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Shell News Archive Thursday 9 December, 2004

Shell News Archive Thursday 9 December, 2004

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Shell Canada Announces Major Natural Gas Discovery In Central Alberta: “Shell Canada Ltd has made a “major” natural gas discovery on a previously untested structure 30 kilometers southwest of Rocky Mountain House in central Alberta.” ( Posted 9 Dec 04

THE WASHINGTON POST: Nigeria’s Oil Fuels Anger, Bloodshed In Delta Region, Villagers Reap Few Rewards Despite Surging Profits: “There are seven freshly dug graves in this Niger Delta village. Local leaders say they contain the remains of protesters who died violently last month when they attempted to mount a protest at an oil rig operated by the Shell Petroleum Development Co. of Nigeria, the region’s largest oil firm.”: “Spokesman for Shell and the Nigerian army disputed these accounts…”: “…report, by WAC Global Services, also concluded that Shell was in part responsible for the rampant violence and criminality in the Niger Delta.”: “Caught in the middle of these struggles are people like Gior Neebee, a small woman in her thirties…”: “To her, the oil coursing through the delta has become a curse…”: “Look at the environment I live in… For myself and my children, it’s like the world ended.” ( 9 Dec 04

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Nigerian Villagers Fail To Attend Mtg With Oil Cos Wed: “Villagers were protesting what they said was a lack of local benefits from more than four decades of oil drilling around their impoverished community, Kula.” ( Posted 9 Dec 04

THE BOSTON GLOBE: Jury rules for franchisees in Shell trial: 8 station operators in Mass. awarded $3.3m in damages: “A federal jury awarded more than $3 million to eight Massachusetts gas station operators after finding Shell Oil Co. used unfair tactics that were effectively intended to drive them out of business.”: “The case was also important to the world’s third-largest oil company, which has agreements with thousands of franchises nationwide.”: “The jury voted yes to the question of whether Shell ”in bad faith” set wholesale gasoline prices ”that were not commercially reasonable,” court documents said.” ( 9 Dec 04 Federal jury rules in favor of Shell franchisees, awards $3.3 million: “After a three-week trial, the jury found that Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies violated state and federal regulations by raising the price of wholesale gasoline to the dealers and ending a long-standing rent subsidy program. The franchisees sued four years ago, claiming Shell was attempting to drive them out of business so it could operate the stations itself.”; “The jury’s $3.3 million award is likely to grow by millions when interest and attorneys fees are factored in, said the franchisees’ lawyer, Gary Greenburg, who called the verdict a “total victory” for his clients.” ( 9 Dec 04

BOSTON HERALD: Jury: Shell abused owners: Gas stations `vindicated’ in ploy by big oil company: “We’ve been vindicated,” said Mike Corbett, owner of City Square Shell in Charlestown, a member of a group of area dealers who’ve been battling Shell for more than four years over control of their stations.  “This is big for us. They beat us up for so many years. It was terrible what they did,’‘ he said. ( 9 Dec 04

TheGlobe&Mail (Canada): Shell makes massive natural gas discovery: Its largest find in Alberta area in nearly 20 years lifts hopes for more giant deposits: “Shell Canada Ltd. has tapped into a massive natural gas reservoir in Western Canada — its largest discovery in the area in nearly two decades — raising hopes that the birthplace of the Canadian oil industry may still contain undiscovered elephant-sized deposits.”: “That is not a major discovery compared with the international efforts of many of the supermajor energy firms, but in Western Canada it is considered enormous…” ( 9 Dec 04

Financial Times: State-owned groups from countries such as China, Brazil and India are making deals at home and abroad that increase their challenge to the ‘majors’. There could be changes in the way partnerships are built, write James Boxell and Kevin Morrison: “Malcolm Brinded, head of exploration and production at Royal Dutch/Shell, says: “The competitive landscape is changing and the national oil companies will play an important part. There are fewer international companies than a decade ago because of consolidation, but there are new competitors, and we don’t underestimate their capabilities or appetite.” ( 9 Dec 04

The Guardian (UK): Poor safety of North Sea rigs exposed: “The deteriorating conditions on a Shell platform in the Brent field have been discovered after a series of gas leaks and two fatalities on other installations operated by the company.”: “The Brent problems are particularly disturbing because, although Shell has been through a financial crisis after misreporting the scale of its reserves, it is still regarded as an industry leader in operational matters.” ( 9 Dec 04

Lloyds List: Dunlin flow resumes: “ROYAL Dutch/Shell has restarted production from its Dunlin platform in the UK northern North Sea after a three-month shutdown due to a gas leak.” ( 9 Dec 04

BLOOMBERG: Shell Canada Makes `Major’ Gas Discovery in Alberta (Update5): “Shell Canada Ltd., Canada’s fourth- largest oil company, announced a “major” natural-gas discovery in the Rocky Mountain foothills of central Alberta that may boost fuel production and reserves”: “Shell Canada… …said the discovery was one of the biggest in Western Canada in two decades” ( Posted 9 Dec 04

Reuters: Shell Canada Goes Deep, Makes Alberta Gas Discovery: “Shell Canada Ltd. has made a major gas find in the foothills of western Alberta, a region where it has been active for decades, the country’s No. 2 oil producer and refiner said on Wednesday” ( Posted 9 Dec 04 $100m Claim: Senate Threatens Shell Officials With Arrest: “THE Senate Committee on Downstream Petroleum has threatened legal officials of Shell Petroleum Development Company with arrest should they continue to keep away from defending a $100 million (N13.5 billion) claim made against the multinational by the Ogoni community in Rivers State for a 1993 oil spillage.” ( Posted 9 Dec 04 (United Arab Emirates): Shell’s Chairwoman for Egypt to give keynote address at Women in Leadership conference: “Mrs Iman Hill, Chairwoman of Shell Companies in Egypt will deliver the keynote address at the Women in Leadership conference in Dubai next week.” ( Posted 9 Dec 04 and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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