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By Alfred Donovan

In response to what appears to be repeated sabotage attacks by an unknown party on our website, we set up an alternative site – Royal Dutch Shell Plc – hosted in North America, which features the same news stories.

We were notified on Tuesday by the new host company of an unprecedented attack which caused our new site to put out of service for several hours earlier this week.

We were informed that: “The attack today came from MANY different computers at the same time”.

By coincidence or otherwise: –

1. The attack coincided with publication of articles reporting the latest scandal to hit Shell, this time in respect of its Brent Field in the North Sea.

2. A huge amount of activity also took place on the site during the same time period, to the degree that it came close to crashing.

Naturally we are very suspicious at the apparently coordinated attacks on both websites and are taking counter-measures.

However, if you find that the site you are visiting now is down at some future date please go to the mirror image site:

This was not the first time that strange events have occurred.

In November 2005 we received an email from the General Counsel for Shell International Petroleum Company Limited, Mr Richard Wiseman, categorically stating that Shell had no involvement on an attack on my son, John Donovan, by a gang of four assailants who escaped with £3,000 (cash) in operational funds for our website.

The attack, which took place inside a high street store with many witnesses present, including me, was captured on CCTV. The Police investigated, but without anyone being apprehended. The assailants all appeared to be foreign nationals.

In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we accepted the denial of involvement issued by Shell. We wrote to Mr Wiseman on the matter because of Shell’s admitted previous involvement in undercover “activities” against us (involving outright deception and fraudulent documents).

P.S. A further attack has apparently been made today on the site and as a result it is down again!

This website and sisters,,,, and, are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia segment.

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