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November 20th, 2006

Shell to Sea is calling off the Day of Solidarity planned for next Friday.

It is doing so solely in order to protect the health and safety of participants. During the ‘Day of Action’ on Friday, November 10th, Gardaí prevented a peaceful march taking place. Serious disruption was caused by Garda roadblocks to local people traveling to work and school. Subsequently, Gardaí employed an unacceptable level of aggression and force against people engaged in peaceful protest and minor civil disobedience. In these actions a number of people received serious injuries.

We therefore judge that it is no longer safe to invite large numbers of people to participate in peaceful protest. Shell to Sea wishes to exercise responsibility and leadership in this time of crisis in North Mayo. We wish to avoid any potential for further injuries and to minimise disruption to our community. It is likely that Gardaí would similarly prevent a further peaceful march and employ aggressive policing methods to do so. It is clear from the evidence that senior Gardaí lack sufficient training in how to appropriately police peaceful civil disobedience.

In the coming weeks Shell to Sea will redouble its campaign. The Shell to Sea proposal to establish an independent Commission of Enquiry remains the only viable method to resolve this crisis. We welcome the widespread support this proposal has received. We call on all people with responsibility in Mayo and nationally to insist that the government and Shell engage in the meaningful process which this proposal outlines. Despite the media enhanced distractions of the last few weeks the issues remain. The Shell project does not have the consent of the majority of the people directly affected by it.

The use of force does not change this reality. It is simply not acceptable for the Taoiseach and others in authority to announce that all matters are now over. At this critical time the people of Erris, Mayo and the country deserve and insist on better leadership than that. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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