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Email from former Shell International Group Auditor, Bill Campbell, to selected energy journalists

To selected energy journalists and John Donovan of from Bill Campbell, the highly respected former Group Auditor of Shell International

16 July 2007

I thought you might find it interesting that after publicly accusing the Chairman and Directors of Royal Dutch Shell of serious wrongdoing and inviting them if they dare to take me to Court for defamation they in turn ask me to return to mediation through which process they can induce me to stop making these allegations public, hardly I think, the actions of persons innocent of the accusations. 

Lets face it folks, would you mediate over tea and biscuits with someone who publicly denounced you as a fraud, liar and cheat? 
Email received by Bill Campbell on 3rd July 2007 from Keith Ruddock, General Counsel, Shell Exploration & Production – Shell International B.V.

Dear Bill,
Mr Olilla has asked me to respond on his behalf to your email of 2nd July to him entitled “Open Challenge to the Shell Chairman”. 
As Mr Brandjes, writing on behalf of the Chairman, indicated to you in his letter of 28th February, we continue to be disappointed that the discussions we have held since last September, firstly with you directly and subsequently with your solicitor, Julian Osborne, have not led to a mutually satisfactory resolution. 
As we indicated in the February letter, and as I also stressed in my email to Mr Osborne of 10th June, we still believe that a structured mediation provides the best framework to resolve matters between us and we again would encourage you to consider entering into a formal mediation process with us. I suggest that the benefit of formal mediation, as compared with our earlier informal dialogue with you, is that the discussion would be facilitated by an independent third party mediator who would assist in overcoming any impasses or in resolving any misunderstandings.
We do not propose responding to your email in detail but we continue to reserve our position in respect of its content.
Yours sincerely
Keith Ruddock
General Counsel Exploration and Production
Shell International B.V.
The Hague, The Netherlands – Trade Register no. 27155369
Address: c/o Kessler Park 1, 2288 GS Rijswijk, The Netherlands

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