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Documents reveal extent of Shell lobbying in human rights case

The documents, obtained by the Corporate Responsibility Coalition (Core) and Amnesty International, show the closeness of the relationship between the multinational corporations and UK government departments. They also show that UK government officials were privately worried about being seen to be promoting business interests over ethical trading principles. Peter Frankental, economic relations programme director at […]

Stay away from Ogoniland, MOSOP warns Shell

Extracts from an article by Dapo Falade in Port Harcourt published 6 April 2014 by the Nigerian Tribune Dutch oil giant, Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), may be heading to another round of crisis as the Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People (MOSOP) has warned it to stay away from Ogoniland.  The latest warning […]

Shell: banishing delta blues

Extract from an article by Jonathan Guthrie published 2 April 2014 by the Financial Times Extracting Shell neatly from the delta acreages would be an early win for new chief executive Ben van Beurden. Oil theft contributed to the profit warning in January that marked his accession. Longstanding animosity to Shell feeds the problem. Government […]

Message from Ogoni Activist Ben Ikari

RELATED COMMENT BY JOHN DONOVAN: “I publish very few articles/press releases from Ogoni sources because you never know who is a legitimate representative of the Ogoni people and not a faction led by an ego driven individual, with a self-invented impressive title.” By John Donovan I have today published a message to the Ogoni people […]

Nigeria ravaged by $20bn oil robbery

It was 2am when a fireball pierced the inky night sky above a small community in the Niger delta. The explosion near Port Harcourt last June killed several people and released 6,000 barrels of crude oil. The cause: contractors hired by Royal Dutch Shell to stop pirates siphoning oil from a huge pipeline were themselves […]

Non-Payment By Shell After Oil Spill Triggers Protests

A number of Ogoni people picketed First Bank in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, on Wednesday (22 January 2014). Their protests aimed at the execution of a judgment of a Federal High Court, which ordered Shell to pay N80. 3 billion to the Ogoni community, in compensation for an oil spill in the area. The protesters required […]

Controversy over Shell/Gazprom £4 million gifts to Cambridge University

Graphic from the remarkable Guardian newspaper article: Unloveable Shell, the goddess of oil (Click on image to enlarge): Sub-headline: For a century, Shell has explored the Earth to make our lives more comfortable, But in its wake, says Andrew Rowell, lies a trail of corruption, despoliation and death The University of Cambridge has come under […]

Activists seek sharp swords in human rights battle

Human rights organizations were bitterly disappointed when the United States Supreme Court rejected legal claims made by the family of Nigerian activist Barinem Kiobel against oil multinational Shell earlier this year. Kiobel and eight other activists had been sentenced to death and executed in 1995 for protesting against oil extraction in the Niger Delta. The […]

Oil spill coats river, sea near ENI Nigeria facility

Vast stretches of the delta’s unique mangrove swamps are blackened and dead from oil pollution. By Tife Owolabi: YENAGOA, Nigeria Tue Dec 3, 2013 5:39pm IST (Reuters) – A large oil spill near Nigeria’s Brass facility, run by ENI, has spread through the sea and swamps of the oil producing Niger Delta region, local residents […]

Artists demand end to Southbank Centre’s partnership with Shell

“The arts sponsorship that Shell is giving out is blood money, because people in Nigeria are suffering and even dying as a result of Shell’s operations. Land is taken, livelihoods are destroyed, and the environment is devastated as a result of Shell’s activities.  “All they think is about is profit. Arts organisations shouldn’t be complicit […]

The struggle continues, 18 years after the death of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Ken and the rest of the Ogoni 9 were murdered for standing up to Shell. But they were part of a movement that ultimately achieved a spectacular result: Shell was forced to leave Ogoniland. And,  despite Shell’s efforts, popular protest has prevented it from ever returning. Since then, we have served as an inspiration to […]

Shell shuts Nigeria pipeline again, 150,000 bpd deferred

 Shell Nigeria said on Wednesday it had shut down its Trans Niger Pipeline (TNP) owing to reports of leaks… The latest leaks were reported at B-Dere, Nonwa-Tai, and Bodo West, all in Ogoniland. Shell blames oil thieves for almost all leakages, although environmental campaigners say a failure to replace its decrepit 50-year-old equipment are as […]

Defiant Shell unwilling to quit crime-hit Niger Delta

Oil giant Shell has denied running away from its problems in Nigeria. Shell employs 600 contractor companies, who Janzen says “in principle” survey the lines around the clock;  Campaigners suggest some contractors may be implicated in theft, arguably putting Shell indirectly in the frame. 30 September 2013 The tanker sailed into the Niger Delta, right […]

Horrible business practices of Shell in the Niger Delta

FROM PROFESSOR RICK STEINER: I wanted you to have two letters sent by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) in the past few days regarding the horrible business practices of Shell in the Niger Delta… From: Richard Steiner <> Subject: MOSOP letters re: Shell in Nigeria Date: 17 September 2013 18:47:38 […]