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Former Shell Exec Paddy Briggs responds to criticism from ‘David’


I don’t object to your post – you are entitled to suggest that I am “self-righteous” if you wish and to accuse me of writing a tirade as well if that is what you believe it to be. Others may take a different view of both assertions. Others still, who knew me in Shell, would probably testify that I was as much of a pain in the butt when I was working for the company as I am now! I protested about many things and changed a few as well – but you will have to wait for my book “the Changing Face of Shell” to read these stories! By the way to suggest that I profess to be Mother Teresa is a new charge and a splendidly surreal one. I do not profess to be anyone but myself. And I try to tell the truth as I see it whilst (modestly) being conscious of the truism that the “truth has many faces”… Finally my pension is decent, but far from “rich”

Paddy Briggs

The comment by “David” (email address supplied) in relation to the article below by former Shell brand Executive, Mr Paddy Briggs.

Sorry, but Mr. Briggs is not the self-righteous knight in shining armour he professes himself to be. He quotes reports from 1991 about human rights abuse? Where was he working then while accumulating his rich pension? Oh, it was actually Shell. The prime target of his tirade. Thirty seven years in Shell? It is 37 years of being a part of the alleged abuses he moans about. I am not, nor have been, a Shell employee. I do work for a big competitor of them. At least I do not profess to be Mother Theresa while collecting my pay check from Satan.

Now go and put my view across and be fair and balanced which you profess to be.


ARTICLE BY FORMER ROYAL DUTCH SHELL EXECUTIVE, PADDY BRIGGS: The myth of Corporations’ commitments to Human Rights and its sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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