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Cryptic Live Chat Postings

Someone posts cryptic messages on Live Chat on a regular basis. Rather than just deleting them permanently, they will now be deleted from Live Chat but added to this article. Anyone who wants to read them can just do a search on “cryptic”.

Posted 10/11 July 2007

guest_735 : Dreep, VinBark +-.

guest_9872 : refidomsa

Posted 10 July 2007

guest_5466 : BV

guest_735 : Bill; Vark – sent vame. To the Bost Vark. “Bost Vark” I say . . . “Bost Vark, veek, vark!” Bill Vark, Bil Vark, Bill Vark, Bill Vark, Bill Vark, Bill Vark. # please, mmm. Bill Vark.

Posted Monday 9 July 2007:

guest_735 : Broke chain, auxiliary chain holding . . . broke auxiliary chain. Main chain fixer, true if Tuesday.

Earlier crytic postings.

guest_735 : Blarck KAYten, kayTEN.

guest_5466 : Aah, roadsense Binane, curtains Vunfit.

guest_735 : Signs, BV apostlic pet. West bound BV. and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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