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Deterding to Distribute More Food in Germany

BRITISH PATHE NEWS film footage has come to light which shows the huge importance Hitler attached to his fundraising vehicle for the Nazi regime. Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding was by far the largest single donor, sending 7,000 railway wagons full of Dutch food produce. Despite criticism in the news media, specifically linking the money saved on food to Nazi rearmament, Deterding continued to donate Dutch food to Nazi Germany.

By John Donovan

In December 1936, there were global news reports about Royal Dutch Shell founder Sir Henri Deterding’s massive food donations to Hitlers Winter Relief Charity fundraising project in Nazi Germany.


Deterding to Distribute More Food in Germany


AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, June 7.–Sir Henri Deterding will continue his efforts to help Netherlands farmers by buying surplus produce for distribution in Germany.

Some months ago he spent 10,000,000 florins on agricultural produce that could not be sold by normal means because of clearing regulations. He gave this to the German Winter relief.

Sir Henri’s action met much criticism. It was said, for instance, that Germany’s situation was largely caused by her rearmament policy, and it was argued that if Netherlands farmers needed help it could be given directly instead of by way of Germany.

Ignoring all criticism, the famous oil magnate announced today he would soon devote another large sum to the purchase of agricultural surplus, mainly vegetables, for distribution in Germany.

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