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First Utility launches in Germany – branded as Shell

Energy supplier will sell gas and electricity in Germany using global oil giant’s branding under new joint venture By Emily Gosden, Energy Editor: 30 Sep 2015 First Utility and Royal Dutch Shell are to launch a new venture in Germany selling households gas and electricity under Shell’s branding. The deal marks First Utility’s first foray […]

Shell and First Utility target German retail power market

Shell and First Utility target German retail power market FRANKFURT | BY VERA ECKERT | Wed Sep 30, 2015  Shell, a brand well known to car owners throughout Germany, has expanded a partnership to provide households with gas and electricity in Europe’s biggest retail market. The oil major’s supply and trading arm Shell Energy Europe and […]

Gazprom and Shell Sign Shareholders’ Agreement on the Nord Stream 2 Project

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Moscow, Russia, 2015/09/04 The Nord Stream 2 project envisages the construction of two offshore pipelines with the aggregate annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas to be constructed from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea. Today at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Alexey Miller, Chairman of the […]


English translation below of the text shown on the centre section of the above German road map published by Shell in Nazi Germany after Hitler came to power in January 1933. Shell boasted about its contribution to the German economy stretching back to 1924. We assume the map provided directions to the Polish border. In […]

We are engaged, Shell says after Iranian deal

“Shell continues to comply with all relevant international sanctions” By Daniel J. Graeber DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 14 (UPI) — With a nuclear deal in hand, Royal Dutch Shell said Tuesday it’s exploring the “immediate and long-term” implication of an opening Iranian oil door. Representatives from the five permanent members of the U.N. Security […]

Gazprom lays bare West’s vulnerability

Royal-Dutch Shell is teaming up with Gazprom on several projects despite Western sanctions on Russia. The expanded partnerships fly in the face of European and American sanctions which ban joint ventures with Russian energy companies. 23 June 2015 Europe’s efforts to reduce dependence on the Russian energy have been dealt a new blow after reports […]

Gazprom set to build global strategic alliance with Shell

A Gazprom logo is displayed above its headquarters in Moscow. Gazprom is building a global strategic alliance with energy major Royal Dutch Shell that will include asset swaps and allow the Russian gas giant to penetrate new markets. The deal with Shell is a coup for Gazprom at a time when many Western companies are […]

Exclusive – Gazprom building global alliance with expanded Shell

  Exclusive – Gazprom building global alliance with expanded Shell The deal with Shell is a coup for Gazprom at a time when many Western companies are reducing their exposure to Russia because of Western sanctions over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine. Gazprom, which is under U.S. but not EU sanctions… Fri Jun 19, 2015 Gazprom […]

Iran riches coveted by big oil after decades of conflict

Extracts from a Bloomberg article published 31 March 2015 Iran riches coveted by big oil after decades of conflict Now, as Iran and the US enter 11th hour negotiations to reach a nuclear deal and ease sanctions, the West Asian country is emerging again as a potential prize for western oil companies such as BP, […]

Allseas Group’s Nazi-honouring vessel ‘must be banned’

“For Allseas to name its vessel after a convicted Nazi war criminal is utterly shameful…: ”To even countenance honouring a Waffen-SS officer just shows how twisted, arrogant and out-of-touch Allseas management is. The Pieter Schelte should not be permitted to operate until it changes its name.” Article published by (New Zealand) Wednesday, 4 February 2015, […]

Nazi rat lines and Pieter Schelte Heerema

by Ton Biesemaat, Dutch investigative journalist …there is overwhelming proof that Pieter Schelte Heerema remained a staunch Nazi until his death. Yet the world does not seem to care when one of the largest ships is named after this man  There is a lot of media noise about one of the world’s largest ships, which […]

SS Pieter Schelte: The huge ship cursed with a Nazi name

By John Donovan The Observer newspaper, the Mail Online  and the Dutch Financial Times, plus a variety of other news outlets, all published articles over the weekend covering The Pieter Schelte Nazi Ship Controversy.  SOME OF THE HEADLINES Jewish outrage as ship named after SS war criminal arrives in Europe: The Observer/Guardian Named after SS […]

Lloyd’s Register PR Fanfair Saluting Nazi named mega-ship The Pieter Schelte


Why Shell Is Selling Its Norwegian Downstream Business

Royal Dutch Shell has decided to sell off of its Norwegian downstream business to Finland’s ST1 in order to improve profitability and achieve its divestment targets By: MICHEAL KAUFMAN Published: Dec 18, 2014 at 5:21 pm EST Royal Dutch Shell plc. (ADR) (NYSE:RDS.A) has decided to sell its Norwegian downstream business comprising commercial fuels, retail […]

Follow-up: German Minister Calls for Shell Boycott

Email received from Dear good people I read your article on the German Minister and his comments with interest. We are an NGO working in the Niger Delta (50 staff Port Harcourt, 8 London) to improve environmental regulation and have developed a system ( that allows Nigerian regulators to manage their data on oil […]

German Minister calls for boycott of Shell

“If you went to the Niger Delta and saw the standard of oil extraction, none of you would use the petrol stations of that oil firm,” he said. He said the company prioritized profit over concern for the environment. “That is unacceptable,” Müller added. By John Donovan Germany’s development minister Gerd Müller attacked the production […]

Royal Dutch Shell Playing Politics with Human Lives?

What is even more appalling is the fact that the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, is the one behind the scene steering the affairs of the Dutch Government and practically playing politics with ‘human lives.’ By Zik Gbemre RE: DESPITE ANGER OVER DOWNED JETLINER, EUROPE SHIES AWAY FROM SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA We find it rather […]

Film of Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding giving a Nazi salute

Video clip from a PBS TV Documentary adapted from Daniel Yergin’s book “The PRIZE: Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power. Published in 1992 by FREE PRESS ISBN 0-671-79932-0 The Prize (Part 2 of 8) – “Empires of Oil” Covers the story of Royal Dutch Shell. Includes, at just over 49 mins, film of Royal […]

Shell’s Exploitation of Gas Station Operators

I confirm that in my experience Shell UK operates oppressively against small business people. Its staff has acted unscrupulously and possibly illegally. The tactics of Shell UK management is completely opposite to the honesty and integrity promised by Shell in its code of ethics. Shell seems to think that it is so all-powerful that it can […]

Royal Dutch Shell shameful record of appeasement

By John Donovan For nearly a hundred years the Royal Dutch Shell Group has appeased and collaborated with evil regimes including Nazi Germany, Nigeria, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iran, Iraq under Saddam Hussein, Apartheid South Africa and with Putin of Russia, despite his annexation of Sakhalin2 and Crimea. Anything to earn a buck irrespective of ethics, […]

Will Russia Be Royal Dutch Shell’s Savior?

Extract from an article by Joshua Bondy published 12 May 2014 by The Motley Fool Russia’s acquisition of Crimea has Germany uneasy about its dependence on Russian natural gas. Now Royal Dutch Shell can pat itself on the back for deciding to acquire significantly more LNG liquefaction capacity than its big oil peers by 2017. […]


Shell Germany had offered a free Kindle e-reader for 999 points to be earned when filling up. But also when buying a chocolate bar of € 1.29, this gave 100 points…. Buying 10 bars of chocolate and you had an e-reader. They ran out of Kindles after 3 hours!!!  Their website collapsed due to 40-fold […]

BP and Shell exposed as US prepares first warning shot against Russia’s oil and gas industry

Firms may be forced to curtail operations as G7 powers prepare to launch new sanctions    Extract from an article by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard published1:28PM BST 27 Apr 2014 by The Telegraph Britain’s top energy companies face an extremely delicate situation as the world’s G7 powers prepare to launch the next wave of sanctions against Russia, and […]

Reputational damage from Shell Brent Spar episode

Extracts from an article by Dr Roger Barker published 26 March 2014 by under the headline: How to balance your director duties with stakeholder management …the pursuit of “corporate wealth” should not be about generating a “fast buck” for shareholders but should also take into account the impact of a business’s activities on other […]

You cannot escape history: Royal Dutch Shell and Allseas

INTRODUCTION BY JOHN DONOVAN: Royal Dutch Shell Plc (Company Secretary Michiel Brandjes) and Allseas were given advance sight of the article below on Tuesday and notified of my intention to publish today. They were offered the opportunity to point out any factual inaccuracies plus an invitation to supply comment for publication on an unedited basis […]

Fire put out at Shell’s German Godorf refinery

Thu Jan 9, 2014 11:07am EST Jan 9 (Reuters) – A fire at a chemical tank at Shell’s 195,000 barrel per day Rheinland refinery in Godorf, Cologne in Germany was put out at 1515 GMT on Thursday, just over an hour after it started, the company said. “The plant’s and the external fire brigades and […]

Activists Prank Shell, Hijack ‘Science Slam’ in Berlin

Every day in Nigeria, approximately 350,000 litres of oil are spilled, destroying the livelihood of much of the population. Shell pays off warlords and corrupt governments to continue drilling there,” the group said on a website it made for the campaign. Nigeria: Oil Spill in Nigeria – Activists Prank Shell, Hijack “Science Slam” in Berlin […]

Shell Halts $20 Billion Louisiana Gas-to-Liquids Project

Shell started the first commercial gas-to-liquids plant in 1993, using a process developed in Germany and used to make fuels during World War II.  By Bradley Olson – Dec 5, 2013 9:50 PM GMT Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDSA), Europe’s biggest oil company, halted plans to build a $20 billion gas-to-liquids plant in Louisiana, citing the potential […]

How Shell collaborated in the Nazi annexation of Austria and Czechoslovakia

By John Donovan From time to time we like to highlight events from the long often-dark history of Royal Dutch Shell. We have previously published evidence that Shell conspired directly with Hitler, financed the Nazi Party, was anti-Semitic and sold out its own Dutch Jewish employees to the Nazis. This article reveals how Shell collaborated […]

Ditch the King. Hire an Actor.

A version of this op-ed appeared in print on April 29, 2013, on page A21 of the New York edition By ARNON GRUNBERG EXTRACTS ON April 30, 1980, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands was succeeded by her daughter Beatrix. That day was marked by violent rioting in Amsterdam. My parents, German Jews who fled to […]

Is Shell STILL anti-Semitic?

“So is Shell STILL anti-Semitic, or is it simply because doing business with Israel would upset the rulers of Saudi Arabia, yet another tyrannical regime in bed with Shell? One Country swims in oil. The other doesn’t. Perhaps that has something to do with it?” By John Donovan In March 2011 we published an article […]

Deterding orders-Hitler acts

News reports from long ago are emerging on the Internet as newspapers create digital searchable online archives. This is a disastrous development for  companies such as Royal Dutch Shell that have been around for a long time and have a toxic history to hide. By John Donovan News reports from long ago are emerging on […]

Shell and the Dutch fascists: A study in black

We have to keep in mind that it was not only Sir Henri Deterding who was a keen supporter of the Nazi’s. In the 1930’s there were other Shell directors such as J.E.F. de Kok and *Wim Rost van Tonningen who were also keen supporters of Hitler and his henchmen. Guest Author: Ton Biesemaat (Dutch […]

Royal Dutch Shell and Racism

Shell has admitted past discrimination against Jewish employees, which cost at least 20 of them their lives.  It supported racist regimes in Nazi Germany and more recently, Apartheid South Africa. By John Donovan Shell employees who have accused Shell of being a racist company will be interested in a comparison set out in “A HISTORY […]

Shell jet fuel spill at Germany Refinery creates toxic underground lake

Kerosene is classified as environmentally hazardous. Undiluted kerosene irritates the skin from direct contact. Ingestion causes vomiting and diarrhea, damages the lungs, the nervous system and the kidneys, and in the worst cases, lead to death.  It is toxic to aquatic organisms and causes long-term damage if it drains into a large body of water, […]

Editorial Integrity of “A History of Royal Dutch Shell”

“In fact all three Shell members of the editorial committee, Watts, Van der Veer and Munsiff, had form in the culture of corporate cover-up and were therefore ideal from the standpoint of Shell to have editorial influence over inclusion (or non-inclusion) of the dark side of Shell’s history and how that information was treated (spun?)“ […]

1939: Directors and Management of Rhenania-Ossag: Declassified US Intelligence Document

U.S. DECLASSIFED INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT ON SHELL’S GERMAN OPERATING COMPANY OSS Washington Secret Intelligence/Special Funds Records, 1942-1946 › Washington Office, Special Funds Division Finance, Intelligence (WASH-SPDF-INT) › WASH-SPDF-INT-1: Documents 2933-2950 › Page 176 Wilhelm Rudeloff.


The Advertiser Newspaper (Adelaide), Saturday 23 January 1937 page 23 No Change In Policy Expected LIKELY GUARANTEE TO BELGIUM Rearmament Nears Completion From “The Advertiser” Special Representative LONDON, January 22. While Hitler, in replying to Mr. Eden’s appeal, is expected to make a new “peace offer,” including a guarantee of Belgian neutrality, with the object […]

GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy? Monday, Jan 11, 1937 GERMANY: Petticoat Philanthropy? Sir Henri, who was knighted by King George V in 1920, has for many years had his chief residence in London’s swank Mayfair, but last week he was sitting in his new house near the German capital and showed signs of developing into a good Berliner. His […]


Article published 31 December 1936 on page 10 of The Sydney Morning Herald SIR HENRI DETERDING’S CAMPAIGN. Reason for £1,000,000 Gift. LONDON, Dec. 30.  Sir Henri Deterding, director-general of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, and a director of the Shell Transport and Trading Co., Ltd., who has given £1,000,000 for the purchase of Dutch produce […]


The Advertiser Adelaide, SA Thursday 31 December 1936 Page 17: (Complete Article) Communism And Trade Barriers Aimed At Australian Associated Pres. THE HAGUE, December 29. Indicating that his gift of £1,000,000 to purchase produce for export to Germany was aimed to circumvent economic restrictions and communism. Henri Deterding, Director-General o! the Royal Dutch Petroleum Co, […]

Sir Henri Deterding has given £1,000,000 for the purchase of farm products for export to Germany

FROM THE ARGUS (MELBOURNE) NEWSPAPER AUSTRALIA PUBLISHED 30 December 1936 IMPERIAL AND FOREIGN Messages from the Continent Indicate; that neither Slgnor Mussolini nor Herr Hitler is hastening to reply to the communication sent by Great Britain and France about the enlistment of volunteers in Spain. Great Britain and Japan have formally informed the United States of their intention […]


The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) Wednesday 30 December 1936 Page 11 (Complete Article) £1,000.000 Purchase Of Dutch Produce THE HAGUE. December 28. With a view to assisting Dutch farmers, Sir Henri Deterding, Director-General of the Royal Dutch Petroleum Co., has given £1,000.000 to purchase produce for export to Germany. The gift is said not to be […]

News Reports of Sir Henri Deterding Food Donations to Nazi Germany

The Scotsman: £1,100,000 Gift to Germany FOR FOOD PURCHASE: 28 December 1936 (Contains confirmation of the report of the gift) The Nation: Dutch State and literary newspaper: Sir Henri Deterding and the Dutch agriculture: Purchase for Germany: 28 December 1936 The Manchester Guardian: £1,000,000 TO BUT FOOD: Helping Germany: SIR H. DETERDING PROVIDES MONEY: Tuesday […]

1936: Wilheim Rudeloff, Chairman of Shell in Germany and right, Sir Henri Deterding, founder of Royal Dutch Shell Group

Sir Henri Deterding of Royal Dutch Shell 4 day meeting with Hitler

THE DAILY GLEANER, MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1934 (Page 6 World News) Reich Oil Monopoly Sought By Deterding LONDON, Oct. 25.-It is reported confidentially from Berlin that the object of Sir Henry Deterding’s recent visit to Chancellor Hitler at Berchtesgaden, where he stayed for four days, was to discuss the conditions for granting a monopoly to […]


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