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Message from Maura Harrington, Shell to Sea Campaign

Saturday 27 October 2007

Dear John,

Maura Harrington, Shell to Sea, here. Firstly, best wishes to your father and continued good health and longevity to him.

I would like to alert you to a poll result which will be published in the Irish Times on Monday next. This follows a 5 day online debate on the subject ‘Is Shell’s Corrib Gas Project good for the Local Community?’


I’m very pleased that the result presented on a pie chart will show 16% YES and 84% NO!

It is becoming wearisome to hear Shell suits prattling on in public statements and PR bumph about not doing anything ‘without the consent of the community’ – huh!!

The population of the receiving environment is approx 1100; over 80% (850) of this population have signed a petition stating their opposition to the project as currently configured.

This local opposition is now strengthened by the Times poll which reflects the wider national and global view.

I know that Shell executives are incapable of thinking outside the box but here in Erris they really must get their heads around the fact that their grotty project – taken over on acquisition of Enterprise Oil without a hint of proper review by Shell – is, quite literally, going nowhere; they are currently trying to build their refinery, thereby wasting more shareholder funds in the absence of any connecting production pipeline route and a licence from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Please bring this example of further ridiculous executive behaviour to the attention of your readers if possible.

Thank you, Maura and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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