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Top 5 infamous data breaches

By Steve Evans: Published 8 July 2011

Thanks to WikiLeaks and hacktivists Anonymous, data breaches have never been higher up the agenda.

CBR looks at some of the more infamous incidents of data loss.


Shell, 2010

Keep your workers happy seems to be the message behind this leak. Energy giant Shell was rocked in early 2010 when a database of 170,000 of its workers was emailed out to human rights groups and environmental activists, including Greenpeace and, a website run by anti-Shell campaigners. It was rumoured that the database was emailed out of the company by a disgruntled employee. According to The Times, a covering letter criticising Shell’s activities in Nigeria was sent out with the database, apparently signed by more than 100 workers in the US, Holland and the UK. read more

Inside Shell’s Iran Game

Forbes: Inside Shell’s Iran Game

June 3, 2010 – 4:58 pm Mark DubowitzBio | Email Mark Dubowitz is Executive Director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and leads the Foundation’s Iran Energy Project  

Royal Dutch Shell resumed its gasoline shipments to Iran, International Oil Daily reported this morning.  The company got back into business with the Iranian regime after a six-month hiatus. The move is a slap at the U.S. Congress, which has been working to develop energy sanctions that could curtail the regime’s nuclear weapons program, human rights abuses, and support for terrorism.

According to International Oil Daily, Shell delivered three 30,000-ton shipments of gasoline last month to Iran’s Bandar Abbas port. The company’s last known shipment to Iran was recorded in October 2009. read more

Shell – First million barrels of oil from ultra-deep water off Brazil

Shell is the operator with a 50% share with partners Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras) holding 35% and India’s ONGC Campos Ltda. 15%.

Essar bids for three Shell refineries in Europe

Ed O’Keeffe Photography

Financial Times

By Carola Hoyos in London

Published: August 17 2009 20:29 | Last updated: August 17 2009 20:29

Essar, the Indian conglomerate, has bid for three European Royal Dutch Shell refineries on sale as part of the Anglo-Dutch oil group’s restructuring of its downstream operations.

The disposals by Shell are part of its strategy to rid itself of smaller refineries in favour of investing in large, integrated complexes, such as those in Port Arthur, Texas and Rotterdam. The package is valued at about £1.5bn ($2.4bn). read more

Oil giants destroy rainforests to make palm oil diesel for motorists

Shell had the best record of the major companies for declaring the sources of its biofuel. It said that it did not use any palm oil last year because it could not find any from a sustainable source. Luis Scoffone, vice-president for biofuels, said that Shell could have met its biofuel obligation more cheaply if it had bought palm oil.

Arrow Energy Has Talks On Possible Takeover

Arrow and Shell have both said previously that they've held talks about Arrow selling more gas to Shell. It would hardly be surprising if a potential takeover transaction came up in conversation.

Retired Shell Group Auditor questions integrity of Jorma Ollila

By Bill Campbell (above), retired HSE Group Auditor, Shell International

On the subject of the integrity of Royal Dutch Shell Chairman, Jorma Ollila, raised by former Shell executive, Paddy Briggs, the information below was copied to Nokia yesterday, it should be self explanatory, if Nokia do not act they could find themselves guilty by association:

The attached information explains why Royal Dutch Shell along with the UK Oil Industry Health and Safety Regulator the HSE are currently being investigated by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Scotland. read more

Royal Dutch Shell rumoured to be interested in gatecrashing merger

Traders saw the logic in such a move. Not only would a bid for Heritage boost Shell's reserves, it would help it recover some ground against BP, whose consortium last month won the rights to develop Iraq's biggest oilfield.

Shell pollution at Deer Park Refinery

Despite Shell's state permits, the environmental groups found more than 1,000 occasions from 2003-06 when emissions exceeded hourly limits, which are meant to protect the public from acute, short-term harm. On three dates, records showed, Shell emitted more toxic compounds in a single day than its permits allowed in an entire year

Only faith can solve the energy crisis

Scandinavia is one of the most secularised corners of the world and by reputation one of the most rational. So I was astonished last week to hear the Finnish chairman of Royal Dutch Shell (and of Nokia) Jorma Ollila, say that the world's energy crisis would not be solved unless everyone turned off the lights when they left an empty room.

Shell settles human rights suit for $15.5M

Shell settles human rights suit for $15.5M

FILE - In this May 27, 2009 file photo, members of Nigeria's Ogoni community and their supporters rally to raise awareness of the trial of Royal Dutch Shell, in New York. Royal Dutch Shell settled a lawsuit Wednesday, June 3, that accused the oil giant of playing a role in the executions of activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and other civilians by Nigeria's former military regime. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File) FILE – In this May 27, 2009 file photo, members of Nigeria’s Ogoni community and their supporters rally to raise awareness of the trial of Royal Dutch Shell, in New York. Royal Dutch Shell settled a lawsuit Wednesday, June 3, that accused the oil giant of playing a role in the executions of activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and other civilians by Nigeria’s former military regime. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews, File) (Bebeto Matthews – AP) By CHRIS KAHN

The Associated Press 
Monday, June 8, 2009; 5:19 PM

NEW YORK — Royal Dutch Shell agreed to a $15.5 million settlement Monday to end a lawsuit alleging that the oil giant was complicit in the executions of activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and other civilians by Nigeria’s former military regime.

Shell, which continues to operate in Nigeria, said it agreed to settle the lawsuit in hopes aiding the “process of reconciliation.” But Europe’s largest oil company acknowledged no wrongdoing in the 1995 hanging deaths of six people, including poet Ken Saro-Wiwa. read more

Good interest seen in Shell assets


Last updated 12:08 08/06/2009
photo Fairfax Media Shell Oil

Private equity funds are expected to take a healthy interest in Shell’s New Zealand asset sell up, The Australian Financial Review reported.

Shell has put its so-called downstream businesses on the block which include 230 petrol stations, aviation and marine fuel, bitumen, chemical, supply and distribution businesses plus a 17 per cent stake in New Zealand Refining and a quarter stake of FlyBuys operator, Loyalty New Zealand.

The AFR reported that Shell’s adviser UBS was putting a financing package together for bidders, which would provide clarity about the terms on which a lending syndicate was willing to roll over debt. read more

BP yields to pressure and closes final salary pension scheme to new members

Royal Dutch Shell, BP’s main rival, continues to offer a final salary scheme to its UK workforce, but BP’s move is likely to prompt fresh speculation that Shell will follow its competitor’s lead.

Royal Dutch Shell to compensate shareholders for reserves scandal

News that the oil giant had overstated reserves in submissions to the US regulator, the Securities & Exchange Commission, led to the departure of Sir Philip Watts, the chief executive, and Walter van de Vijver, Shell's then exploration chief. It came as a serious shock to investors and left Shell's reputation – and share price – in such tatters that there was speculation it would be taken over by a resurgent BP. The FSA subsequently fined Shell for committing market abuse and breaches of the listing rules after making misleading statements between 1998 and 2004.

Shell Blog Posting by Iain Percival, Royal Dutch Shell retired Global Chief Petroleum Engineer

By Iain Percival

I have now caught up with the news / comments having returned from a most refreshing break at my home in Scotland – no internet connection which is good, for a while at least 🙂

My two pence of observations are as follows.

1. I have written on several occasions that Shell upstream is populated by many, many seriously good and dedicated technical professionals who wish for nothing more than (i)an interesting and rewarding career coupled with recognition for good / original / innovative contribution , (ii) progression based not on WHO you know but on what you know (capability) and demonstrable delivery of technical and / or commercial contribution, (iii)  courageous, knowledgeable & honest leadership, (iv) minimal burden of dealing with “stuff”, (v)association with a well respected company name (brand Paddy??). read more

The big name: Peter Voser

The need to adapt Shell to a lower oil price environment, partly through cutting thousands of jobs, is now Mr Voser's agenda. "Too consensus- oriented," he called a company whose culture he also hopes to change.

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