requiem in musical protest over Arctic drilling

By REBECCA DAVISON FOR MAILONLINE: 26 August 2015 Singer Charlotte Church joined a protest rally outside the Shell headquarters in London on Wednesday in protest over Arctic drilling on behalf of Greenpeace.  The 29-year-old took to the streets to lead a performance of Requiem for Arctic Ice as well as The Bitter Earth outside the building, […]

Hillary Clinton scuppers Shell’s plan to drill for oil in the Arctic

By CITY & FINANCE REPORTER FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 19 August 2015 Royal Dutch Shell’s Arctic ambitions have sparked a political row in the US after presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opposed its plans. President Obama’s administration gave Shell the final green light to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic this week – which […]

BG Group Profits Crash By 65%

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR DAILY MAIL The oil price rout found new victims on both sides of the Atlantic yesterday as BG Group and Chevron revealed profits had tanked. BG, which is in the process of being sold to Royal Dutch Shell, reported a 65 per cent fall in second quarter profit to £275.5million, while […]

British energy giants set to axe costs in a bid to cope with falling gas and oil prices

BG could reveal a 75 per cent fall in profit to £200million By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL: 26 July 2015 The falling price of oil and gas continues to take its toll on energy firms as British Gas-owner Centrica, BP and Royal Dutch Shell are set to reveal increased cost cutting to cope. The […]

Shell embarks on controversial Arctic exploration programme as part of £4.5bn quest for oil

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL: 3 July 2015 Shell has kicked off its controversial Arctic exploration programme as part of a £4.5billion search for oil under the region’s freezing, pristine seas. After being forced to embarrassingly abandon its plans in 2012 and pulling out after finding gas in the 1990s, Shell’s convoy of 30 […]

BP has finally settled Deepwater Horizon Case

Shares in oil giant BP climb on news it has finally settled long-running US court case over Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil spill Dudley dismissed market talk of a takeover of BP and said BP is ‘neither prey nor predator’. A clause in the settlement with the US means that if BP were sold to another […]

What’s at stake: The debate over Arctic drilling

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Royal Dutch Shell is planning to park two massive Arctic oil drilling rigs in Seattle’s waterfront before they head north — but the petrochemical giant will first have to get around protesters in kayaks and others who want to thwart the new frontier in oil exploration and spark a national debate […]

Shareholder rebels give BG Group a shock over boss Helge Lund’s £31m pay deal

Shareholder rebels give BG Group a shock over boss Helge Lund’s £31m pay deal By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED: 00:20, 6 May 2015 | UPDATED: 00:20, 6 May 2015 BG Group faced a rebellion against boss Helge Lund’s massive pay deal after nearly one in five shareholders at the oil and gas […]

Royal Dutch Shell profits slump as oil price slide puts energy giant on back foot ahead of mega-merger with BG

Earnings dropped steeply from $7.33billion last year to $3.25billion Company hopes oil prices will rise to $90 a barrel by 2018  By MARK SHAPLAND FOR THIS IS MONEY: 30 April 2015 Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has reported a near 60 per cent slump in first quarter profits after it was hit by the fall […]

UK government could step in to stop a BP takeover as rumours swirl off possible US interest in wake of Shell deal for BG Group

UK government could step in to stop a BP takeover as rumours swirl off possible US interest in wake of Shell deal for BG Group By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL: 27 APRIL 2015 The British government could step in to protect oil giant BP from any potential takeover amid rumours US groups ExxonMobil […]

Royal Dutch Shell’s £47bn swoop on BG Group faces potential stumble over asset ownership

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL Royal Dutch Shell’s swoop on BG Group will face a series of hurdles including competition fears and questions over the ownership of some of its newly acquired assets. The £47billion acquisition of BG will make Shell the largest foreign oil company in Brazil – but there are concerns […]

Shell expected to slash jobs and spending

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL Royal Dutch Shell is planning a £20bn sell-off of assets to create a leaner oil giant after its £47bn swoop for rival BG Group. Shell has snapped up BG to expand its liquefied natural gas business and Brazilian deepwater wells but the deal also creates a sprawling £200bn […]

Shell sounds starting gun for more mergers in big oil

By ALEX BRUMMER FOR THE DAILY MAIL After all the fuss over the appointment and fat cat pay for Helge Lund, the new chief executive of BG, one must wonder why chairman Andrew Gould bothered. Just weeks after Lund took the reins, assets were written down by £6bn and Gould found himself in cloak and […]

Future of BP as independent company thrown into doubt by Shell’s takeover of BG

By PETER CAMPBELL FOR THE DAILY MAIL Future of BP as independent company thrown into doubt by Shell’s takeover of BG The future of BP as an independent company was thrown into doubt yesterday as analysts said BG’s takeover will prompt a wave of consolidation in the struggling sector. Firms across the industry have been […]

BG Group deal with oil giant Royal Dutch Shell sparks fury over pay

By LAURA CHESTERS FOR THE DAILY MAIL BG Group is facing a fresh investor backlash over executive pay in the wake of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell’s £47billion takeover offer. The potential £32million rewards package for BG chief Helge Lund was slammed as ‘completely over the top’ by one senior shareholder. A chorus of senior […]

£47billion deal, one of the biggest takeovers, creates £200 billion company

News of the merger led to job fears. In the UK Shell has around 6,500 staff while BG employs around 1,600. Shell is in the process of laying off 500 people at its North Sea operations where old oil fields are becoming too expensive to operate. By Laura Chesters City Correspondent For The Daily Mail Extracts […]

Shell sues to boot Greenpeace activists who climbed aboard oil rig bound for the Arctic to protest drilling

Shell sues to boot Greenpeace activists who climbed aboard oil rig bound for the Arctic to protest drilling Shell has filed a complaint in federal court in Alaska seeking an order to remove Greenpeace activists who climbed aboard an oil rig in the Pacific The environmental group said in a statement its team would occupy […]

Shell boss paid £20m for a year in which oil price slumped and group cut UK jobs

The boss of Shell has received a pay package of almost £20million for a year in which the oil price slumped and the group cut jobs in the UK. The figure is expected to spark a backlash from shareholders… The oil major (up 25p at 1961p) admitted that the sum handed to Ben van Beurden was […]

Shell’s titanic task of breaking up massive North Sea oil structures

Article by Peter Campbell On The Brent Delta Rig In The North Sea published by The Daily Mail/This is Money 2 Feb 2015 under the headline: CITY FOCUS: Shell’s titanic task of breaking up massive North Sea oil structures as life of rigs comes to an end Even though we are in British waters, the closest […]

BP Shell merger on the horizon

Potentially, a prolonged period of low oil prices might finally see BP and Shell, like two drunken sailors, holding each other up through the merger that has so long been on the horizon. AN ARTICLE BY ALEX BRUMMER FOR THE DAILY MAIL PUBLISHED 30 Jan 2015  “ALEX BRUMMER: Big oil players confront the slump by slashing capital […]

SS Pieter Schelte: The huge ship cursed with a Nazi name

By John Donovan The Observer newspaper, the Mail Online  and the Dutch Financial Times, plus a variety of other news outlets, all published articles over the weekend covering The Pieter Schelte Nazi Ship Controversy.  SOME OF THE HEADLINES Jewish outrage as ship named after SS war criminal arrives in Europe: The Observer/Guardian Named after SS […]

Outrage as it emerges world’s largest ship Pieter Schelte is named after SS Nazi war criminal


Observer Newspaper: World’s biggest ship, the Pieter Schelte, sparks Nazi outrage on arrival in Rotterdam

FROM AN ARTICLE BY ED VULLIAMY PUBLISHED BY THEGUARDIAN.COM AND THE OBSERVER NEWSPAPER, SUNDAY 25 JAN 2015 UNDER THE HEADLINE: World’s biggest ship, the Pieter Schelte, sparks Nazi outrage on arrival in Rotterdam Extracts Leaders of Jewish communities and Holocaust memorial groups in Britain and the Netherlands have reacted with rage and despair at the […]

Shell settles Nigerian oil spills claim for $83.5 million

An AFP article published 7 Jan 2015 by Mail Online under the headline: “Shell strikes Nigerian oil spills compensation deal” Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a multi-million-dollar settlement to compensate 15,600 Nigerian fishermen over two serious oil spills in 2008 after a three-year legal battle, both parties announced Wednesday. The Anglo-Dutch energy giant’s Nigerian arm […]

UK News Reports Royal Dutch Shell Quarterly Result

DAILY EXPRESS: Oil giant Shell floats as prices sink Extracts ROYAL Dutch Shell unleashed an industry-beating rise in quarterly profit yesterday, despite falling oil prices, and vowed to keep slashing less-lucrative projects. Finance chief Simon Henry said: “It’s quite likely we’ll take a very close look at investment levels where we have flexibility if we […]

Sexploits of former Royal Dutch Shell Executive Andrew Manley 

By John Donovan Andrew Manley worked at Shell for 30 years, leaving at the end of January 2010. By then he was Downstream-One Programme Director.  Mr Manley was a hapless individual and his emails were prone to leakage. I published them, including the one when he announced his departure to no doubt delighted colleagues. The […]

BP and Shell urged to stop using shareholders’ money to fund libertarian lobby group

Extract from a This is Money/Daily Mail article by Rob Davies published 2 June 2014 BP and Shell have been urged to stop using shareholders’ money to fund a US lobby group that promotes looser gun laws and the teaching of climate change denial in schools. The oil firms are members of the secretive American Legislative […]

BP claimants do not have to prove losses were related to 2010 disaster

Extracts from articles published by The Daily Mail newspaper on 21st & 22nd of May 2014 BP’s bill for its Gulf of Mexico oil spill could rise by billions, after it lost an appeal to halt compensation claims it believes are unjustified. A US court refused to overturn a decision that claimants do not have to […]

Corrupt Sultan of Brunei introduces tough Islamic penal code

By John Donovan The head of the corrupt, seedy Brunei Royal Family, the Sultan of Brunei, who once accepted a $500,000 wedding gift from Royal Dutch Shell, has gone ahead with his plans to introduce a penal code that will include amputations. Extracts from a BBC News article dated 30 April 2014 Brunei will introduce […]

Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbles

Extracts from an article by ROB DAVIES published 9 April 2014 by This is under the headline: “Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbles by nearly 90 per cent as company invests more in North Sea and production declines” Shell’s UK corporation tax bill tumbled by nearly 90 per cent to just £55.5m last year, […]

Shell Oil Boss Marvin Odum Should Resign after Alaskan Debacle

Now we have further confirmation that Shell was trying to dodge a multimillion tax bill. This time confirmation comes from the findings of an investigation by the Coast Guard division of US Homeland Security. There are going to be more Royal Dutch Shell executives looking for alternative employment… And Marvin Odum, Shell’s boss in the […]

Ben Van Beurden’s plans overshadowed by Peter Voser’s £22m pay deal

Extracts from an article by ROB DAVIES published on 14 March 2014 by The Daily Mail newspaper under the headline: “Shell boss Ben Van Beurden’s plans for the company are overshadowed by former boss Peter Voser’s £22m pay deal” Shell boss Ben van Beurden’s grand plan to spruce up the oil giant has been overshadowed […]

Shell puts Arctic drilling plans on ice as it posts first profit warning in a decade

 …van Beurden warned that the pain may not be over, saying it was possible that Shell would make new writedowns on its North American operations. The US was among the factors that dented this year’s performance, as Shell continued to feel the effects of a shale gas glut that has sent prices tumbling. Its North […]

Shell set to round off bad year with disappointing fourth quarter profits

By Daily Mail Reporter Monday 27 January 2014 Shell is this week expected to round off a disappointing year with lacklustre fourth-quarter profits. The Anglo-Dutch oil giant issued a profit warning earlier this month, saying it was likely to record a lower-than-expected £1.8billion profit for the final three months of the year. That sets the […]

Energy giants battle to pump profits

At 55, Van Beurden, who replaced Peter Voser earlier this month, is a 30-year veteran at Shell where his career has mainly been focused on managing downstream businesses such as refining and chemicals. This week, as he announces full-year earnings, City analysts expect him to unveil details of a potential $15bn to $30bn (£9.1bn to […]

In defence of Ben van Beurden

An article published today by The Wall Street Journal – “Shell, Bruised by Big Bets, Warns of Profit Miss” – makes the case from the standpoint of Ben van Beurden, why he should not be blamed for the profits warning announced yesterday by Royal Dutch Shell Plc that shocked the markets. By John Donovan Shell […]

Shell issues surprise profit warning as new boss Ben van Beurden admits recent performance ‘not what I expect’ from oil giant

‘This should bring to an end what has proved to be something of an “annus horribilis” for Shell, which has seen a key production target missed and weaker than anticipated profitability in North America,’ said Barclays. Barclays pointed to Shell’s ‘stronger free cash flow position than the majority of the peer group’ and said it […]

Shell boss Peter Voser set to earn £16m

Shell boss Peter Voser set to earn £16m as he steps down from oil giant to enjoy ‘change in lifestyle’ PUBLISHED: 22:26, 2 January 2014  Departing Shell boss Peter Voser stands to earn around £16million from his last 15 months running the oil giant and a series of bonus schemes due to pay out after […]

Shell ‘is getting far too Dutch’

A senior executive at a leading City institution, who asked not to be named, said British investors were not being treated on a par with their Dutch counterparts. He said this was symptomatic of a trend that has seen the company increasingly consolidating power in The Hague and forgetting its British heritage. The oil giant […]

Shell abandons £12bn plan to turn gas into jet fuel in the US

He boasted that the project showed ‘there’s no better place in the world for major business investment’. But, without warning, last night it pulled the project. By Peter Campbell: PUBLISHED: 6 December 2013 Shell last night pulled the plug on a £12billion scheme to turn gas into jet fuel – and ruled out doing any […]

Shell vows to pursue controversial Arctic drilling plans

By Bob Davies: 1 November 2013 Shell vowed to press on with its controversial Arctic drilling plans, despite a warning that charges linked to the project would weigh on its already weak profits. Pre-tax earnings slipped by 31 per cent to £2.65billion in the third quarter, amid rock bottom refining margins and a fresh charge […]

Oil giants BP and Shell set for slump in profits

Rival Royal Dutch Shell puts out its third-quarter numbers on Thursday, with analysts at Deutsche Bank warning that they are viewing the update with ‘continuing trepidation’ after a disappointing second quarter.  PUBLISHED: 21:37, 27 October 2013 | UPDATED: 08:03, 28 October 2013 BP will this week raise its estimate of how much the 2010 Gulf […]

Yes, Putin’s a brute, but it’s Greenpeace who are the biggest menace to our future

Of course, Greenpeace would never stoop to blackening the name of its opponents, would it? Or exaggerating? Or even making things up — all in the noble cause of ‘saving the planet’? By Dominic Lawson: PUBLISHED: 23:01, 13 October 2013 Greenpeace, the world’s biggest and most battle-hardened environmental campaigning organisation, is in a state of […]