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Shell News Archive Thursday 11 November, 2004

 From our Shell News Archive Thursday 11 November, 2004

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Marathon Oil Reviews Oil, Gas Reserves: “Investors have been more focused on oil reserves in the wake of large writedowns this year by Royal Dutch/Shell and a number of smaller companies. The disclosure sent shares of Shell’s two parent companies plunging and set off industrywide scrutiny over the way reserves are accounted for. The problems continue to plague Shell, which recently said it may have to further reduce its reserves tally.” ( Posted 11 Nov 04

The Globe & Mail (Canada): Shell Canada nearing end to 7-year dispute ( 11 Nov 04

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell: Only Half Of UK N Sea Oil, Gas Exploited So Far: “Royal Dutch/Shell Group strongly reaffirmed its long-term commitment to the maturing U.K. North Sea fields Thursday, saying there was at least 50% more oil and gas to be produced.” ( 11 Nov 04

The Guardian (UK): Tomorrow’s petrol is a gas: Shell’s first US hydrogen station is open now, reports John Vidal. But will we all be filling up soon? “It was billed as the “team of dreams” when in 2003 Shell, the world’s second’s largest oil company, linked with General Motors (GM), the largest car maker, to invest up to a billion dollars over 10 years to develop the world’s “hydrogen economy”. Yesterday, in a small ceremony near Washington DC, one of the fruits of the relationship was shown off.!” ( 11 Nov 04

LEGAL DIRECTOR (UK): Ready for change: “Speaking to Legal Week, Shell head of legal, Beat Hess, said that since the reserves crisis in April this year, the majority of changes he wanted to make to improve the position of lawyers within the company have now been made.”: The crisis will, however, have given the proposed reforms added impetus, given Shell’s public recognition in the wake of the scandal that its in-house lawyers needed a higher profile within the company.”: “UK head of legal Richard Wiseman said the corporate restructuring would only have a “small effect” on the company’s UK legal department as Hess was already based in The Hague along with the bulk of the company’s legal team.” ( 11 Nov 04

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Exec: Hydrogen Fuel Station In D.C. Is Just The Start: “The hydrogen fuel station for fuel-cell vehicles that opened Wednesday in Washington, D.C., is intended to bring the technology to the attention of lawmakers and show its usefulness and safety for retail use, said Jeremy Bentham, chief executive of Shell Hydrogen, part of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies”: “Bentham predicted 5 million to 10 million such vehicles could be on the road worldwide by 2020.” ( Posted 11 Nov 04

Financial Times: Repsol pays Cortina €19m to go: “Royal Dutch/Shell, the energy group, paid Walter van de Vijver, its former head of exploration and production, €3.8m in severance earlier this year after the company was forced to cut its reserves estimates. ”( 11 Nov 04

Bangkok Post (Thailand): Firms urged to prepare for worst oil scenario: “…Asada Harinsuit, general manager for fuel market development of Shell in Thailand, noted that excess oil production capacity worldwide was only 1.5 million barrels per day, a fact that would keep prices under pressure through the first quarter of 2005.” ( 11 Nov 04 and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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