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Live Chat snapshot 21 March 2008 08.02

• John Donovan : Guest 4469 I have supplied a link for Shell Shipping website where you will find a library and contact information. Please see the article “Information on Shell Shipping”

• guest_4469 : Where could I possibly find a list, old & new of your Fleet of Ships. From an old 2nd Steward & Chief Cook of the best years of my life at sea.

• guest_1054 : Page 8 & 9 of todays (20/3) Daily Mail deserves far more attention than the attacks on this website.

• guest_1350 : Fair play 2340 does put some date coding on all posts denoting they are all from the same person.

• guest_1586 : John, I did not see it all but enough to endorse G8084. Tell Shell was also brought up. Live chat seems to be suffering from multiple personalities vying to dominate and discredit. 2340 in his or her various aliases is one and 1094 in his or her various aliases is another.

• guest_2340 : Guest 8084, what are you talking about? I have no idea what you say because I was not even involved even the slightest! Blind me – why am I drag in? Maybe I could not understand what you are telling me

• guest_4698 : See what I mean

• guest_1820 : This is still 8084, made another posting, fresh number appears but its still me.

• guest_1820 : test

• guest_8084 : I saw the pantomime. The guy mentioned involvinh his lawyer 2 or 3 times. Threatened to come back and make more posts in 4 hrs. Said he was going to bed then came back and piled more repeated stuff on. dozens. 2340 was around and will probably saw it also? All looked like it was from the same guy. Same thing as now.

• guest_2340 : • 20080319a: “On 5th March 2008, I showed oil prices per barrel NYMEX LS from Jan’02 to Jan’08 respectively as USD 25, 30, 30, 50, 63, 60, 90 and now over USD100/bbl.” A rapid comparison of Shell share value with other companies over the years in relation to billions earned will enable investors to make informed decisions. Trendology may provide answers – “How does oil prices contribute to an impending deadly recession?”

• guest_2340 : • 20080319b: On 6th March 2008, I have asked, “Shell can you explain for us the relationship of oil prices versus reserve replacement ratio, peaked oil issues, assets disposal, shares values, tar sand bookings, buybacks, dividends, etc against the backdrop of energy policy negotiation, legislation and legalization?” Key words: share values, reserves replacement, reserve bookings, energy policy dev’t and transparency.

• guest_2340 : • 20080319c: On 10th March 2008, I have again asked, “Can you tell us the latest Shell Total Shareholder return comparing the APR percentage against S&P? By the way, can you tell us too the amount of buybacks over the years? Can you also explain for us the significant differences, if any, since 1990 and since the unification of Shell after the reserve fraud? Will JPMorgan have the numbers I wonder?” JP Morgan may help us know Shell better.

• guest_2340 : • 20080319d: On 13th March 2008, Jeroen expressed his thoughts on email relating to questions I have also asked. Information contained in “The latest leaked Jeroen van der Veer email, The hypocrisy of Shell Senior Management” (19/3/0 said, “Share price is all about how investors view the future success of the company.” Was the email deliberately leaked so as not to be issued sharply from the horse’s mouth to the investors – soft launching?

• guest_2340 : • 20080319e: Jeroen added, “Total shareholder return measures share price growth and dividend payments over a fixed period. Simply put, the shares of three of our competitors grew more than ours over the last three years (dividend payments were comparable).” Jeroen fired the dynamite – “This outcome is a disappointment”! In seeking consolation, Jeroen turned to his familiar balm and consolation, the most important asset of Shell – the employees!

• guest_2340 : • 20080319f: On the 16th March 2008, I asked, “How much did Shell gained from the informations collated into one single source as provided by” An immediate answer was another leaked email subjected to verification. Shell can you provide shareholders with more excitement tomorrow over this most important question. What is value of Shell share from 2002 to 2008 & the forecast in the year ahead?

• guest_2340 : • 20080319g: For example, the share price of Amsterdam RDSA, for 6 months from 1st Oct to 1st Mar 2008 are some 28, 30, 27, 28, 24, 23 and now 22 Eur. How does the investors view the future success of Shell when the share price make a downward trend was found not correlatable to rising crude oil prices? What are the market confidence given the trend?

• guest_2340 : • 20080319h: It is very unfortunate that Shell management got notorious names like “Top dog” and “Headless Chicken”. How can a well known company slogan; “you can be sure of Shell” are now identified with a company noted for their hype and spins – whitewash and greenwash! Look at the headlines from 17th to 19th March 2008 on this website and from those headline news alone, what do you think of Shell’s reputation?

• guest_2340 : • 20080319i: Shell, I have again asked you this most important question tonight “What is value of Shell share from 2002 to 2008 & the forecast in the year ahead?” Appreciate if you provide tabulated data. Jeroen, I agree with you; “Share price is all about how investors view the future success of the company.”

• guest_2340 : • 20080319j: My articles may be rolled off screen any moments due to high volume of frequent repeats to a question for YES or NO answer; forced upon Mr. Donovan where the court is the rightful place for that. I hope to recommend to my friends to buy Shell shares with those infos!

• guest_2340 : My postings were move so far off the screen and I am reposting the same of yesterday for answers

• guest_3073 : I think Guest 9493’s question was politely asked and could with all reason be answered. I wouldn’t mind knowing myself. By the way I have found that when using my portable PC the Guest number keeps changing – do others have this problem?

• guest_8564 : Excuse me Mr. Donovan, I am not KMDH (whoever he may be). My request is simple as I cannot find these abuses in the Live Chat. I really don’t see your objection.

• John Donovan : KMDH as I explained I am not going to play your games with you using multiple guest identities.

• guest_9493 : Mr. Donovan can you, in a simple format e.g. 1, 2, 3, …. list briefly what “abuses” have been made at “named individuals”. I ask this as there has been so much live chat that I cannot locate these remarks anywhere. Thank-you.

• John Donovan : 1: KMDH Don’t you recall mentioning your “lawyer friend”. This was at the height of your panic at the thought your identity might be unmasked. I told you before that it impossible for you to try to claim any moral high ground when you are too frightened to reveal your identity. If you did so then you would be accountable for your actions as we are. You have not got the courage or integrity to do that. This fact is plain for everyone to see.

• John Donovan : 2. Frankly after your infantile trickery last night I do not believe a single word you say. Your credibility is Zero. The information in the site header is a direct quote from Carl Mortished, World Business Editor of The Times, an eminent journalist who has never been in contact with us. That is a description devised entirely by him with no input from us. I am not going to waste time discussing your antics which were witnessed by other visitors.

• John Donovan : 3. What is your explanation for being present on Live Chat 7 days per week at all hours? What is its strange magnetic attraction? So far your only explanation is that we provide you with amusement and relaxation. I did not get the impression last night that you were amused or relaxed. If your daily communication with me is supposed to serve as some sort of therapy for you it does not appear to be working.

• John Donovan : 4. Please be aware that I am not a therapist neither do I have the time to waste on your childish antics. If you put serious questions politely which do not contain abuse of named individuals from the safety of your anonymous cover, then I will answer the questions. I have already set out the situation in regard to the question you put last night. The relevant correspondence with Shell is still in progress.

• Keeping Mr D Hones : Mr D you claim Threat s were made..what threats are these..the only thing I see are pointed questions being made that you refuse to answer because it threatens your credibility.

• Keeping Mr D Hones : Mr D has changed the intro on this site to being an independent site that monitors Shell. Mr D is far from being independent..My question is who is monitoring Mr D to make sure his posting here are accurately based on fact….until such a time that Mr D can demonstrate that approriate checks and balances are in place `i will perform that role along with other Live Chat Posters…that is of course assuming that Mr D does not continue his current highlevel of censorship.

• Keeping Mr D Hones : Mr D it is not multiple posting by one person, but many individual posters, I will now use this login..I will explain user name choice in a subsequent post.

• John Donovan : The person making multiple postings asked the question: “Mr Donovan a simple question do you track the IPs of people using live chat?” With the regard to the technology available to us and our related policy, I will answer after the current related correspondence with Mr Michiel Brandjes, Company Secretary and Corporate Counsel is concluded. I will provide more information in my response than has been requested.

• John Donovan : To the person making postings under multiple guest numbers: What stimulated your panic yesterday? It was of course sight of the email I sent to Michiel Brandjes at Shell that sent you into a state of frenzy. How many postings did you make on the site last night asking the same question – over 30. If you repeat your hysterics I will take the same action again. Perhaps you would care to explain what prompted my comment labelling you as an imbecile. Others might then understand my comment. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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