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Friday 21 July 2006

On the Warffum deaths: during the incident all the directors and their poodles were having one of many conferences in Houston.

When the news broke, nobody knew what to do and who should take charge. So all the bosses left the conference and went home. A clear sign of blind panic and a malfunctioning organisation.

I work for Shell and witnessed all this from very close. comment: It is becoming more and more obvious why Royal Dutch Shell suspended the “Tell Shell Forum” for supposed open and lively debate last November, which remains suspended indefinitely.  The forum was self evidently too open and too lively for Shell management, so it embarked on a policy of censorship in which an explanation was displayed stating that a contribution had been deleted “for legal reasons”.  They then resorted to secret censorship in which postings by Shell insiders and other contributors simply vanished without trace.

Shell International Petroleum General Counsel, Richard Wiseman, has admitted in an email to us that censorship took place in respect of disagreeable postings. If you want to reply to this comment Mr Wiseman, we will happily publish any response unedited and in its entirety. Let’s have an open debate about Shell censorship and anything else you might wish to discuss: Shell scandals, Shell fraud, Shell deception, Shell uncover agents, lawsuits against Shell, Dr John Huong  – anything you like.

In view of the “suspension” of the Tell Shell Forum” we are delighted to provide an alternative forum which is genuinely transparent. The new site is proving to be a big hit with Shell employees and the news media (some of whom – we won’t mention names – are registered to receive every story published). We are now running at a rate of 1.6 million hits per month and the figures keep climbing. We are indebted to many individuals who like us want to see Shell’s reputation restored to the days when we could all be sure of Shell. That is unlikely to happen until Shell rids itself of incompetent senior management figures tainted by the reserves fraud and other scandals, including the out of control costs at three Shell white elephant projects and the Shell Brent tragedy.

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