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Shell AGM: Shareholders Cheer for Profits Over Planet, Reject Climate Resolution Amid Protests

Posted by John Donovan: 21 May 2024

In a shocking display of corporate bravado and environmental disdain, Shell’s shareholders once again proved they couldn’t care less about the planet. At Tuesday’s annual general meeting, they overwhelmingly rejected a climate resolution filed by the activist group Follow This, despite the backdrop of vehement protests.

This climate resolution, mind you, was backed by 27 investors managing a whopping $4 trillion. These forward-thinkers dared to suggest that Shell should align its carbon emissions reduction targets with the Paris Climate Agreement. The nerve! But alas, only 18.6% of the shareholders supported it, a decline from last year’s modest 20%. Apparently, Shell’s board had already made it crystal clear that such eco-friendly suggestions were unwelcome. read more

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Shell’s Unfortunate Love Affair with the US: The UK Stock Market Saga

Charles Hall from Peel Hunt warns that if Shell goes, it’s going to be an absolute hammer blow for London, with a domino effect dragging BP and big mining companies along.

Posted by John Donovan: 16 May 2024

Don’t Worry, UK Stock Market Is Totally Fine, Says Stock Market Boss as Major Firms Flee for the US

In the latest episode of “The UK is Totally Fine,” the head honcho of the London Stock Exchange, Julia Hoggett, assures us there’s absolutely no panic even as firms worth hundreds of billions decide they’d rather take their chances across the pond. Because, why wouldn’t they?

Bigwig bosses have been crying existential crisis to the BBC, pointing out that major companies are either packing up, considering the move, or being swallowed by foreign private investors. Yet, Hoggett dismisses these concerns with a nonchalant shrug, asserting that the UK is “already punching above its weight.” Well, Julia, if you say so. read more

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Shell and Total Plot Move to NYC: Because When You’re Desperate, Anything Sounds Like a Good Idea!

Posted by John Donovan: 9 May 2024

Alright, folks, gather ’round for a classic tale of “The Grass is Greener in the U.S.,” starring none other than Shell and TotalEnergies, the European oil megastars. In their latest “poor us” saga, they’re eyeing New York like it’s the promised land of stock market valuations. Oh, the excitement!

Now, don’t get too teary-eyed, but Shell’s Chief Executive, Wael Sawan, dropped a little hint on his earnings call that if Europe keeps treating them like the ugly ducklings of the stock market, they might just take their ball and go play in New York by the end of 2025. TotalEnergies’ big boss, Patrick Pouyanné, isn’t sitting quietly either. He’s been tasked by the board to mull over this geographical leap of faith and spill the beans by September. read more

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Shell: Masters of Environmental Destruction, Not So Keen on New York Relisting Right Now

Posted 2 May 2024 by John Donovan

In a stunning display of corporate benevolence, Shell’s CEO Wael Sawan announced that the oil behemoth is graciously not considering relisting in New York at the moment. How thoughtful! Instead, they’re laser-focused on buying back shares, because apparently, that’s what the world needs more of—Shell shares.

Sawan, in a call with analysts, outlined Shell’s noble mission to bridge the valuation gap with its U.S. rivals. Because, you know, when you’re already swimming in oil money, why not aim for even more obscene profits? “We will always have something like a listing or other elements under review,” Sawan remarked, as if to say, “We’re always on the lookout for new ways to exploit the planet.”

And just in case you were wondering, Shell’s shares are currently trading below “fair market value,” according to Sawan. Well, gosh darn it, we can’t have that, can we? Because when you’re a ruthless polluter, it’s crucial that your stock price reflects your true worth as a destroyer of ecosystems. read more

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.