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By John Donovan

The Russian environmental watchdog: Rosprirodnadzor

Oleg Mitvol, the Deputy Head of Rosprirodnadzor (and driving force behind the Russian pressure being applied on Shell in respect of the Sakhalin II project), has confirmed in an interview that the evidence supporting threatened prosecution against Shell was supplied by me. He has also once again threatened that environmental approval for the project will be revoked. Mitvol turns up the heat: I received these letters from John Donovan, owner of the anti-Shell website

(Argus FSU Energy: Covers the oil and gas industry in the former Soviet Union with analysis on politics, investments and trading. Includes unique and valuable data on production and flows of crude and refined products within and out of the region.)

The Argus article reveals that Russian “special services” are investigating the authenticity of the documents in question. I am today providing Mr Mitvol with the means of verifying authenticity from an independent source and have offered other supporting evidence. I know for certain that the documents are genuine and apparently Sakhalin Energy has not denied this fact (although, according to Mitvol, Sakhalin Energy is in a state of shock).

We understand that some Sakhalin Energy employees have expressed concern over sinister spying activity thought to be carried out by Shell “spooks”. It appears that Shell may be trying to expose sources of leaked Shell internal information we have been receiving. (We have been able to publish email from Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer within hours of it being sent). In view of the news from Oleg Mitvol that Russian “special services” are also active, events are getting more interesting by the day.

Shell lawyers have previously admitted using undercover agents against us. We have this in writing from Shell General Counsel Richard Wiseman. I coincidentally mentioned the subject in email correspondence I had with Mr Wiseman just a few days ago, some of which I have published.

In view of the alleged Shell spook activity, I would caution Shell employees from visiting our website or using our “Live Chat” forum from any Shell computer, as it might place you under suspicion. If you have confidential information to supply to us, use your home computer or even better; send it from an Internet cafe. We cannot in any event accept responsibility for checking to see that any information which might give away source identity has already been deleted from a document or file supplied to us. All such information must be removed prior to being supplied as we do not have sufficient expertise to accept that responsibility and would not want to let anyone down.

We are assisting Mr Mitvol because some ethical issues transcend commercial interests, for example, the potential of an environmental calamity of unprecedented consequences, including a possible disastrous impact on the endangered Gray Whale population.

It is possible that there is a Russian connection in regard to the draconian legal proceedings by eight Royal Dutch Shell companies collectively suing a former Shell geologist, Dr John Huong, for defamation. The action is in respect of articles published under his name on our website. The proceedings involve Interim Injunctions and contempt proceedings in which Shell is seeking his imprisonment. Shell is also seeking an order requiring my father, Alfred Donovan, who is in his ninetieth year, to travel to Malaysia to be cross examined. My father owns the domain name which Shell unsuccessfully attempted to seize last year in litigation via the World Intellectual Property Organisation. The next High Court hearing in the Royal Dutch Shell vs. John Huong case is scheduled for 28 November.

It is plain that an international high stakes poker game is in progress which puts Casino Royale in the shade. Tens of billions are at stake.

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