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Irish Independent: Locals disown Shell protest

Published: Nov 17, 2006

Pat Ruane of Loughrea, Co Galway , says “Shame on you Bellanaboy” over the Corrib project protest (Letters, November 13).

We feel it is past time the public were made aware that the Bellanaboy residents are not engaged in the present protest.

We exercised our democratic right through the planning process and were widely criticized for doing so.

We never apologised to anyone for objecting to the building of the Bellanaboy bridge terminal and we’re not going to apologise now for abiding by the law.

We accepted the decisions that were made, did not agree with them with them but nevertheless accepted them.

If Pat Ruane or others feel there’s shame brought on Bellanaboy, it is not due to the actions of the decent people who live here in our beloved village, decent people who at all times respect the rights and views of all parties involved in this dispute.



Both Mr Ruane and Mr Bannon (Letters, November 13) appear to be rather confused and misinformed concerning the Bellanaboy protests.

Mr Ruane describes the protestors as thugs and outsiders.

Well, as a local witness to last Friday’s events, I can inform him that over 80pc of the people present were locals who value the support of decent, like-minded people from any part of Ireland or beyond who object to a small isolated community being bullied and intimidated by a giant multi-national and their state-puppets.

As for thuggery, in most modern Western societies the baton-charging of peaceful unarmed protestors would generally be regarded as State thuggery.

As regards local support, the majority of the adult population in the Rossport/Bellanaboy and adjacent areas have recently signed a petition in support of the Shell to Sea position on the matter.

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