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By John Donovan

This is my comment posted on an article published by The Herald today, 16 June 2007.

We are asked to believe that Shell and Exxon are still committed to the North Sea. That pledge comes under the heading of BS. These ruthless oil giants are committed only to generating massive profits from high oil prices to generate obscene rewards for its fat cat executives. Lee Raymond, the last CEO of Exxon Mobil retired with a financial package worth $400 million. Sir Philip Watts, the disgraced former Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell received a severance package worth $20 million even though forced to resign as a consequence of the Shell reserves fraud. Such individuals have no interest in the consequences of their decisions to hard-working people at the coal face of the oil industry.

With regard to Shell, it’s suspicious the decision to scale down in the North Sea and abandon grandiose plans in Aberdeen was taken now, rather that when it was possible Scottish authorities might decide on a Public Inquiry into the Brent Bravo safety scandal courageously exposed by former Royal Dutch Shell Group Auditor, Bill Campbell.

Shell workers died because Shell Expro senior management ignored warnings made by Campbell after an inquiry led by him revealed a murderous “Touch F*** All” policy which put profits before safety. He even discovered a policy of falsification of safety records.

Mr Campbell has repeatedly stated that it is only a matter of time before another tragedy occurs as a result of Shell management homicidal negligence, perhaps next time on a calamitous scale. Maybe Shell has decided to begin its departure from the scene of crime.

For information about Shell’s atrocious health and safety track record, go to the Wikipedia article:

Royal Dutch Shell safety concerns


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