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Shell led Corrib Gas Pipeline Project comes unstuck

Article by Norma Costello published 23 March 2015 by under the headline: A Massive Pipe Came Loose in an Atlantic Gas Field and Irish Environmentalists Are Not Happy The Corib Gas pipeline project by the Western Irish fishing village of Rossport, County Mayo, has always been a source of controversy. It was established amid […]

Big Oil’s Broken Business Model

From an article by Michael T. Klare published 12 March 2015 by Big Oil’s Broken Business Model In the wake of collapsing oil prices, Big Oil must alter its broken business model or face being outcompeted by smaller, nimbler energy producers. Many reasons have been provided for the dramatic plunge in the price of […]

Shell gig invite turned down by The Saw Doctors

Article by Lorna Siggins published by the Irish Times Friday 6 March 2015 Shell gig invite turned down by The Saw Doctors Folk rock band The Saw Doctors has turned down an invitation from Shell E&P Ireland to play at a gig in north Mayo this month celebrating the competion of the Corrib gas terminal. […]

€1.5bn to be spent on Irish oil and gas finds in next three years

Extract from an Irish Times article by Ciaran Hancock published Mon 16 June 2014 About €1.5 billion will be spent on oil and gas exploration around Ireland over the next three years, according to a study by accounting group PwC. Eighty per cent of those surveyed said they were optimistic about the chances of discovering […]

Seething review of Mark Moody-Stuart book: Responsible Leadership

Extracts from a review by Danny Chivers of the recently published book by retired Royal Dutch Shell Group Chairman Sir Mark Moody-Stuart: “RESPONSIBLE LEADERSHIP: Lessons from the Front Line of Sustainability and Ethics” Article originally published under the headline: “If this is responsible leadership, then I’m an Ogoni” Reading this book was a strange experience. […]

Police liquidity on Shell Corrib Gas project

EMAIL RECEIVED FROM A MEMBER OF THE “ROSSPORT FIVE” (WITH REPLY COMMENT NOW RECEIVED FROM OSSL) Hi, John I am one of the Rossport 5. I have followed the stream of detail on your web-site from OSSL in their exposé of gardai and much/many more. Thank you.   One very strange item  or dynamic , […]


“The Observer asked the Garda and Gilligan specifically to deny the delivery, but no denial came, only a repeat of the prepared statement. The Observer replied that, unless a denial was received, we would presume the veracity of OSSL’s story. Silence ensued.” CLICK TO ENLARGE IMAGES OF FULL PAGE ARTICLE IN THE OBSERVER PDF OF […]

Corrib gas field in Ireland, the scandalous project

The Corrib gas field in Ireland has become almost three times more expensive than planned and evoked local hatred against the company. The scandalous project is forgotten in Norway, however. Statoil is aware that the Corrib project has been controversial, but point out that Shell is operator for the development. ARTICLES ABOUT STATOIL, SHELL & […]

UN special rapporteur calls for full investigation of Corrib human rights issues

The report refers to evidence of “a pattern of intimidation, harassment, surveillance and criminalisation” of those peacefully opposing the gas project. UNITED NATIONS SPECIAL Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders, Margaret Sekaggya, has called on the Irish government to investigate all allegations and reports of intimidation, harassment and surveillance in the context of the Corrib Gas […]

UN Special Rapporteur calls for full investigation of Corrib Human Rights issues

In a report submitted to the UN Human Right Council last Monday (4th March), the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders Margaret Sekaggya, called on the Irish Government to “Investigate all allegation and reports of intimidation, harassment and surveillance in the context of the Corrib Gas dispute in a prompt and impartial manner”. [1] Mrs […]

Beware of a man in a Shell Hat

By John Donovan: We have published below the content of an email sent on 1 March 2013 to Shell CEO Peter Voser by a former Shell supplier in Ireland: The OSSL Company. Basically it is alleged that Shell involved the company in corruption, facilitating bribes given to third parties on Shell’s behalf, including the Irish […]

Black Gold In Ireland? MindThe Eco Warriors, Though.

Big Oil has watched the Irish scene and its public protests and court cases with trepidation. John O’Sullivan, technical director with Providence Resources, told the Financial Times, “We’ve definitely seen a Corrib ripple effect…. [Potential investors] go through the technical assessment, it gets to their main board and then someone who has worked at Shell […]

Huge public pressure forced Shell to lift an injunction

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE OCTOBER 2005 The Guardian (UK): Don’t be defeatist: the power of protest is alive and well “…in Ireland last week huge public pressure forced Shell to lift an injunction which had seen five anti-pipeline farmers jailed for 94 days.” Friday 7 October 2005 The government cannot stifle dissent, say Helen […]

Shell may face contempt proceedings over pipeline breach

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE OCTOBER 2005 Western People: Shell may face contempt proceedings over pipeline breach “As the Rossport Five walked to freedom in the High Court on Friday after 94 days in jail, Shell oil company executives, who had demanded their imprisonment in the first place, were themselves having to face potential contempt […]

10,000 to march in support of pipeline protesters

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE SEPT 2005 Daily Telegraph: 10,000 to march in support of jailed pipeline protesters “Anger is mounting over the jailing of five landowners who have been in prison for nearly 100 days for objecting to Shell building a pipeline through one of the last European -wildernesses.”: “The case of the Rossport […]

80 days since five sincere men of principle were jailed by Shell

FROM OUR SHELL NEWS ARCHIVE: ON THIS DAY IN 2005 Irish Times: Shell denies fears over loss of consents “It is 80 days since five sincere men of principle were jailed by Shell. Talks, not imprisonments, will resolve this impasse that has exposed the unhealthy state of our democracy.” Posted Sunday 18 Sept 2005 Lorna […]

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