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Jyoti Munsiff: more analogous to a poacher turned gamekeeper

By Alfred Donovan
A Shell insider has drawn attention to the remarkable spectacle of Jyoti Munsiff, the former Company Secretary of Shell Transport, being appointed as the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer of Royal Dutch Shell plc. They have amusingly used the analogy of “putting a fox in charge of a hen house”. With all due respect, the situation is more analogous to a poacher turned gamekeeper.
The first link below displays a letter that my son received some years ago from Ms Munsiff. As can be seen she was intent in her skilfully drafted letter from preventing the terms of a “Deed” from being disclosed to Shell shareholders.
The “Deed” in question was a Confidentiality Agreement/Deed signed on behalf of Shell UK Ltd by its then Managing Director David Varney and by Richard Wiseman who is General Counsel of Shell International. My son (John) and I signed on behalf of our former company, Don Marketing UK Ltd and as co-founders of an NGO, the Shell Corporate Conscience Pressure Group. (David Varney is now the head of the combined UK Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise.)
The primary purpose of the “Deed” was to impose confidentiality on us because Shell management did not want its shareholders to know what was going on in their name; in other words, a good old fashioned Shell cover-up involving the most senior executives of the Royal Dutch Shell Group. Top management were copied on the incriminating correspondence, including individuals who are still Shell directors.
The second link displays an astonishing letter from Mark Moody-Stuart, the then Chairman of Shell Transport who was sufficiently agitated to actually issue a threat against us on behalf of Shell UK Limited. Bizarrely, his wife, Lady Judy Moody-Stuart, subsequently intervened in relevant matters without her husbands’ knowledge.
The third link displays a copy of my sons reply to Mark Moody-Stuart. I draw attention in particular to paragraph five.
The last link displays a news article referred to in the correspondence with Moody-Stuart. It is recommended reading.
Jyoti Munsiff was up to her neck in trying to cover-up the cover-up (it is only in reference to Shell management that I could end up writing such a comment). Consequently I am shocked at her new role as the keeper of Shell ethics. Frankly it’s laughable (but I'm not laughing).
FIRST LINK Documents/letters/letterfromshelltransportcompanysec6april98.pdf
SECOND LINK Documents/letters/letterfrommarkmoodystuart6april1998.pdf
THIRD LINK Documents/letters/letterfromjohndonovantoMoody-Stuart14april98.htm
FOURTH LINK Documents/guardian/guardian15nov97.htm

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